Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"Man You Are a Homophob!e"


                       That's probably what will be said about me after this post. Sen. Sanatorium has decided to attack Sen. Ted Cruz saying that Sen. Cruz must not be a true conservative, if he is not strictly for traditional marriage.

                        This is the way I look at it!  Someone please tell me if I'm wrong in the assumption that the first mention of the act of marriage was from the Hebrew bible.

                          Marriage came to non Jewish Christians through the disciple Paul.  In either event it was performed in a religious ceremony.  The King James version says that God looked down upon the children of Israel  and, saw that one woman was having physical relations with many men.

                           One man was having physical relations with many women. God did not like this so he gave the act of marriage to Moses. Fornication is sinful outside of this act of marriage.

                           There are many reasons why God destroyed Sodom and, Gomorrah. my own feelings is, it was because of the sinful nature of the people of these cities.

                            Whither or, not it was because of homosexual acts is not specified. Being a true believer in the Lord and, the meaning of his word.  The following must be said!

                             The wrong that has been done is this, when the governments of this world took on the responsibility of conducting marriages(a religious Act) they took up the moral obligation of justification of the religions.

                             When they crossed the line of conducting marriages they blurred the line between Church and, State.  Giving special treatment to those who are married in the taxes, is not equal treatment under the law.

                              We as Christians must adhere to God's laws. First our father in heaven has appointed a judge of who is sinful. When you take up that you are calling God a liar.

                              Second God the father has given us one major thing to allow us to be free to sin or, free to do his will, this is called free will.

                               Remove the authority of all government officials to marry people, at the same time give those same government officials to conduct same sex unions.

                               There are those who do not like this idea because they feel these religions are casting judgment of sin on them. The only satisfaction they will get is when they abolish all churches to stop the judgments.

                                 Either abolish these churches or, they want to be accepted into the churches knowing this will destroy the foundations of these religions.

                                  Either this country has laws of right and, wrong with penalty's. We have morals of good and, bad or, we don't have a country.

                                It is written in the last days people of the world will seek justification of their sins!

"Ted Cruz for President"


Friday, December 25, 2015

"Donald Trump for Ethenol vs Sen. Ted Cruz for Real Gasoline"


                        People might say that Sen. Cruz is for the big Oil companies. Well lets examine these two fuels.

                        First ethanol is made from corn. When ethanol first came out, it was celebrated through out the land. Alright we have a cheaper fuel to feed our four wheeled beast.

                        Our country decided to start selling this fuel every where. Try driving from Oklahoma to California and, buy  real gas. You can't! Since ethanol came out many things have happened.

                       First the price of corn has went up! The cost of horse and, cattle feed has went up!

                       What effect has this had on our personnel lives? They have created vehicles that will run on it. If you compare your fuel mileage, you'll find that you have to stop to re-fuel more often.

                      At the same time you increase your re-fuel stops, you also pay more on fuel taxes. This fuel was sold to this country by the alternative fuel promoters by stating it's a more cleaner fuel to use.

                     The truth came out last year that, while ethanol burns cleaner in your engine. the refineries that produce ethanol expels twice as much pollution, then as before or, other fuels.

                     Last but, not least, ethanol is more corrosive then regular gasoline. Rubber hoses in your regular gasoline engines are at risk of dry rot.

                     Take a quart glass jar  fill it half full of ethanol. Let it sit for forty five minuets watch as it separates. (Water) This is what is happening in your gas cans and, lawn mower fuel tanks.

                     So why is Sen. Ted Cruz not for ethanol? Why is Donald Trump for it?  I have an ethanol ready vehicle but, I use non-ethanol gasoline. I get better gas mileage and, my vehicle is in better condition.

                     Admitting an embarrassment! The embarrassment is this. The elephant in the room is so obvious.  Why does the price of ethanol go up when the price of oil based fuel goes up?

                     The price of oil based fuel goes up when there is an oil embargo by OPEC. Is there a OPEC of corn which controls the price of ethanol?

                    I pay less!

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Work Smarter Not Harder!"


                         You have many Republican and, Democratic candidates for President.  Preaching, lets send in our ground forces, lets fight them over there!

                         They are playing on the fears and, wants of all of us who want to give justice to a kind of evil we have not faced before. I feel that way too!

                         However we can not be blinded by our furry. In past wars it was clear where the war front was however, this evil has many fronts!  In military strategy, there has been what they call softening up the enemies.

                         You soften up the enemy by sending in bomb runs. You do this with the air war. However this enemy will scatter. So use this to our advantage.

                         Bomb them and, wait for them to come back to bomb them again. If you send our ground forces in right away be ready for another Viet Nam. There is a description of those ground forces that these people are forgetting.

                        Ground forces has a description which is called American human lives!  We have technologies that did not exist years ago.  Fighting a smarter war is not a crime.

                       Send ground forces in only after we have made a hole where Iraq use to be!  Then understand what giving their lives in vane means. During the Iraq War #1 and, then in Iraq War #2, we had soldiers that lost their lives.

                       These soldiers lives where lost in vane! Why do I say that? They fought for their country to rid this world of a evil. They where successful in their efforts but, all their efforts where in vane due to our present President leaving that country too early.

                      If we do go in and, re-capture Iraq then we need to stay for 20 years. A no fly Zone we will have to defend! A safe Zone we will have to defend that also.

                      You know we the people, of "The United States" are good on the selling of capitalism, freedom and, Liberty but, what we have done in the past is talk the talk.

                     We need to walk the walk! Stay there and, show them the benefits of freedom! We have done this in Germany, South Korea and, Japan. We can do this there also,  after 20 years we leave.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Merry Christmas and, Wishing You Very Happy New Year"


       "Merry Christmas!"


                    "Happy New Year!"

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, December 15, 2015



                      I'm about to say something that, may make me sound childish and, immature.  I've been watching my videos of President Kennedy, Reagan and, Eisenhower's inaugurations.

                      I remember watching the movie "Braveheart" and, at one curtain point I openly said the word Honor. A woman that was watching it with me said there is no such thing.

                      She, just like me, had been in past relationships, where the other person didn't think it to UN-common to tell a lie or two. This too is a part of being dis-honorable.

                      My ex-brother-in-law,  when I first moved here,  told me the way to get a job is to just lie on your Resume. Tell them you have the experience and, learn how to do the job later. What's wrong? Everybody is doing it.

                      Have we gone so far as to,  because it's common place that we lie to each other, that we no longer can tell who is lying any more?

                      We need the spread of honorable ways! People are voting for Ex-Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton for either of three reasons. One they feel all is lost that all politicians are liars.

                      Two, they feel all these stories of her lying about Benghazi and, her E-mails are just made up by the Republicans or, conservatives.

                      Three is the most sad, they are voting for her because it's an accepted norm for people to lie. It's OK to lie, everybody does it. No such thing as Honor today.

                       This is where I get Childish and, immature. I am a man that still believes in Honor. I still feel there are Honorable men in this world.

                        In this time of darkness, of the most evil threat that we have ever faced. Why are they worse then any other  enemy we have faced? World war one and, two was about theology of power.

                       This enemy believes that their God wants us dead and, no other results are acceptable. We have never faced off against an off shut of a religion that believes killing for their God.

                        Who Among The Candidates do you feel is the most Honorable Person to face off against such a Dis-Honorable enemy.

                       "So America Gather Up Your Knight in Shinning but, a little tattered, Armor,  Once More Shake Off the Dust and, Cob Webs on the Shield of Justice and, though it may be Heavy to lift, Lift Up Your Sword of Honor and, Truth!"

            "Shine Your Light Again, My America of The Still United States!"

                    "The Light That God Almighty used to Build Your Armor!"

                                                 "But, Know God As You Go"

                        Send them back to their maker of the lower regions. Allow them the taste of their 72 Fiery virgins. Allow Satan to welcome them home.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Monday, December 14, 2015

"Donald "$" Trump"


                       I was going to go to work on the Karaoke Christmas show I'm doing for the local Nursing Home but,  I could not let this bit of information just sit.

                      In the military I had to decide at one time to place my life, my families life and, my career on the line. 

                     You do that when you go up against the lying, Cheating and, Stealing upper echelon Non-Commissioned Officers and, commissioned officer, good ole boy network.

                    I spent many a night in the dark with senior Non-Commissioned  officers giving me a warning that if I didn't play ball, I would find my family doing without and,  my career will be over.

                  In short playing ball meant that I had to go along with their lies and, stealing.

                  The only reason I mention this now is because I see a Senator such as Senator Ted Cruz, Whom I've been watching ever since he was elected. I'm not from Texas.

                   They were called "The Young Republicans" they were elected into office to take care of the President Obama problems.  Everyone of them were elected because they promised to do so!

                   Only one that stayed true to his word and, was cursed by his own party, because he chose to keep his promise!  I had spineless fellow NCO's that advised me to not do it. They tried to bend me.

                   Gov. Sarah Palin joked around about him using the children's book "Green Eggs And Ham" at the 2014 CPAC convention. He used this in his filibuster in the Senate!

                  Many very high powered Senators were angry after that. He placed his career and, his families financial future in jeopardy to fight for the people's rights and, fulfill his promises.

                 Was he worried about being elected President then? NO! I ask you what has anyone of these candidates done for you to warrant you voting for them?

                  Sen. Ted Cruz tells you what he's going to do on all subjects! Donald Trump is a Republican Obama he says he's going to make America Great again. Now he adds I'm going make America Safe again. HOW?

                 Did then Senator Obama tell you how he was going to change America NO!  You had to elect him to find out. Like Rep. Nancy Pelosi said we have to pass it to find out.

                Sen. Marco Rubio was one of "The Young Republicans" when he was elected he was going to fix the border by building a fence, now what's he for now?  When he was elected he was against amnesty.

                Now he openly states he's for amnesty!  "I Think Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) earned our votes!

"Sen. Ted Cruz for President)

(PS:  I was an E-6 Non Com to)

"Transfere Delayed"


            I really wish I didn't Have to go but I've went through 3 computers, caught 2 Trojans, 2 Worms and, I've contracted 10 virusus in my computers.

           Just recently I've had to take a lot of unusal  steps to log on this blog. So this is the reason, I've got to pay more money.

           Freedom of speech seems to cost more money with Obama as President.

           Computers and, the repair of them is not cheap!  I'm delaying my departure until after the first of the year.

           Since I've decided to keep my domain name, you can not get my new address to comment until I clear out here.

           This way even though, I had my settings correct here for comments I have never received a comment here. Maybe if I move over there I'll be able receive your opinions there.

                                 Thanks You guys!
                                 Merry Christmas

"Ted Cruz for President"


Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Closing down My blog after 8 Years

                       I would like to thank everyone for reading and, following my blog site. However I've been having a problem of going to and, loging on my blog. I'm just tired of it I'm going to Godaddy .com

                      It's more expensive but, at least this way who ever follows me will be able to comment on what I say. I have to close this site down to be able to get others to be able to comment.

                      My domain name is behindthecurtianofdeception.com if you want to talk to me, my email address is stargazers2052@cimtel.net


Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Vietnam Revisited"


                       I have heard how we should send in the special forces and, adviser's into Syria to teach and, advise.

                      Tell me can anyone remember how the Vietnam War started. I tell you they sent in Special Forces and, adviser's. 

                      How about we do what has worked in the past but, a little different.  How about instead of doing 40% of the bombing sorties, we do a 100%. How about instead of worrying about civilian casualties.

                     Increasing the amount of sorties, if the left don't like that, we can have our Middle East allies tell their people if they want to stay alive stay out of Iraq.

                   Once that happens, they will run but, we stop the bombing giving them enough time to come back in and, then we bomb the hell out of them again.

                  We keep it up but, alternate the time between  groups of bombing sorties.  Once you bomb the ISIS trash will run and hide till it's safe again

                  Once the targets are softened up enough then send in the mechanized infantry with back up armored and, artillery.

                This time we don't ask permission to stay we occupy. We instead of just talking about how good capitalism is we stay for 20 years and, demonstrate how good it can be.

               We also guard the borders with a area in between as no mans land.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Ben Caeson, Sen. Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Sen Rand Paul, Gov Huckabee and, Gov Christie All Have The Same Problem."


                     All the candidates tell us all kinds of things they are going to do once they get in office.  They forget that they to have to go through Congress also.

                     So don't  count your chickens before they hatch, know this unless we want another grid lock in Washington, D.C. We need to keep control of the Senate and, The House.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Repealing Obama Care"


                          A couple of posts ago I asked you to call your Senators in support of repealing the HR 3590 Patient Protection and Affordable Care act (Obama Care). In which all I've seen it do is control who gets medical care or, not.

                         I asked you to do this because, it started out as an amendment to the Budget bill to totally remove the financing of Obama Care.

                       At the last minute the Republicans chickened out and, changed it to just remove the taxes of Obama Care on individuals.

                      I then lost interest of the actions then!

"Ted Cruz for President"



"Why Do Democrats Automatically Go To Gun Laws?"


                     Two days ago during the Senate day session, Sen. Diane Feinstien (D) made a motion to pass a bill to remove the rights to those on the "No Fly List".

                    Not bad right? Well hidden in the wood work was the slick part. What did President Obama's Homeland Security secretary call U.S. Veterans "Future Domestic Terrorist" The bill wants remove the rights of those who are on the terrorist watch list.

                  Who controls who's names are on the terrorist watch list? You can not stop the rise of socialism without guns in the hands of those who are most experienced in the use of them.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Thursday, December 3, 2015

"San Bernadino and, Barack H. Obama"


                How many of you remember who the Justice Dept. who is controlled by President Obama, sent after the non-profit organizations as part of the intimidation of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

                        It was none other then the Departments of the FBI, ATF and, OSHA. The same Dept., except OSHA,

                       So, because what happened in California, will President Obama use his control of these two dept. use it to cover this up, to claim it was work place violence. Remember what happened on the Army base in Texas.

                      After all, this goes against the President's plan to bring in thousands more terrorists through the Syrian refugee plan. This also might affect his plan to NOT increase the enforcement  of our southern border.

                      His so called military actions of cancelling 60% of the bombing sorties, against ISIS, but, claiming the total just the same, is in jeopardy too.

                      Lets face it the terrorist all but signed their names with Allah Akbar to identify themselves as terrorists. Not only does he have control of the agencies conducting the investigations it happened in California and, you can't get more leftwing then the Hollywood class.

                     The backers of President Obama. The Democrat plan "Never Miss an opportunity" The Democrat plan is to every time a terrible  gun shooting happens is to take away the very Tool that would be used to defend ourselves.

                      I'm talking your 2nd Amendment rights of the constitution.  It use to be said "Take away our guns and, only criminals will have guns". 

                     Now it should be "Take away our guns and, the police's anti terrorist equipment and, only the criminals  and, terrorists will have guns.

                    With this being said Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) was bragging (Today) about, how successful her state's, strict anti gun laws are. even after this shooting.

                      Chicago where the young kid was gunned down in the streets by the police. Where every day deaths in the double digits happen. They also have strict gun laws.

                      People are so Islam Phobic afraid of being called a bigot.
I believe real Islamist are smart enough to know the difference between a bigot and, someone who is smart enough to take precautions to protect themselves. I'm not afraid to call it what it is;


"Ted Cruz for President"



"Cruz VS Rubio"


                       I'm a disabled Vet. and, one of the reasons I support Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)  is, I own over six different video clips, of CSPAN2,  of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) standing up for our rights BEFORE he announced his running for President.

                       Many times he was criticized by his own fellow Republicans, both in the House and, the Senate,  for making a stand against the Democrat majority and, even his own Republican party.

                      When asked why he did this, making enemies of fellow Republicans, his only answer was that is the reason why I was elected. I was a President John F. Kennedy old fashioned Democrat.

                       Yes, I said Democrat!  At that time and, before Democrat party Presidents did not act against the will of the people. I'm a firm believer that President Kennedy was killed by the Democratic party.

                        He was making changes that would directly interfere with the Democrat parties agenda. In other words he ruffled the wrong feathers of top Democrats.

                        Anyway, I've got all these video clips of Sen. Cruz standing up for the United States when it was not good for his career. So if he did this would he keep his word if he were the elected President?

                       I just watched the United States Senate vote for an amendment to the budget to strip away the taxes of Obama Care but, at the same time Sen. Ted Cruz voted yes.

                      Sen. Rubio, who was in charge of the Senate procedures did not vote for or, against it. At first I thought the reason why is, he can't vote because he was acting President of the Senate.

                      This was not true because the next amendment was to increase manpower to be able to take away medication from those who they say is hooked on prescribed medication.

                       I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am in constant pain. Since Obama Care started the VA Clinic took away my pain medication. My doctor said she  was not allowed to prescribe them anymore.

                      Well, to do this it would increase the budget. So the Republicans objected, Right away the Democrats made a motion to increase the budget to afford this.

                      The reason I mention this is Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) voted against increasing the budget while Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) voted to increase the budget for this purpose.

                      I ask you besides his standing up for Amnesty for illegal immigrants he now stands for bigger Federal Government over reach. Is this what you want for a President?

                      I say they are not judged for their words but, for their actions!
I would rather vote for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) or, Carly Fiorina (R-CA) who believes in God.

                      Rather then vote for a person that only believes in two things, Himself and, Money. Do I need to mention his name (Donald "$" Trump).

                      He didn't think a thing about the 150 to 200 people that lost their jobs while he was watching out for himself and his money. Talking about a scrooge.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act HR 3590" (Obama Care)


                     In the Senate today, December 2, 2015, is a bill to fulfill the Republicans promise to get rid of HR 3590.  Repeal Obama Care!

                    The President and, King's socialist Mandated Health Care Plan. Since the Democrats have in the past had a policy of never let an opportunity pass.

                    We should do the same. Now Obama like he has done in the past, promises to veto it and has Vetoed anything to take away the enforcement of this Obama Care.

                   I'm calling for every United States Citizen that has had problems from this over reach by the Federal Government to give them a hand to make it veto proof.

                  The Republican's have a majority but, not veto proof.

                 Call your Senator and Congressmen, be it Republican or, Democrat,  to vote to repeal it. 

                If enough Democrat Senators and, Congressmen, listen to you and, vote to repeal HR 3590 Obama Care, we can create a veto proof repeal.

                We the people put these politicians in there to do this. We jammed the switchboards to oppose the President Bush and, Sen. Kennedy's amnesty bill.

               Lets do this. If you don't know your Senator and, Congressman's phone number, for your Senator, type in the search box ussenate.gov.com.

              For your Congressmen, type ushouse.gov.com. You may also go to clerkofthehouse.gov.com  .

              Sen. Boxer (D-CA) and her comrade Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)  have suggested this is an attack on women. It is not!

              It is important for me to point out that, not only is in this bill to repeal Obama care, it has a part in it to defund Planned Parenthood.

              I don't know about you but, I'm tired of my tax money going to an organization that kills the unborn and, if you believe the video footage, the selling of baby body parts.

             The reason I say, if you believe the videos 

            After the videos were released, of leaders of planned parenthood discussing the price of baby parts.

            The socialist left, quickly, came out that we should not believe those videos they were doctored up. I make my own DVDs.

            I've been told It's hard, if not impossible to change Digital video and, that's what the videos are.

           It was easy for them to accept into evidence the Rodney King beating in which I agree with taking the video into evidence. 

         The shooting of a young African American kid by the policeman with a 16 shot revolver.

              Those videos were digital also and, were entered into evidence. The Democrats only believe in things that helps their agenda.

              The Senate will vote on the bill tomorrow!


"Ted Cruz for President"