Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"So You Say You Want A Corrupt Free Federal Government?"


                       If you want this, ask yourself this, what am I willing to do to achieve this miracle.

                       Well,  first you have to get rid of the crooks in Washington D.C. the only way to do that is to do what the leader of the Soviet Union did, when he came to office.

                       Secretly he took power with friends that were for freedom of Soviet oppression. By doing this he assured himself the votes to change the government towards freedom.

                      Imagine a President that came to power with friends in both the Senate and House that allowed him to do the following:

                      First, all elections are verified, to be legal, by the individual state attorney generals. The Attorney General of The United States and, all the others are appointed by the president.

                     Change that to have the Attorney Generals be elected and, make it  against the law for them to be party affiliated, that would give them the authority to go after the crooked politicians, to include the President. 

                     If there is to be truly, three branches of government, while Eric Holder is not the entire judicial branch, if he does not pursue criminal charges against the presidents appointees, then basically there is no judicial branch.

                     If there were penalty's for the politicians, less crimes.  What ya think? Also there would be less  dead people  voting in our elections if the attorney generals were free to negate the elections.

                     (Remember the ACORN voters fraud cases) Were those elections verified?

                      Separation between church and, state.  

                      When the federal and, state governments decided to grant the authority to perform the religious right of marriage to judges, justice of the peace and any other governmental agents, they crossed the line between religion and, state.

                      Before this, the right of marriage was performed by clergy and, religious leaders. By doing this, government officials unofficially promoted this religious belief that two people should be joined by a religious decree.

                     Dilemma, the government gives a discount in taxes for those who are married, thus promoting marriage even further. Now my own personnel beliefs is for religion but, that is my own personnel belief.

                    Return the authority of marriage back to the churches and, introduce same sex unions that get the same benefits as marriage. this is but, one area that is tearing this country apart.

                   If you are truly a believer in God, you know he gave us free will.

                   Abortion: some believe that life starts at birth,  others believe that life begins at conception. My beliefs is at conception. However as you know only I answer for my sins.

                  You and, you alone will answer for what you do wrong in the eyes of God. So that being said grant the authority to judges and, criminal judges alone to pass judgement on abortions.

                  How hard is it on these criminal judges to pass judgment on people that means they will be put to death?  If these judges can do this allow them the ability to say whither or not a young life has the right to live.

                  The judgment of this should not be left to the doctors. Allow the person who's body it is to prove, in a court of law, that the little life would be better off if not born.

                  Myself I believe if God did not want the life, he would not bring life to the little being.

                  Security: While we are a people full of love thy neighbor. Evil will try to turn it against us.

                   We want to give freedom to those who do not have it, however we are not all powerful, we do have our limits. Those who are against our way of life knows this. So the answer is this.

                   Posse Komitadas(I believe I spelled that right) This states that at no time can the president use active military against civilians on the soil of the United States.

                  It does give power and authority to Congress to use such powers only in the time of extreme emergencies, as proclaimed by the president.

                   No one wants to touch this but, if Congress would enact a law allowing an area of one (1) mile north of our southern border and, one (1) mile south of our northern border to be used by our active duty military. (For Protection)

                   Stop the use of drivers licenses for identification. Instead go from state to state, one at a time identifying each and every person instituting  a federal identification system. (All those that are in this country, illegally, terrorist and, the like beware!)

                  This will take some time but, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

                   Presidential Terrorism enact a law that proclaims that the president, if he promotes going over a specific level of spending, above a certain percent of the GNP, he could and, would be tried for presidential treason.

                  If he makes secret deals of any kind with out consulting Congress to any country, be it friend or foe. He can and, will be charged with Presidential treason.

                  Allow the drilling of oil in ANWR Alaska to be sold only in the United States. With a challenge to the clean energy group provide a way to use a clean and, cheap, alternate energy source, for transportation from the East Coast to the West by the time the oil producers start pumping.

                Also with a special note if they are not true to their promise of alternate energy the oil lines will be used!

                  Last but not least provide specific punishments for those politicians who violate their oath of office and, both moral and, ethics laws of their offices.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Lets See Ex-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton For President?"


                            Lets see, lets look at the past. She stood by her man when he was found to have violated the sanctuary of the Oval office of the White House. This only came to light after an exhaustive Congressional investigation. Lets see a show of hands that think Mrs. Clinton did know anything about what her husband (Billy Bob) was doing. (I know your only guilty if you get caught  right?)

                           Of course I'm talking about the non-sex, Oral sex thing he was having with Monica. I'm sure he liked his cigars! right after that it was in the news that there was a sharp increase of pre-teens having oral sex in middle schools.

                            There was "The White Water Investigation" no guilty do to lack of evidence.  This is all about Bill & Hillary together so, I wont mention about the one thousand some odd Canadians that lost their life's due to the Aids tainted prisoner blood, that, as a Governor Arkansas, he sold to Canada.

                            Lets talk about Mrs. Clinton's achievements.

                            It has been said but, not yet proven, that Mrs. Clinton received a one million dollar donation, from the movie industry, instead of the hundred thousand dollar limit she claimed to have received.

                            Of course I'm talking about her bid to be a United States Senator representing New York State, which she won. 

                             In her bid for president, in the Democratic Presidential debate, you might remember one of the objections that, then presidential hopeful Barack H Obama brought up was "Hillary Care" she was for a mandated, government ran, health care system.

                             Of course we now know that one of the possible deals that she made with Mr. Obama was she would step a side and endorse him if he pushes for Obama Care  and, appoint her as Secretary of State to be groomed her for her future bid for the presidency.

                             As Secretary of State there were security leaks(Remember the Israeli leaks). The Benghazi Terror Attacks that only could have happened because of the U-tube video of a person burning the Koran.

                             Soon after the American Ambassador was killed in this work place accident, Mrs. Secretary of State went to the United Nations security council to promise them in writing that she will crack down on Freedom of Speech on the Internet that allows people to criticize the Islamic religion.

                              Now, she expects us to believe that she lacked the intelligence that it takes to understand that you can use one phone to use two e-mail addresses. I am a no nothing, nobody but, I have one phone and have two E-mail addresses that I can E-mail to.

                              I have an AOL address and, another which I wont mention. If I know this and, can do this, do you really want a person in the White House that does not know as much as I do?

                              I say no, to the old, I'm just a country bumpkin and, don't know about things like that. It worked for President William Jefferson Clinton. Its working for President Barack Obama with his I learned about it through the news.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, March 18, 2015



                       Lately, have you noticed that movies that are shown on your television set and, even series are no longer as short as they use to be?

                       No, I do not set there with a stop watch. One of the benefits of your DVR is when you record a favorite movie or that series, your hooked on, is you also record the commercials too.

                       This allows you to objectively notice the length of the commercials and, how many.  If you have noticed there are more of them on the breaks.

                        They may offer you the explanation that because they no longer break between movies or, the start of the series.

                       If you calculate it this does not make up for the extended amount of time that has been increased in the middle.

                       Just saying!

"Ted Cruz for President!"

"The Delima"


                           Man those conspiracy theorists, they are so weird and, out of touch.  They keep on saying that the Democratic party have joined forces with many different organizations.

                           These organizations use to be called Code Pink, Marxists, Socialists, CPA (The Communist Party of America).

                            ACORN, anti-war activists such as the Walstreet protesters and, the Muslim Brotherhood of America. These weirdos say all these people have joined forces to bring down America.

                            But, they can not answer a silly question like this, if all these groups have joined forces in support of the Democratic party for one goal and, call themselves either Liberal or Progressives, how can they support a pro Islamic Extremist President.

                            After all majority of Middle east countries  are anti-gay. These countries behead homosexuals that they have found. How can those who believe in gay rights be in favor of those who hate them.

                            You see the delima?


"An Envious America!"


                        Israel's Prime Minister loves his country so much that he was willing, brave and, courageous enough to come to America deep inside the Lion's Den of our government.

                       To fight for his country against a pro-Muslim, anti-Israeli, President.  So yes we in America are envious of Israel. You have a leader to look up to.

                      We, in America use to look up to our President. You see we use to have a president that did things that you could be proud of. Now we have a President that follows other leaders around like a puppy dog.

                     He is our president in name only. He goes to other countries and, apologizes for our country. The only reason he should apologize is if he is ashamed of his country.

                    Well, Mr. President, we the people of America are ashamed of you, our "Coward In Chief"

                     All hail to a real leader Benjamin Netanyahu!

                     You couldn't stop him from winning his election just as you are not going to be able to stop us,  free loving United States Citizens, from defending ourselves from your brother Islamic terrorists.

                     We will defend ourselves from your friends!


"Jeb Bush Is a Conservative?"


                          Do not tell me that Gov. Jeb Bush is running for the office of President. You know George Washington Bush, I agreed, like so many Democrat and, Republican, with going into Iraq.

                          I sorta liked the second George Bush except when he signed the bill, that was rejected by Congress, giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

                          For Jeb Bush to act like he is a conservative, is a great injustice to conservatives. Jeb Bush is whats wrong with the republican party.

                         Jeb Bush and Republicans like him blurr the lines between conservative and liberals. For years Communists, Marxists and, Socialists have been happy attempting the change from freedom to control, slowly.

                         Because the Republican party stumbled with the United States's finances. They (Socialists) took that opprotunity took greatly advance their efforts.

                         They did this by joining forces with the Deomcratic party and, elected to the office of President a Muslim Extremist Barack H. Obama.

                         I say this only because I want those whom read this to know that there are many of us who are not blind. We have seen you slowly dewindle away our countries moral valued laws.

                        The Democratic Socialists where promoting a fast track to a dictatorship, where the Republican estabished politicians where on a slower path.

                        Jeb Bush is part of that older established Republican party. So if you want to continue down the path at a slower pace towards the direction that President Obama has taken us, vote for Gov. Jeb Bush.

                        This is the split in the Republican party, those who would advance the liberal politicians agenda and those who oppose it.

                        I am not opposed to a abrubt stop and, reverse or an about face, thats why I'm for Sen. Ted Cruz.

                       Believe him if you want but, Jeb Bush is another politician that will tell you what you want to hear until, he gets in office.

                       "Ted Cruz for President!"