Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Comments Available"


                              My new blog is up and, running. My new blog will allow you to comment on what I say and join in on the conversation.

                               Hey liberals it's time for your insults, go ahead make my day. as long as you keep it clean cause I do have a filter for language.

                                The address is: notice I purposely Miss-spelled curtain and switched the I and, the A around. let me know what ya think.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Hilary's Chew Toy"


                    Have you watched the Democratic debates?  Sen. Bernie Sanders has bent over backwards to appease Mrs. Clinton.

                    We can call them the non-debate debates. They do not debate on the issues.  The only real debate they have is how they are going to plunge this country deeper in debt.

                    Let's face it the liberal Democratic party has the same attitude as my Dad once had.  Do as I say, not as I do!

                    Just because I do something, it does not mean you can do the same. This is the real reason Hilary is not going to do well in the general debates.

                    As you've noticed in her press contacts she is very ridged when asked embarrassing questions about her past. She can not avoid questions in the debates like she does with the press.

                    If the debate monitors are honest, this will be the first time that Hilary R. Clinton can not escape the question of Bill and, his women!

                    There has not been any questions since the attempted impeachment of her husband. Remember the statement of Billy Bob with "Depends on what your definition of what is, is"

                     The cigar insertion, the statement of  "I did not have sexual intercourse with that woman" (Monica Lewinsky).

                     The main reason is this Mrs. Clinton is a Democratic Liberal and, most of them are arrogant in thinking. They feel that they are right and, those who oppose them, that they should not have to show them that they  are wrong.

                     They need to look down on the little people. It is up to them to push people into what is right for them.  It is them that knows what's good for you not you!

                      This is the main reason they really don't want to debate the issues. The reason why Al Gore did not debate Climate Change.

                      They feel the debate is over on that subject, because they say it is.

"It is better for me when I'm wrong then when I'm right!"

When I am wrong and, am corrected, I have learned something but, if I am always right I haven't learned anything.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Two Bills"


                           Come on Donald, your gonna compare Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby?

                           No comparison.  First of all, Bill Clinton was more powerful then Bill Cosby.  Bill Clinton was president when he used the power and prestige of the White House, to get sex from women.

                          Bill Cosby on the other hand, used Drugs. How can you compare the two. 

                         The biggest difference is Billy "Bob" Clinton had an over bearing wife that had influence and, power to defend him against the women that didn't like her husband touching them.

                          So, "America" is it OK for either one of these two to get away with this kind of action? 

                         If Senator/Secretary of State Hilary R. Clinton wants to appoint herself as the main defender of women shouldn't she defend the women that her husband sexually abused?

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Join The Military and, Loose Your 2nd Amendment Rights!"


                           Today your President Barack Obama has said he is going to take executive action to take away the rights of veterans to own a gun.

                            How can I say this? Well, some time ago when this so called President took office he appointed a person as his Homeland Security Secretary a person named Janet Nepolitano, (Probably mis-spelled)

                            This person stated that all military veterans were future domestic terrorist. The fact that this President did not object to this or, ask her to apologize to veterans, tells me he thinks the same way.

                             This president wants to restrict the purchase of buying a gun from those who are on the "No Fly List" and, the "Terrorist Watch List".

                             What harm would that do? Well, I ask you who is in control of who's name goes on these lists?

                              He says he wants to have a town house meeting with congress to get this done. I say ok President Obama you want this we will agree to the following.

                              You build a wall on our border, you deport the illegal immigrants that you have allowed to come into this country, you stop the importation of terrorist, through the refugee program.

                               Congress enacts a law that will place the obligation of maintaining the terrorist watch list in the hands of the opposite party of the president.

                              Also before a US citizen can be placed on the terrorist watch list after these laws are enacted, the person must be proven to be a danger to others. 

                              Do these things to make us feel safe in our own country and, then you can ban assault rifles and, require back ground checks at gun shows.

                              You ask, how have we came to this, in your speech, try this. We came to this because of your lies, we do not trust you!

                              You and, your kind have labeled all of us that were trusted to carry a gun in protection of our country as "Future Domestic Terrorist".

                              The head of your political party (Debbie Wasserman Shultz) voted against including veterans into the hate crimes bill.

                               Your Secretary of state John Kerry once labeled our soldiers, who were fighting in Iraq at the time, as mercenaries, rapist and, baby killers.

                               Do you need more reasons, how we came to this?

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Letter To Sen. Marco Rubio!"


                            Many think those right wing nuts or, conservative crazies only watch the Fox News channel for the news about politics.

                            However, those of us who are not brain dead, realized along time ago that just as CNN,HLN, MSNBC and, the other drive by media.

                            Will only report news that is favorable to the Democratic or, socialist party, the Fox News network does the same. Fox news only reports news that's favorable to the Republican or, Establishment politicians.

                           Those of us that are serious political followers go to other sources. We watch CSPAN and, CSPAN2

                           CSPAN covers the House of Representatives where it has 418 members, where you can not see how the congressman voted, CSPAN2 covers the Senate.

                           Because the Senate only has 100 senators, you can tell how and, who votes for what.

                           So, now we get to the message to you Sen. Rubio. The message is this, I once said you were for Amnesty due to the reporting of you saying one thing in Spanish and another in English.

                           The thing is Senator you display commercials of how you fight for our rights and, how much better we would all be if your were President.

                            Senator you must be counting on the ignorance of voters. We have been watching you and how you have been voting on CSPAN2.

                            So please stop with the lies on your commercials. I do realize you will not stop because you want to become the new Liar & Chef in the White House.

                            I just want you to know we see you. We also have watched the one Senator you have been talking bad about. Sen. Ted Cruz has actually done what you try to say you've done.

                           Sen. Ted Cruz has fought against you on amnesty and, the HR-3590 Obama Care.

                          The poison pill placed in,  you and, the gang of eight's amnesty bill. and, the filibuster Sen. Ted Cruz did to fight the funding of Obama care that you voted to fund.

                          Recently, you voted with the Democrats, to increase the size of government to insure that those who need pain relieving medication do not get it.

                           The government increase comes with the manpower increase to enforce the taking away these medications.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Monday, January 4, 2016

"Bill For Hil 2016"


                    Ex-President Bill Clinton stumping for Ex-Secretary Hilary Clinton for President in 2016.

                   When Bill had his non-sex,  sex thing with Monica in the oval office, it was said you were minding his business in his bedroom. I say no it was minding his business in the Oval office.

                    Brief news after words was how the incidents of young school girls having oral sex in school had doubled since the President proclaimed oral sex is not sex.

                    I wonder if a guy stopped in the middle of a mall and on his knees performed oral sex on a woman would this be considered having sex in public?

                     This brings to light many questions for the American people.

                1.  If Hilary is President,  will she only employ male White House aids to protect them from Bill?

                2. Will she re-define her stance on women, to be for women who are not having sex with Bill. The way she did with his previous lovers.

                3. Will this be Bill's third term in office?

                4. If Hilary is crowned queen of America will she allow Bill to finally come out with the new cigar the "Monica"?

                5. Last but, not least, will my "Hilary for Prison 2016" get here before the election?

                  These are the questions we must know!

"Ted Cruz for President"



"Promoting Breaking The Laws"


                        You see what is happening overseas in Europe as to the terrorist attacks. Why do you think there are so many more attacks over there?

                        It could be like they say, they don't have an ocean to protect them, that's why America has not been attacked as much. It could be our unprepared civil defense forces are catching them.

                       The one of reasons why these beasts of burden have not attacked our nation so much is this.

                       In Europe the civilian population are not allowed to own guns. In short they are not allowed self defense. They do not have a United States Constitution to allow them the ownership of their own destiny's.

                        If Europeans owned guns there would be a whole different picture over there.

                        Americans own guns and, they know it but, they don't know who. So who and, where do they attack, to be successful? If President Obama and, his minions have their way Americans will not have guns.

                        That's why they attack the second amendment every chance they get. The San Bernadino attack was the perfect opportunity to attack the Constitution.

                         Now in the news the President is taking new actions, in the way of Executive orders to try and, take away your rights of self defense.

                         As my younger brother says, I take chances of black helicopters at my door step on this blog. I guess we will see.

                         If a strong America is a threat,  then I'm threatening. My country remains strong as long as they own guns.

      "So hear this Washington if your President takes actions to try to take our (U. S. Citizens) guns, then I am asking everyone that owns a gun to resist and, refuse to give up their guns."

                        Me myself my guns are going to wind up stolen. Damn it I hate it when that happens.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Sunday, January 3, 2016

"If It Looks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck and, Walks Like a Duck, It might be a Duck!"


                         Many of them capitalist haters out there are trying to insinuate that President Barack Obama is a Muslim Extremist. Some even call him an Islamic Extremist Terrorist that occupies the White House.

                         As I am going through all my videos I've noticed a pattern of actions of this President.

                        He has reduced the Man Power of our military by, mandating retirement of the experienced enlisted and, officers of the military.

                        He has sold off equipment of the military (Check ) A weak military can not protect it's citizens.

                        He has reduced the funding of the military, so no new equipment can be purchased or, designed.

                        He has turned America's back on it's alias, so as to bring mistrust into the foreign affairs mix. He had his Secretary of State promise, the United Nations, to eliminate freedom of speech on the Internet.

                        He signed over control of the Internet to other parties. (This is the reason why we can not control what ISIS says)

                        He has vigorously tried to take away citizens rights to own guns to defend themselves.

                        He has criminalized the police, you know the same police that helped people to safety during 9/11. These are the same ones that we will have to depend on to defend us during the up coming Islamic Extremist attack.

                        He has left the border open so during the up coming attacks they can start pouring through.

                         So you tell me what does this president have in mind for his "Hope And, Change" ?

                          If it looks like a Duck, Quacks like a duck and, walks like a duck, is it a duck?  They want the same type of person to run the country with Hilary Clinton.

"Ted Cruz for President"

"The Attractivness Of Hilary?"


              You can not stereo type the liberals/socialist that will be voting for the ex-secretary of State. That is you can not group them together as to the type.

              I met my first identifiable liberal when I met my ex-wife. I didn't know at the time that's what she was but, I found out. You see liberals are not easy to identify.

              Because I left the military, I've been watching the politicians. Just because I left the military does not mean I'm not a Patriot.  There is one thing they all have in common.

                They all believe in "The End Justifies The Means" in other words it does not matter what you do to get there just as long as you get there.

                 Lying, stealing and, deception(Lies) is all acceptable ways of being to bring about the results you desire.

                 Basically there are two types that are going to vote for Hilary Clinton.  Type one are those who are still thinking that evidence of her lying and, breaking the law, are all made up lies, made up by the Republicans.

                  The second type are those who think it's an acceptable practice to lie. It's all a part of living.  They laugh and, joke about those chumps who tell the truth.

                   So you wonder why the fact that she has lied on everything she has ever done and, still people are voting for her, that's the reason.

                   A good majority of her voters are liars too!

"Ted Cruz for President"