Monday, April 18, 2016

"Your State's Right to Hold a Constitutional Convention"


                    Why should we want a Constitutional convention? First no matter who we vote into the office of President or, into Congress. Both sides will continue to use the loopholes of the Constitution to their advantage.

                    The Democrats use the vagueness to promote the killing of unborn babies, the importation of illegal immigrants, the bringing in of terrorists(Syria) and, the giving of Constitutional rights to non-United States citizens such as terrorists in Cuba.

                     Giving so called anchor babies United States citizenship is another. I am for making the Pledge of Allegiance mean something. Such as you do something, like join an enemy organization that's against your country "The United States of America"

                    You loose your citizenship!  No President or, Congress can by themselves get this accomplished.

                    If you want a Constitutional Convention here is what you do.

                    Go to Google and, in the search block enter the name of your state and, state Constitutional Convention.

                    Example:   Missouri State Constitutional Convention
                                          Kansas State Constitutional Convention

                   That website will ask you to sign a petition asking for it. If your state doesn't have a website such as this call your state representative and, ask them why not.

                   This is the only true way we can stop the crooks in Washington and, get our original states rights back!

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Notice To The GOP"


                         I feel this is the solution to your dilemma. Mr. Chairman of the Republican party the solution is as follows:

                         First who ever has the most delegates even if it does not reach the 1237 count will be the nominee.

                        If you do not do this, this will happen, the highest will take it to a third party and, no matter who it is either Trump or, Cruz we will vote for him.

                       My suggestion to both of the top two candidates, mend your fences, and the second place, in delegates,  accept the Vice President slot. Together take on the socialists.

                       Know this Republican party we are angry and, wont settle for your choice of nominee, unless you choose one of the top two.

                       I don't vote for a socialist Republican Gov. John Kasich!

"Sen. Ted Cruz for President"


"The Repubican Candidates and, the General Election Debates"


                          Gov. John Kasich says the poles say that he is the only one that can get elected against Hillary Clinton. Do you think it's because of his knowledge? What is the real reason?

                         Gov. Kasich has the support of the career politicians in the Republican party.  He has the limited support of some Republicans. Due to his support of Obama Care IE. accepting the federal money in Ohio for Obama Care, he has the support of the socialist on the Democrat side.

                        After all when is the last time have you ever seen either Sen. Cruz's and, Donald Trump's town hall meetings on CNN. This happened recently with Gov. Kasich's town hall.

                       In the primary debates Donald Trump can get away with saying I'll get knowledgeable people to advise me on the subject but, in the General debate do you think he will get away with that against burning Bernie or, the little general Hillary Clinton.

                      If Donald Trump tries that crap with either Democratic candidate plus his flip flopping on principled standards they will eat him alive. He doesn't even know this countries laws.

                     This is some of the many reasons why I'm for Sen. Ted Cruz!

"Sen. Ted Cruz for President"


Donald Trump & States Rights"


                          After the reaction of our Lord and, future master, Donald Trump, it is clear what he believes.  He believes in the states rights, unless it is not beneficial to his purpose.

                          Do you honestly think that the only group that decided the voting procedures of both Colorado and, Wyoming was the federal GOP?  Come on the Colorado and, Wyoming state people voted the procedures in over a year ago.

                          There was a state convention of both states, that only one of the candidates attended. Donald Trump and, John Kasich chose not to attend.

                          You notice Donald Trump is the only one who is crying and, making statements of foul play.

                          He has made the statement, that the way these two states conducted their political conventions is wrong. When he becomes president he is going to change it.

                          This tells me Donald Trump is for taking away the rights of the states to decide for themselves how they conduct their elections.

                           This is a states rights guaranteed to them by the U.S. Constitution and, since President Obama thought there was 57 states shouldn't we insist our president know the basics?

"Sen. Ted Cruz for President"


"Candidates Tax Plans"


                          It's simple the Democrats wants you to pay more taxes to pay for all the free government giveaways.  Secretary of state Hillary Clinton wants you to pay 20-30% more in taxes.

                         Sen. Bernie Sanders wants you to pay 30-40% more and, businesses to pay 40-50% above the amounts.

                         In the military we had a saying "Sh#t roles down hill" So when you tax the businesses, what do you think they are going to do? Increase the prices of their products.

                         All of these tax plans will all but destroy the economy of the country.

                         The Republicans want to lower the amount of taxes and, cut costly useless programs. Sen. Cruz wants you to pay a 10% flat taxes and, get rid of the IRS.

                         Lets face it, if you don't like how crooked the federal government is now, wait till you give them control over more government free stuff, that they can take away from you.

                         If they don't like what you say or, do! Remember Mrs. Clinton was the one, while addressing the United Nations, promised to limit your freedom of speech rights, on the Internet.

                        This happened after the Benghazi episode. Bernie Sanders made a statement, after someone said something, from California, he didn't like, he said they should not be allowed to say that.

                        In the final analysis, if you want to see more of your pay check to disappear, vote for a Democrat.

"Sen. Ted Cruz for President"



"Russian Planes Buzzing Our Military Ships"


                        In the movie "Top Gun" the distance that a Russian jet could come within the distance was 5 miles. In all actuality the distance is a radius of 2 miles.

                       The Fox news video report shows the jet to be approximately 300 yards over the deck of the ship!  Now why do you think they did this?

                       I'll tell you why! They knew that they could get away with it. They knew our cowardly President would not take action!

                       Our Radar can pick up a jet further then 10 miles giving the commander of the ship and, the commander of his task force to call Washington, D.C. for instructions.

                       From who? The United States President. With this President's representation of this country he has shown, The whole world,  our country to be cowardly.

                       This is the back bone of the Democratic candidates! Soldiers that have seen action know what it means to go to war. None wants war but, they know what disrespect is.

                       That is what happened from the Russians when they buzzed the ship. That is also what happened from our President Obama. He disrespected our country.

"Sen. Ted Cruz for President"


Saturday, March 12, 2016

"The Beerhall Brawl!" (And todays Politics)


                       In the news was an episode of past history. Protesters, protesting at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago.  Each side blames the other.

                       Democrat socialist blame it on the free speech rights of Donald Trump.  They say he should not speak the truth about their socialist candidates.

                      They also have been brain washed in thinking that because Donald Trump believes that this country should not be dominated a Democratic socialist rule.

                      That is what this country would turn into if the border remained open.

                      They know this country is run on majority rule and, if the population of Latino Americans increase, because of past history, the majority of them would vote Democrat/socialist.

                       Lets not forget the "God Damn America" comment by reverend Wright, either.

                       Reverend Wright didn't make these comments cause he loved "The United States"

                      He made these comments after his fellow brother Muslim extremist destroyed the World Trade Center.

                      Reverend Wright and,  his followers are Muslim extremists, who believe in a socialist type of government,  ruled by the black man to take back what they say the white man took from them.

                      They too are apart of these protests because of the Trump rhetoric about banning their fellow Islamic extremist from coming here, as a Syrian refugee.

                       Does the beer hall bombing by Adolf Hitler ring a bell, blaming it on the socialist? 

                       The question is, is it the Donald Trump followers protesting the Hilary Clinton or, Bernie Sanders rallies?

"Ted Cruz for President"