Sunday, May 31, 2015

" I. Politician Ethics"


I.          Politician Ethics.

                           The government of the United States had adopted in the beginning the honor system. It was said that no gentleman would purposely deceive the people.

                            A gentleman's word was his honor. To call a man a liar was to impugn his honor and, people have met and, paced off with pistols in hand.

                           To allow someone to call you a liar and, not challenge them would be a disgrace. You could not show your face anywhere.

                            But, that was then. Now it is common place for a politician to lie. It is expected for a senator, Congressman or, President to not honor his or her word.

                            This is a sad state of affairs. My grandfather once said to me that the only honest politician there is, is the one that's  out of office. Well, when you have the dishonest in charge of enforcing honesty what do you get. NO ACTION!!

                           Well, when and, if they do have a Constitutional Convention the top number one topic on their agenda should be providing strict penalties for politicians who do not honor their word.

                           In a Constitutional Convention they will have to abide by the Conventions decision's 

                           I know now a days it seems silly to expect a person to keep their word, when its so common place for people to lie but, to regain the trust in our government, I can't see any other way.

                          I say politicians police yourselves do not allow this country go by the way of Iceland did, a couple of years ago.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Ted Cruz For President"


                      I will be the first to admit it that I am a rebel rouser. I do not walk away from a fight and, I expect my choice for President to do the same.

                     After President Obama ordered the killing of United States Citizens overseas Senator Ted Cruz asked President Obama and, the Justice Department to clarify where they would use drones to kill other U.S. Citizens. 

                   To point of fact would they use drones to kill U.S. citizens on American soil?  President Barack Obama and, Eric Holder did what they normally did ignore the Congress.

                  So to get an answer from the President or the Justice Dept. he filibustered, til he received an answer. He did this against the objections of of Democratic Senators and, Republican Senators.

                He had nothing to gain by doing this and, he ruffled a lot of feathers. You might have heard about him reading "Green Eggs and, Ham" He did get his answer from the Attorney General.

              We need a conservative like him in the white house, to fight for our rights and, turn this country away from the socialist cliff this Islamic Extremist President has taken us to.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"What Do I Expect From A Conservative President" (Part 1)


                          The following is what I as a Conservative expect from a Conservative President. I know that this only a wish list but, I have to make my feelings known.

                         First, the confidence of the public, in our federal government,  has been shaken. Whom ever is elected must work hard to get it back. 

                         The first thing a new elected government should do is re-assure the people that steps will be taken to rid the government of the criminals in the government.

                        Then call the Governors of the southern border states to Washington to order the National Guard on the border. This time they should be given live ammunition with orders to shoot trespassers.

                        Have the states place signs up in Spanish all trespassers will be shot on site. Before the order to shoot sufficient notice should be given both on Spanish speaking TV and, radio of the intentions of the U.S. Government.

                        This is to insure the security of a Constitutional Convention. The attendees of the convention should be; all 50 states governors and, Attorney Generals, 

                       50% of each House and, Senate should also attend. Example if the Democrats are in charge of the Senate there will be more Democrats then Republicans but, 50% proportioned. Same in the House.

                     The President and, The House Speaker to be in attendance on opposite days. One day in person the next on video. I'm sure they have adequate security measures.

                    The following issues are to be discussed:

I.                 Politician Ethics Enforcement
II.               Border Security
III.             Immigration
IV.              Same Sex Marriage
V.               Abortion
VI.             Conduct Of A President
VII.           Conduct Of A Politician
VIII.         The Separation of the Three Branches of the Federal Government
IX.             The Election Of Attorney Generals
X.               Legalization Of Marijuana
XI.             Lobbyist
XII.           Reducing Medical costs/Obama care
XIII.         Internal Revenue Service
XIV.         Energy
XV.           Foreign Wars

                  The purpose would be to solve the problems with the state governments involved.  I will be describing what I think should be done, in my next few blogs.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Sunday, May 24, 2015

"Captain Obvious"


                  What might be obvious to some, may not be so obvious to others. That's why I'm posting this. Those of us that have witnessed the cruelty of a socialist dictatorial government and, a few others know what looks like change for the better, is only a rouge for control of the people.

                 Now what is obvious is that these actions that the President is doing is not to make this a third world country, it's not even to equal out the financial differences between the classes.

                The purpose of his actions is to make the results of Capitalism so terrible that people will gladly go to socialism. If you are hungry enough and, your family is on the verge of dying you'll do almost anything to save them.

               This is the purpose of the socialist/Marxist/Muslim party that is guiding the Democratic party in these hard times.

                A dictatorship controls what you say, do or, even eat. It will even try to control what you think.  A dictatorial government is control of the people be it a Marxist, Socialist, Communist and, even Muslim governments are a dictatorship.

               There is no separation of church and, state in a Muslim government. The Muslim religion is the government. The Koran is their constitution. Men are the ruling party. Women have no say. The Men are Superior to everything. Those who do not believe in Allah are of less value then dirt.

              This is the reason why they feel nothing when they kill Christians. 

               Why do you think President Obama is so easy going on the middle eastern countries that are our enemies. President Barack Obama is a Muslim who took an oath on a bible, in which he feels no obligation to uphold. 

               This is the reason why he will not honor the Constitution of the United States. He feels no honor in it. He is setting the stage.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Why I Choose Ted Cruz and, Not the other Candidates!"


                             In this post I will explain why I will not vote for each of the other candidates and, why I'm casting my vote for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Democrats:  Hilary Clinton,  it's obvious as to the reason why she is running. 
It is to continue President Barack Obama's path to socialism. Her Promise to the United Nations, do away with free Speech on the Internet.

                         Since I like my freedom's way to much to voluntarily give them up by voting for, what I call (the Female version of Obama) I will not cast my vote for someone who can not be trusted with the truth. (There are many more reasons of not voting for her but, the list is to long)

                         After all "What Difference Does It Make"

Democrats: Elizabeth Warren, She is more of a Marxist then the President is. 
have her on video stating that those business that make a profit are not the owners businesses they belong to the people.

                         After all it's the people that buy from them. The peoples taxes pay for the roads and, streets that allow people to drive to the stores to buy the products so, its the peoples.(By the way Liz. I'm an Native American Naturalized Citizen that has a C.D.I.B) 

 Republicans: Rand Paul, wants the country to go to isolationism.
 I would like that too but, just like a socialist or, Communist rule, you can not go back.

                              We made a change years ago and, if we turn our backs on the world, I guarantee they will turn their backs on us if and, when we need them.

                              I also have in my possession a video of Rand Paul arguing on behalf of the Apple corporation. 

                             When The Apple Corp. was one of the companies that then the Democratic Senate was going after for non payment of taxes that another country was not charging them. 

                            It makes you wonder if Sen. Rand Paul has his hands in someone Else's pockets.

Republicans:  Marco Rubio, not only did he vote for the President's Amnesty bill but, he was caught speaking to a Latino Group, in Spanish, saying he believes in amnesty  for illegal immigrants.

                             He made this speech right after he made a speech in English stating he doe's not believe in amnesty.

                             Afterwards he claimed it was a mistake in translation. Well I think this election is to important, to vote for a person that has a problem with translation. Oh by the way I use to live in Florida.

                           The last year I lived there, the state government had it on the voters ballots to make Spanish the states authorized language. It was voted down but, it gives you the mind set of some of those to whom Sen. Rubio was speaking to.

Republicans:  Rick Perry, if you remember correctly in the last debate he was in, it was revealed that he was for amnesty and, giving free collage tuition to illegals. He did this in Texas.

                             I'm not prejudice against Latinos I'm a Naturalized Citizen that's pro Law. The United States should should respect it's laws.

Republicans: Paul Ryan, He to signed on to the President's Amnesty bill. Also we need a stronger fighter. Anyone who knuckles under to the Democrats does not get my vote.

Republicans: Mike Huckabee, you know I like Mr. Huckabee but, I like a lot of people but, that doe's not mean I think they have what it takes to be the Leader of this country.

                             Mr. Huckabee has a good heart and, has the Ideals of this country in mind. But, I feel he is a Republican Gerald Ford or, Jimmy Carter. I still remember one of them saying, about the Salt II agreement, "That's the best we can hope for".

                            I heard this on the radio as the Soviet Union was moving Intercontinental Balistic Missile's into the wood line across from a military observation post.

Republicans: Jeb Bush, I'm tired of having a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. Not only that the cowardly lions we voted into Congress, I think he is their choice. 

                             Mr. Bush  is for amnesty and,he will not do anything about the threat from our southern border.

Republican: Ben Carson, To be honest I don't know about this guy.

Republicans: Carly Fiorina, I don't know her policies but, if there is a choice between Hilary and, her, I'll choose the non-socialist.

Republicans: Ted Cruz, finally we come to my choice for President. Why, is it that I feel he is the strong leader who is not afraid to ruffle the feathers of both the Democrat and, Republican politicians.

                               Sen. Cruz has already done this. He had both Republicans and, Democrat's complaining when he filibustered the Senate, reading "Green Eggs and Ham" until he received assurances from Eric Holder that they would not use drones to kill U.S. citizens, in the United States.

                               The Attorney General Eric Holder gave in and, sent a message.

                               That my friends is a fighter and, a leader whom, I feel,  we need to bring us back from the edge of lunacy that this President has brought us to.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Friday, May 15, 2015



                           Many of those who read my blog know that I'm on the opposing side of the Democrats. I wasn't always that way I was a Democrat. I believe in good work for the poor hard working person.

                           I too believed in the Democratic way. Many don't remember how life was before welfare and, food stamps. But, I do.  It teaches you the value of hard work. The time I grew up was hard and, troublesome. Many times you had to go without eating. Allot of sleeping in strange places.

                           I loved President John F. Kennedy (D-MA), just like the heartache I felt when I heard of he and, his brother getting murdered. They were just like me, a rebel. Not excepting the things the way they are.

                          President Kennedy tried to change things to fast. He tried to change 100 years of practiced bred in hatred in a few short years. Change makes people angry.  Especially those who are bigoted.

                         Don't get me wrong, it was right for him to try to stop the miss-treatment of African Americans (Black's) especially in the south. Many people were murdered, because of their skin color. Waiting any longer would mean allowing the murder of at least hundreds more.

                        But, the good ol' boy network of the Democratic Party did not like these changes. So to me, I don't care how many Oswald's they produce, I will always believe he was killed by the bigoted southern Democrats.

                        Take that from a, wised up, man whom was raised mostly in the south. 

                        I raised my children not to be prejudice but, because of that my oldest step daughter was carried by a bunch of whites and, thrown in a garbage dumpster in Alabama,  because she was friends with the wrong colored skin. (black)

                         Don't get me wrong there's the good ol' boy network of the Republicans but, not as bigoted. 


                         The problem with the old Democratic ways of being(Prejudice) was being a bigot was not popular practice by most. So what is the Democratic party suppose to do to raise money for elections?

                          What happened is evil stepped in and, said have I got a deal for you. You see evil is an opportunist, like the Clinton's and, President Obama. Never let a emergency go to waist. Democratic party had money troubles.

                          In steps the Anarchist, The Marxist, The Socialists, The Communist and, the Anti-war activist. Oh we can't forget the Black Panthers either. (Remember "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend) 

                         The main problem is old Democrats don't believe the truth. This is mainly because, the Republican party has lied so much in the past, they have told, of the gathering of evil,  over and, over.

                          So older Democrats believe that this is another Republican lie, to get elected. This is the reason I'm an Independent, I don't believe the Republicans either.

                          The reason I believe this is because, from the time of 7 years old helping pick fruit and, cotton for food and, gas and, living in the car with my family, I went into the military.

                          While in the military, I was stationed on the border of most Socialist countries. Not only did I read about how the socialist came to power I witnessed the cruelty of their rule.

                          The path this president is taking us on is the same path the socialist took to come to power. Hilary knows that the truth about President Obama is coming out. He's getting too bolder. 

                          So Mrs. Clinton has to show that she is against him, if she stands a chance of getting elected. No matter how much she agrees with him, she has to act like she is against him. For her to get elected President Obama has to act like He don't like it.

                          She has to continue his path!

                         I hope you read and, heed my warning because, I don't like being called Comrade.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Obama's Trade Deals"


                           Come on politicians you can't expect future retired President Obama to live just off his retirement. Making deals with other countries, just like his Brazil Oil deal, is financially good for his Highness.

                          Just like the Plutonium deal for the Clinton's, he has his payola or, is it "Pay To Play" deals. I may sound cynical but, I have watched almost every politician make his own sweet deals.

                         You might have noticed that, one of the promises that then Senator Obama made was to do away with the lobbyist.  He hasn't done that yet has he? 

                         I just finished watching an old video of the CSPAN coverage of a Democratic Congress going after the Apple Corporation on taxes. As I watched there was Rand Paul defending Apple.

                        It Makes you wonder if he was bought and, paid for by Apple.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Hilary VS Carly"


                     You know I don't know much about what Mrs. Fiorna's policies are or, evidently, how to spell her last name but, if it did come between the two women, my vote is for Carly. 

                    I really don't need to know that much. All I need to know is she is against the wicked witch of the north or, as I call her "The Female Obama" She is set to continue tearing apart the United States.

                   It's no secret that she is for the same things Barack Obama wants it's just she believes in a more sutle way of going about it.

                  I am not a Republican but, because I have no other choice. I'm sure the Republican fix is in. The Rhino's, who are in charge of the Republican party, will not allow a true conservative politician to win the nomination.

                 Newt Gingrich was crude and, abrupt but, he is a true conservative. Not afraid to speak his mind and, believes in the ideals of what this country was made on.

                 I backed Mr. Gingrich in his Presidential run, when he ran and, I'd back him now. The main reason is he is what a leader should be. A true leader measures his words wisely but, he is not afraid to make a decision against all odds.

                The thing that got Mr. Gingrich in trouble is his temper. You can't fly off the handle as he did.  That's the reason I'm supporting Sen. Ted Cruz for president his standing up against his fellow Republicans and, the Democrats even when under fire from everyone. 

                  He did this even when he had nothing to gain! People who have been in leadership positions know, you can't be afraid to make the wrong decisions.  A true leader knows he has to take the chance of an A&% wiping of making the wrong decision. It goes with the Job.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"The Fight Goes On!"


           I have to turn in my other computer for repair due to the socialist not liking what I have to say about them. Some might say that, that is paranoia but, I find it odd that I never had problems with my computers until I started this blog.

                          My dad read my blog and, said he's suprised i was'nt in jail. No matte r what happens, I will not stop letting people know the truth.

                          My Patriot DVD Inc. will continue. Patriot DVD does not use opinions of any news organization I record the actions and, words of the socialist themselves.

                          True evil can not stand the light of day. I'm going to expose them for what they are. I soon will have an address you can send a request to for the DVD collection.

                          I have the IRS Scandel
                                                Benghazi featuring Sec of State Hilary Clinton. 
                                                Obama bypassing Congress(Breaking his Oath Of 
                          And many, many more of both Hilary, Democratic Congressmen and, Obama lie's and, falsehoods.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Obama Declares War On Fox News"


         Obama this week blames Fox News for inflaming the racial divide and, for causing the hatred in the riots. He claims that because Fox News is broadcasting the truth about the failure of Democratic politicians, they are causing the riots.

                      Well this is just like them and, many other socialist governments. They create trouble and, to cover it up they control the news so no one knows it was them that caused the trouble.

                     Democratic rule is what caused the riots in Baltimore, the man dying in police custody was just the last straw. 

                     True evil can not stand the light of day. Keep up the good work Fox News! Keep up exposing Socialism for what it is, for as long as you can!

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Why Does Rich Hollywood Vote To Keep The Socialist In Power?"


                      Why? Well it could be as payback for the witch hunt during the Communist scare in which the "Hollywood Black List" was born. But, I think its more then that.

                      Socialist countries have always had a ruling class.  Obama's meeting with the Hollywood elite was more then a how do you do. Remember the no reporters allowed meeting.

                      Obama's ruling class (Hollywood).

                     Then again it could be they believe all the anti government anti-military movies they are in and, produce.  You notice how there are no more movies about space and, aliens trying to eat our brains.

                     Since their beloved leader turned NASA into a Muslim outreach program, they do not want everyone reminded of the once great pride of the United States.

                     Socialist have no feeling of guilt. The Ends Justify The Means.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"New DVD's From Patriot Video/New Game Show Of Sean Hannity"


   (My Posts must be hitting the spot they are Attacking My Computer)

New Patriot DVDs To Be Released!

                          Yeah can't have an election without letting the ignorant voting masses know what our little Democratic Socialist buddies are up to. Yes these will be catching up on what has happened since the last DVDs where released and, of course reminders of the past.

                        (Sorta like those golden oldies)

 New Sean Hannity Game Show (I Like It):

                       Sean Hannity plays a game show on the radio and, some of those people need to stay off her side, really. It only shows the intelligent level of the type of people who are voting for her.

                       However I have an answer to his show! He asks the caller to name three Hilary Clinton Distinct accomplishments that she has accomplished since she has been in any office? (I know bad grammar but, what can I say)

 Accomplishment #

               1. She quieted the United Nations by promising to end free speech in the United States.

         2. Since Benghazi she has placed, in every soldiers mind, doubt that they will receive help when they need it.

        3.She has many women voters, that do not know her agenda, thinking that she is their last hope in getting fair and, equal rights. (If they only knew.

            You see she and many other socialist out there believe that (The End Justifies The Means)

            In other words she can lie, steal and, cheat to achieve her goals. Because she achieved her goal, she was justified at the many crooked and, evil things she had to do to get there.


"Ted Cruz For President"

Monday, May 4, 2015

"Meanwhile Back At The Ranch"


                    I think of the Hilary Campaign, of her running for President like a soap opera, what crooked activity will they discover about the Clinton's next?

                   Lets see,  she wasn't home for the 3 am call from Benghazi, she promised, the United Nations, that she would personally insure that those evil people that make offensive comments about the Muslim religion will be hushed. 

                  Basically shutting down free speech on the Internet.

                   She and, hubby made a bundle De-frauding, low income land & home investors out of their money (White Water). (N0 Jail Time).

                   Of course Mrs. Clinton can not be held accountable for her husband causing the death of over a thousand Canadians, with Aids Tainted blood.

                  She champions the women's equal rights cause, saying "Isn't it time you put a women in the White House?"

                 All along making deals with and, accepting donations from those very same arrogant assholes in the middle east that deny women justice of equality in their lands.

                Do not be a UN- informed voter first find out if what I say is true before you vote for Obama, I mean for Hilary.  Ask yourself do you know what Shea-Rea Law says about women's rights.

                What country enforces this law and, then find out what countries Mrs Clinton is and, has taken donations from.  Yeah I know what does it matter? Well, it might have something to do with what she promised the U.N.

                Or maybe she promised them something more, do you know what? Did you know about the following?

                Like I said, meanwhile back at the ranch, a new book has came out which reveals information about influence peddling. The setting up of the Russia, to buy the United State's controlling interest in Plutonium.

               Thus making the (EX) Soviet Union, Russia, the largest controller of the world's Plutonium stock piles.  Still,  in the past,  there would be no delay in criminal charges being brought up against them but, not an investigation one,  has begun in Obama world.

              I have had friends that have said, "I don't care what her policies are, I'm gonna vote for her merely because she's a woman". This is what Mrs. Clinton is counting on.

              Isn't this how we got Obama?  Remember it was Hilary Care before it was Obama Care!

"Ted Cruz for President"