Friday, February 27, 2015

"No Coming Back!"


                         Look at Russia how are they doing, coming out of control of the Socialist?  There are no countries in existence that have ever come back from socialist control to freedom!

                        So go ahead and, believe the socialist lies that, government knows best for you. If you change your mind no one will know about it.

                        Just like you believed in the lies of Obama, believe in the lies of the socialist. You can't go back!

"Ted Cruz for President!"


"The British Gave Up Too Soon As Far As The Socialist See It!"


                           Will, the Republican party give into the Socialist parties propaganda push and, delay in Congress, to the illegal move of this president's amnesty agenda.

                           You see the socialist want you to believe that the Republican party is a party that stalls legislation. They also want you to believe that because the amnesty is in the funding bill for Homeland Security, that the Republican party wants you to be UN-guarded.

                           This is a president that wont stop at anything to get his agenda through. That is including placing your lives at risk to do so!

                           Because of my warning and, anti-government control to you and, Obama having control over what I say in the future, this blog is due to be shut down at any time.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Another Freedom Falls!"


                              Well, Obama has finally done it. He has followed the Soviet Unions example and, took one more step towards total control of free speech.

                              I don't remember when it happened because, I was not alive when it happened but, I had to read about it while being read into the 11th Armored Cavalry's mission with the East/West German border.

                              During the time of the "Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic" (U.S.S.R.), control of, what use to be called, East Germany, I was on the border.

                              In the in briefing you are required to read the the history of the Soviet Union. Now, what it said was so outrageous it was hard to believe. Until you talk to someone who has lived through it.

                             Your nights are filled, with the sound of, either rabbits or, people being blown up with the land mines spread by the East German's/Soviets.

                             Now you would know this if the Socialist's (Progressives) had not removed it from your text books and, schools. You see this control of information is not new to history.

                            Have you noticed there are no negative movies on TV about the old Soviet Union? Anything negative about Obama or his plans will not be found on any TV news channel except Fox News.

                           No negative news will appear on any newspapers with name with Times in its title. Most other newspapers will not speak against Obama either. 

                          They tried taking control of talk radio with the FAIR doctrine and, Congress stopped it. The Obama has placed news monitors in all the major TV news organizations, to include Fox news.

                          Now, he(Obama) has mandated his Federal Communication Commission to take control over the Internet.

                          So lets see Information TV: Limited, Newspapers: Limited, Telephone: Limited, Radio: Limited, and, now he wants to honor Hilary Clinton's word to the United Nations, by controlling the Internet.

                         He has publicly stated his main goal is to stop lies on the Internet.  That is his conception of what is the truth.

                        Let's all guess of how many of us blogger's can count on the freedom to express  the truth about the Islamic Extremist threat or about our government taking away our rights.

                       When will you learn that this country is not too big for it to happen here. If you do not hear about it, it did not happen. He can take away your religious rights, right to bear arms to openly speak about the increased terrorist activity.

                      He who controls the news, controls the country, That's how Hitler, Stalin and, Lenin did it. This is how Barack Obama is doing it!

"Ted Cruz for President"


Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Sound Choice And, Chartbuster Karaoke"


                         If you don't know by now I am a disabled Vet. I live on a fixed income. When I finally received my Social Security, I received some back pay. It was a considerable amount. 

                        Majority of it I used to build myself half of a home. $5,000.00 I used to purchase Karaoke equipment, to supplement my income as I can not work a normal job,due to my disability.

                       Well, when you know people in the business you find out things and, you know the official numbers to call to confirm what is said.  As man has perverted many good things, man perverted this.

                      There were many people stealing these copy righted CD G's (Compact Discs with Graphics) in other words copying the discs. There were even big companies, that had not paid for the rights to sell the songs. 

                     Well, the music industry not knowing whither or, not these major companies such as Chartbuster and, Sound Choice, to name a few, whither or not they were selling more copies of the songs they claim to have.

                     These recording companies took these companies to court. The karaoke companies would win the cases but, it was costing a lot of money.

                     To make a long story short Chartbuster and, Sound Choice karaoke went out of business because of this.  With no notice they left a lot of us holding the bag. Without the music we could not hope to earn our money back.

                     We don't blame these companies but, we would have at least liked to have had a little notice. Now we are stuck with the most expensive home karaoke equipment system around.


"If It Quacks Like A Duck, Walks Like A Duck and, Looks Like A Duck, Then I Think It Must Be A Duck!"


                         You know what most people don't know about MUSLIM Extremists is their terrorism is only part of their plan to change the world to their perverted Islamic beliefs. Many of their actions have been taken to bring down their enemies financially.

                         Now who do we know that is taking actions to bring down the financial ability of the United States? He has Quadrupled the National Debt, has doubled the UN-employment.

                        He has taken actions to allow more illegal immigrants to work in the United States, taking jobs away from a nation that is already suffering from job loss.

                       He has not secured our northern and, southern borders in the face of a certain Isis enemy thus allowing infiltrators to easily cross into our country and, allowing them to set up and prepare to strike.

                      Anyone want take bets on whither they are here our not?

                      He has negotiated with the Iranians on their nuclear threat without the approval of Congress. He has given our top tanks, the A-1 Abrams and, F-16 fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

                     He has given guided tours to Muslims, who are on the terrorist watch list, through the White House. In the middle east he gave a speech and, right after that the Islamic uprising began.

                    He has eased standards and, restrictions against terrorist countries in travelling to the United States. He has directed a certain University to remove its restrictions on Iranian students taking subjects that would advance their nuclear weapons program.

                    Our most favored Allie, Israel does not trust us any more. He has returned the top 5 leaders of Al-Quida to the battlefield.

                    Now to top it all off he tries to justify the murders of the Christians and, the Jordanian pilot by pointing out the misdeeds of Christians, who perverted the Christian faith in the past.

                   I'm sorry President Obama you can not use the perversions of past Christians to justify the perversions of the Islamic faith of today. The murder of the innocents of the past was wrong just as it is wrong today.

                  He has also weakened our military to before World War II strength, thus making us possibly too weak to defend ourselves from an organized Isis attack, Lord help us when the one that is coming should happen.

                  How much evidence do we need to have, before we finally come to the conclusion that the U.S. and, Non U.S. citizens have elected a Muslim extremist into the White House?

                  "Two wrongs do not make a right!"

"Ted Cruz For President"