Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Domestic Terrorists?"


                       You know, hearing about my federal government capturing terrorists in my country would give me a case of the warm and, fuzzies.

                       But, it wasn't too long ago  that, that same government called me and, many other veterans "Future Domestic Terrorists"

                      Now you have in the news that this same federal government is catching U.S. citizens joining up with I.S.S.  It gets a person wondering!

                     If this government can do what it did to the Tea Party using the IRS, FBI and, ATF, then what is to keep them from using this terrorist scare, as a vehicle,  to get rid of a couple hundred veterans?

                   It gets a body wondering or, is this just my being paranoid.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"What Is Going On In This World?"


                        I don't understand it!  It's getting so a mother can't send her son out to knock off a convenient store without getting shot by the police.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Where I Get My News"


                        I do not get my news from Pravda! So that you'll understand that I do not pay attention to the propaganda that news organizations put out.

                       You see some people believe whatever they see on TV. These news and, Broadcast networks know this.

                      I do not watch the following, because I know what ever they broadcast is only one sided bent towards supporting the President and, Socialism.

                     I don't watch: CNN,  HLN,  MSNBC, ABC, NBC or, ABC news.

                     I do watch and, get my news from the Fox News Channel, CSPAN1 and, CSPAN2. I also listen to talk radio Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and, Mark Levin. Sometimes Glenn Beck.

                   I also watch Blaze TV!

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Monica's Boyfriend's Wife"


                      So she is running for President. I can not believe she is honestly running for office. Before you vote for this person, you should ask yourself a couple of questions.

1.  Do you like Obama Care? If you don't, when you vote for Mrs. Clinton you will keep it. After all Obama Care was Hillary Care before it was Obama Care. 

       If you remember one of the arguments, that then Senator Barack Obama raised against Mrs. Clinton, was.  She mandated Health care. After he won the election she supported him, he and, his minions past Obama Care and, Mrs. Clinton was appointed as his Secretary of State.  I say this was done for her bid for the Presidency in 2016.

2. In her bid for President in 2008 she had a advertisement that asked "Will there be someone there to answer the phone, in an emergency, at three am in the Morning?"

 Question: Where was Mrs. Clinton at, when Ambassador Stevens called for her help In Benghazi?  Her Question "What difference does it make?"

3. This person used her private E-Mail account for her government job as Secretary of State. To be fair the rules against using private e-mail accounts in performance of your government job changed in the middle of her job.

However, the fact that she continued using her private account after the rule took effect is suspicious. Her excuse that she did not want to use two separate phones does not really hold water.

I am not that high tech and, even I know you can use one device for two e-mail addresses. So question: Do you really want a President that does not understand this?

She has erased her servers of her private e-mail account! Suspicious.

4. She promised the United Nations Security Council, after the Benghazi attack that, she and, the United States would close down free speech on the Internet, if it contained anything negative against Islam. 

5. Last but, not least are you really going to vote for this woman just so a woman can sit in the White House?

Many people voted for Barack Obama just to see a black man in the White House.

Understand this if you allow yourself to be buffaloed into voting for her or, an establishment Republican you will insure the direction to a dictatorship with Socialism as the guideline.

Some of us old folks have witnessed this in other countries. It's this way the U.S.S.R. fell and, tried to go to a United States type of government they have not yet been successful. To much greed.(Crooks)  There's no turning back.

Side note: Hillary operatives have put it out that the following words and, Phrases are not to be used when describing Mrs. Clinton. 

Polarizing, Calculating, Inevitable, entitled, Over Confident, Secretive,  Out of Touch and, "The Little General"

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Good Old Boy Network"


                          What I'm about to write may cause me computer problems but, it has to be said.  I say this because, the last time I wrote about an entity as powerful as this I had to turn my computer in to have several viruses an, a Trojan removed.

                          I'm sure I'll be attacked. So enough of that. The name and group known as the good old boys started out as a good thing. Back in the 50's and, 60's, mostly out west, there were hard times, to say the least.

                        Many people were really bad off and, probably would have died if it weren't for others. Hence the phrase good old boys. If you needed some help a friend might say ask such and, such he's a Good Old boy.

                       You see just like the Democratic Party the idea started out as something good. But, leave it to man to pervert something good.  I say it has been perverted because, I fought the good old boys in the military.

                       Like any large corporation they have rules but, there are the UN-written rules. (The Grey Areas) That's where the good old boys step in. You see they bend the rules to fit their needs.

                      I have had many a late night, UN-witnessed, meetings with a top member of the good old boys. These meetings usually ended with a warning either you fall in line and, do what we say or, you and, your family will suffer.

                     Now, It really didn't bother me for them to threaten me, I've been threatened before. You just have to be extra careful and, be prepared for them to come at you. But, when they threatened my family that was another thing.

                    I've watched the good old boys steal, lie and, even cause the death of people just for the sake of their ideals and, protection of fellow good old boys. If you are in a powerful position you have to play along and, lie and, steal for their sake.

                   A good majority of them are highly prejudice. I say this only because I'm not and, don't like those who are. I have witnessed many of my friends fall by the wayside because they had, what the good old boys considered, the wrong color of skin.

                  This is why in the past I have placed my backing behind Gov. Sarah Palin for President. She went up against the good old boys and, shockingly made it out alive.

                  I say shockingly but, it's not really that big a shock she was high profile. If she was a nobody that no one would miss she would be gone. Do I sound like a conspiracy nut? It comes from being to long at the top.

                 I have a problem I have landed right in the middle of the good old boys and, have a brother that defends them every step of the way.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Sunday, April 12, 2015

"The Hilary Announcement"


                        It is said that Hilary Clinton plans on announcing her plans to run for President on the Internet. It is also said, that she is doing this to make her look more Tech. Savvy for collage level voters.

                       OK, lets see a show of hands that think Hilary Clinton is Tech savvy after her stating that she can not use one cell phone to talk to two different E-mail addresses!

                      Cause everybody knows you have to have two separate phones to do that.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Friday, April 10, 2015

"The 2016 Elected President?" (Candidate)


                         Let's see we got Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and, Rand Paul.  Now of course there's the side that believes in a Dictatorship. Hilary Clinton,  Elizabeth Warren and, Who?

                       I don't know about you but, I'm voting for freedom!  Lets look at each one so far, 

                      We have Rand Paul that is, I feel a modified Barack Obama, in his foreign policy. Plus his, let Iran have a bomb thoughts of his father, Ron Paul. His, you'll speak nice about a Libertarian  candidate or, I will kill you followers of his fathers.

                    The question is do you trust Rand Paul enough to believe he is not just saying this to get elected?

                     Now, do we need that kind of President, when we have a President that has the Main stream Media in his back pocket. A media that will go after anyone that criticizes the president.

                   There's Maraco Rubio which we have learned from his speech in Florida that depends on your Spanish to English interpretation whither he means,  he is for Amnesty for the 30 million illegal immigrants that broke the law getting into this country or not.

                 Then there is Ted Cruz which I am voting for, why?  Well,  I am an old soldier who, has went up against the Establishment (Good Ole Boy Network). 

                Those of us that has bucked the lies, prejudice and, deception that they practice know that this may be our last chance at gaining what we lost with Obama and, bringing us back from destruction.

               Now Scott Walker  I like but, I just feel, he may like poking a stick at the liberal Republican's  but, he will submit to the good old boys.

               I want a fighter. Scott Walker fought for his state but, Ted Cruz stood up before the world in Washington and,  fought for my right, not to be branded a terrorist and, killed by a drone.

                One question, do you think Ted Cruz would  have read "Green Eggs and, Ham" to Congress in a filibuster to make the Obama administration state they will no longer kill American citizens with drones, if he was going to turn tail and, run.

               We have a chicken Sh_t Republican Party! We need somebody that is not afraid of them and, who is brave enough to do what needs to be done. If there is one thing a Rebel knows, that is the signs of another rebel.

              We need a rebel like Ted Cruz in the White House!

"Ted Cruz for President"


Monday, April 6, 2015

"Lets Negotiate With The Iran Terrorist"


                               Wow, now a new African country is getting involved in the battle against Iran. Nairobi a country you never hear about being violent in any form. Didn't even know Nairobi had an Air Force but, now I do.

                               They are fighting the military backed forces of Iran. You know the one country our president is set to lift financial sanctions on soon. This is done so Iran can become stronger militarily.

                                President Obama is going to lift sanctions on Iran, for signing a agreement that does not mean a thing. He does this so he can say he got a peace treaty with Iran.

                               His future being the head of the United Nations depends on it! We, the supposedly leader of the free world, is now the author of death and, the sick in the Continent of Africa.

                               Hows that for the peace love dove crowd? Many in Hollywood set in front of a camera asking us to give money to help those who are dying in Africa but, the one they put in office is set to add gasoline to the fire to kill those vary same people!

                               Yes, Mr. President lets lift those sanctions so Iran can kill more of the innocent! That's what I call leading from behind.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Did They Say Rand Paul Or Ron Paul Running For President?"


                          Rand Paul is going to announce his candidacy for president this week. Rand Paul in the last election said he was for non-interference with other countries. He is big on Isolationism.

                            However, when his father Ron Paul was running for the same office, he stated Iran should have a Nuclear Weapon and,  is such a small country we should not worry about them.

                             Is Rand Paul supported by the same people that his father was? Remember when Ron Paul was suppose to appear on the Glenn Beck TV program, when Mr. Beck was on CNN, and, at the last minute, then Sen. Paul cancelled. Glenn Beck was highly critical, on TV, about that.

                              The followers of Ron Paul then called and threatened bodily harm to Mr. Beck and, his wife and,  children. Is that the kind of President you want?   I say no!  The intelligent people of this world know that what effects people around the world effects The United States.

                               Isolating ourselves from other countries will only help those who wish to destroy the U.S. . This will also damage our reputation as an Allie, that others can count on in time of need.

                               The forces of Obama have diminished our military down to the point where we could not hope to survive a stand alone conflict. Plus with Obama refusing to meet with the NATO commander has made it even tougher.

                                I say this is the worse time to elect a isolationist president!

"Ted Cruz for President"


Thursday, April 2, 2015

"The Spirit Of America"


                          How did The United States defeat Japan and, Germany at the same time.

                         It's simple the people of the United States believed in each other and, the belief in God was stronger. This allowed America to be able to dig down deep.

                        Barack Obama and, the left wing Democrats know this. This is why they know that they must deteriorate the belief in God and, in each other to defeat this country.

                       Believe this or, not, this is the change Barack Obama was talking about when he ran for President.

                      Divide the people with race and, remove their beliefs in God and, they will be easier to defeat and, be susceptible to a outside attack.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Freedom of Will"


                         Lets talk religion. In life you either believe or, you don't believe. From the outside of a religious belief you see those who believe in a all powerful God, whom has no limitation in power, the same as those who believe in Unicorns.

                        To those who do not believe say, "Well why don't you believe in unicorns while your at it, you can't see them either?" The answer is, the God that those of us believe in wants you to believe  in him.

                        If he gives you evidence you will know, not belief. I know how convenient. 

                        The one thing that bothers us now, those who believe is, the slow loss of our rights. We have watched, through the years, the dwindling of our moral guidance laws and, rules.

                       In 18 states, they have religious rights laws. This is to insure those who believe have the right to practice their beliefs. This is also to not allow those who do not believe, the ability to push their beliefs on others.

                       There are aithious activist. These people will stop at nothing to degrade or, shake up those who believe.

                       I am a believer and, when I heard the propaganda surrounding the freedom of religion act in Indiana then later Arkansas it made me mad. I wanted to stand up and, protest at the nearest Wal-Mart.

                      God decided to temper my anger so, he sent me a message by way of a friend. You see there are those of us, that the left wants you to believe are bigots, who have friends, who are considered people of color.

                      I am an honest person and, my friends I believe would not be my friends if I could not talk to them. I told him and, him knowing me to be just, explained that he believes that this is not about freedom of religion.

                     This is about, giving those who are bigots a vehicle of hate towards those who do not believe in a heterosexual relationship. I agree this would be a perfect vehicle to push their hate.

                    So whats the answer? Allow the left wing athious one more move to eliminating religion in the world, by using a small amount of bigots against us.

                   I say no! You can call everyone who stands up for morals and, religious values bigots if you want but, for this kid, I know there are bigots in the left and the right wing.

                  Step on my rights you will be sued. It is wrong for those who believe in God to try to force their beliefs on you but, it is equally wrong for those who do not to force their rights on others.

                 Note: To the government of the United States, it is your fault that this is happening. When you granted the authority to government officials to perform marriages you crossed the line between Separation of Church and, State. 

                You further crossed the line when you treated those who are married a break in taxes. 


"Ted Cruz for President"