Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Dish Network Versus Fox News"


                               I don't know about anyone else but, I get my news from Fox News and, CSPAN. These other news broadcast stations, if that is what you want to call them, I wouldn't trust them with the truth, if they told me the moon was turning blue and, I was watching it with my own eyes!

                             I have seen the propaganda news from communist nations and, this is exactly what they look like. No reporting anything bad about the person in power and, no news of problems from other nations.

                            I didn't like my news being taken away by my service provider! That's why I was against this digital deal where you can not receive your information through the air ways.

                          No one can control the air. This Miss-information that dish was broadcasting, that Fox News removed the channel your viewing was BS too.

                         I contacted Dish network to let them know of my dis-satisfaction. I told them that they were in fact in violation of their service contract with me. I told them that if I don't pay you the agreed amount that, we agreed upon you get upset right? Well, you agreed to provide me with a service which included Fox News.

                       Their reply was that, they do not recognize the agreement between their customers and them as a contract. I wonder would they think a judge would recognize the agreement as a contract?

                       I take getting the services and, property I pay for seriously. I know if I do not only do I feel better about it then others will reap the rewards do to my due diligence.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Third Party Delema?"


                  In the past, the argument against having a third party was, if you have a third party you will split the Republican Party ticket, thus giving over the election to the Democratic party.

                          But, what happens if there isn't any difference between the two parties?  In other words no matter which party you vote for, the end results is you get a socialistic dictator type of government.

                         With the re-election of John Beohner and, his support of Obama's illegal activities with the illegal immigration amnesty.  This and, the Republican Congressmen not listening to the millions of phone calls they received in opposition to the Speaker being re-elected.

                        Tells me and, many others that there is no difference between the two parties. 

                        This has pissed many of us off to the point, where, I have the equipment to do so and, I have the time to set up a stage with my sound equipment, I am promoting a third party.

                      The "Conservative Party"

                      Evidently the Tea Party is hiding, after the IRS assault. I've tried to contact the Tulsa chapter of the Tea Party with no results. So I'm starting my own.

                    I am a United States citizen and am declaring war on the lies and deception of the socialist. My weapons are not guns or any kind of explosive devices. My weapons will be the truth and, evidence that they themselves supplied.

                   See you on the battle ground!!!!


"Second Amendment Goodbye?"


                               Recently Barack Obama signed one of his executive orders to give power and, authority to his Attorney General, to remove the second amendment rights, of those who the attorney General deems too dangerous to own a gun.

                             Question is, if you disagree with Barack Obama will you be deemed to dangerous to own a gun?


"Ted Cruz for President"

Questions Out Of Bounds!

                          Recently a friend of mine, had a question put to her child. The question was not that it was disturbing as the content of the answer but, as to why.

                         Her child was asked what religion her family was? The question was asked by her school! Someone please tell me why would a school ask this and, have a need to know?

                        If you are religious, you are not ashamed of being so, in fact most of the time you openly voice your beliefs to others. But, why would a school need to know this? This is completely out of line.

                       So I ask you, you who are reading this, if you have a child, of school age, then is he or she being asked this question and if so why?  It could only be for religious persecution.

                      Parents I beg you, when you or your child is asked this question, refuse to answer. In fact if I were you I would say its none of their business and, if they want to know the answer to that question tell them to contact your lawyer.

                     Do not allow the government to intrude  into your privacy as this so obviously does.

"Ted Cruz for President"