Friday, August 28, 2015

"The Game of Spades"


                     In the card game of spades, spades is trumps. If a person plays hearts, diamonds or, clubs if a spade is played no matter what the size, it rules. 

                    In the game, a player can't play spades right off unless they don't have the suet that's played.

                   The way you win is win you bid on your hand. You bid on the amount of tricks or plays you can win. There is a maximum of thirteen.

                  How you bid depends on how many spades and, how many of the other type of cards you have. It's a game of strategy. You play the game with a partner and, he or she works with you to gain the bid.

                 We have a candidate that's running on promises that he wants to do good things. Bring this country back to it's glory days. Well, his name just happens to be Trump.

                 As in the game of Spades you can not win the game with just one spade or, just one trump. We can go ahead and, just elect one trump and, hope to win the game or, we can elect to get more trumps in our hands.

                We elected a Congress, that is, a House of Representatives and, a Senate that we thought was gonna do us good. We thought they were courageous enough to go up against the crooks in Washington.

               But, we were wrong, so what you gonna do about it? I think it's not enough to elect a President with good intentions. I say we need to throw out all those who refuse to serve.

              With the exception of a few that have shown their fight, I say get rid of them all. Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio and, Rand Paul are the only ones I see that are worth a damn.

              How about give the Trump a hand!  Lets launch operation               "Clean Sweep" sweep clean the Congress of all those fat cats and, lazy Senators and, Representatives that are either to afraid or, comfortable in their jobs.

              Lets get rid of them. Excuses are like what, everybody's got one. All of them can use an excuse as to why they didn't get the job done. 

             Did those Senators and, congressmen that did fight and, raise a stink, did they use an excuse?

            "Operation Clean Sweep"

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Needful Things"


                          Come right on in, he says with a smile on his face. I do believe I have what you need. No matter what you need, I have it!

                          If you have anger about the politicians who lied to you, I have something for you. All you have to do is a little favor for me.

                         If your angry because you have no job, I have something for you. All you have to do is, do a little favor for me.

                         If you are angry because Congress are cowards come on in, I have something for you. All you have to do is, do me a little favor.

                        Doe's this sound familiar, it should if you have seen the movie or, read the book by Steven King its the same.

                        Now, I do like Mr. Donald Trump's ideas but, the person of Donald Trump I do not like.  Someone that can look with a straight face, as if there is nothing wrong with buying and, selling politicians.

                        The smile on his face when he heard about the 1,100 people who lost their jobs because of one of his casino/hotels going bank rupt. How happy it made him that, it may have hurt others but, it didn't hurt me type of attitude.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"Lois Lerner VS Hilary Clinton"


                       Lois Lerner was the head of the Internal Revenue Service, so she used government Internet servers. 

                       Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State so she decided to hide what she did on a private server.

                       Both servers were erased. Supposedly the F.B.I. was able to pull some information off Hilary's server but, with Lois Lerner's server nothing can be done.

                      Hilary's server supposedly had Secret and, Top Secret E-mails on it. The Lois Lerner server has not even been touched.


(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Trail of Tears?"


                           I use the title Trail of Tears because there are going to be hardships, in Donald Trumps plan to deport 33 million illegal immigrants.

                          What needs to be looked at is, what is going to be the reactions of the illegals, that are in the country, that are going to be deported. "For every action there is reaction"

                          What are they going to do? Will they retaliate?  This is a question that had to be asked. I am a firm believer in his plan but, there needs to be a plan to take action in case this happens.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Band Wagon"


                         You might think I'm jumping on the band wagon of the Obama haters. Some might think that I had something to do with the design of that wagon.

                         I really don't think that's fair! I liked Barack Obama, before he became President and, screwed this country up.

                        Today in Virginia, a news reporter and, cameramen was shot down live on TV while conducting interviews on tourism. This news just broke and, very little is known about the person who did the shooting.

                        The person is still on the loose!

                        I can hear it now "Awhhh come on now, your not gonna blame this on Obama too? No, I don't think Barack Obama pulled the trigger.

                       I have noticed a lot more murders in the news since he came to power. So could he be the catalyst causing the anger that's fueling these murders? There must be a reason!

                      Could the Presidents low moral standards be effecting the moral standards of the countries people.

                      After all,  President Barack Obama has no regard for the countries laws so far. So is the Presidents lawlessness symptomatic of the lawlessness that is on the increase in today's world?

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Monday, August 24, 2015

"Pride Goes Before A Fall"


                       You know many words through out history have been written about countries that have fallen due to their foolish pride. But, like all things mankind likes, they are good as long as you don't over do it.

                      Once mankind gets a taste of power he seems to not be able to stop. He has a problem, once he has the power,  he has a problem of not seeing or, caring about what happens to the other guy.

                      I saw, like most did, that power thirsty look in Donald Trump at the debates. The look on his face, that showed no regrets when he heard that one of the companies that suffered, when he filed bank ruptsy.

                      It seemed to not effect him one way or,  another whither 1,100 people lost their jobs because of the miss management of his finances.

                     He took pride in the way he himself didn't suffer, when others did. If given power, to do so, would he use that power to gain for the United States at the hardship of others?

                     I realize that, its the common thing to do, in today's modern days lack of morals but, should we put a man like him in that position?

                    Donald Trump is a very greedy man and, will use that greed to place others at the mercy of the United States.  If forced to, I will not do what Mr. Trump refuses to do.

                    If forced to,  I will vote for him rather then have my country converted to a socialist dictatorial one!  I've seen to many people in to many countries at the mercy of  socialist Dictatorial Richard heads.

                   You say you like a non-politician because they are not the ones that did not keep their words when they were elected.

                   But, the one that has stayed true to his word and,  fought against the ones that didn't,  in his own party and, when it was not beneficial for him to do so, you ignore.

                  Christian conservatives I say calm your tempers and, vote for someone who has at least mentioned God in his expressions! Vote for Ted Cruz!

                  My idea of a dream ticket is: Ted Cruz as President with Carly Fiorina as VP or,  Carly Fiorina as President with Ted Cruz as VP.

                 These two would make a great combination, in other words they compliment each other WORKING TOGETHER!

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Saturday, August 22, 2015

"An Ounce Of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"


                         Hey I got an idea, if we're going to change things for the better, why don't we do something we don't normally do? I'm speaking of breaking the economic change of events.

                        Lets take what normally happens first, the cost of products and, services go up, so because of those go up, those who buy the services and, products have to have a pay increase to purchase them.

                      So those who buy them need to earn more to buy them. They get a pay increase causing the companies they work for to have to increase the cost of the services and, products they produce.

                    It's a vicious circle!

                     How about lets take actions to bring the prices down instead of the ever increasing raise.

                    How about these politicians earn their pay. Instead of throwing money at the problem, how about they get off their Rectal areas and, investigate as to why products and, services cost so much.

                   Then take action to reduce the cost thus lowering the requirement of the purchaser to make more money.

                  Take the cost of diesel and, transportation. Most all products are transported by either train or, truck, which use diesel.

                 If the government where to make a deal with the trucking and, train industry to lower the cost of delivery and, services in direct proportionate to the lower fuel costs.

                Then the cost of the market would go down. Then the producers and, manufactures would lower their prices.

                All of these must agree to lowering their prices before the government steps in to subsidize the price of diesel.

                  This could be done with reasons why the high costs of medications. Why do doctors need to be paid so much?

                  There are many costs that could be lowered if these politicians would just investigate as to why!

                  Just an Idea.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Thursday, August 20, 2015

"The Punishment for Secret & Top Secret Compromise's" (For those who aren't above the Law)


                   Recently it was asked by a Fox News host, "What is the punishment for divulging Top Secret and, Secret information?"

                  For those who are above the law, who knows. For those of the chosen few who are given the rare trust and, privilege (Sarcasm) of holding a secret or, top secret clearance it is the following.

                First and,  for most you have to meet the requirement of "A Need To Know" Without this a clearance means nothing. Need to know is everything in the intelligence community. 

               If the position requires it, you will then be granted a security clearance. A back ground check will be conducted through the FBI. Then you are pulled in and, briefed.

              In this briefing, you are instructed to read at least three pages the last will have a signature block for you to sign in an acknowledgement of your understanding what you have read.

             What you read is also told to you by the one conducting the briefing.
The statement is as follows; 

 "If you at anytime from this time forward, in the performance of your duties, divulge either by accident or, on purpose, any information that you are privileged to,  due to this clearance, you are subject to 20 years imprisonment and, or, a $5,000.00 fine or,  greater"

               Every level of clearance you are briefed like this (From Secret to Top Secret) and, you have to sign this. Also when transferred to a different job.

              Now that's, the punishment for those regular people who have a security breach,  just like the one Mrs. Clinton has done.

             Will this happen to her? Will her power and, money keep her out of prison? Who knows?  All I know is, normally the FBI is like a pit bull who won't let go till you stop wiggling.

              "Is it true, is she above the law?" Stay tuned!

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"North Korea VS South Korea"


                     When I was stationed in Korea, it was around Christmas time, One of the things you learn while your there is, only the Warsaw Pact and, NATO countries have ever signed a peace agreement.

                      This was done to cease military actions, to end the war. North and, South Korea have never signed a cease fire. The two countries are always firing across the border at each other.

                     North Korea has large amounts of infiltrators constantly crossing the border to conduct counter espionage.

                     This is the reason why ever since the end of the so called police action(Korean War) service members receive hazardous duty pay and, because of their time spent in  S. Korea, they are accepted into the Veterans Of Foreign War Organization. (VFW)

                    It was told to me that we are there to keep the South (Our side) from attacking the North.

                   Recently it was brought up on the news, of how the South Koreans are playing negative connotations across the border at the North.

                  I comment on this because, while I was there it was Christmas time and, my first time up on the "Z" (DMZ)* the North Koreans had placed big cone, loud speakers set up at their observation posts.

                 They were playing Christmas music on them. I remember thinking isn't  that nice of them. I thought this until the music stopped. As we were driving to the trouble spot, someone started talking.

                 They started talking about me, they knew my name they said my wife was at home cheating on me and, my kids hated me. Now I was just a know nothing Buck Sargent, just been in the country two weeks. Why?

                 This really freaked me out because, I didn't know how they got this information. I went to my Company commander and, he said that's part of their tactics.

                   Someone probably threw paperwork away that a N. Korean spy picked up. So this news of the Korean Peninsula trouble is no surprise. 

(*) "Z" (DMZ): Demilitarized Zone.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Obama VS Hilary?"


                       Now you and, I both know that if President Barack Obama wanted to protect Sen. Hilary Clinton from this E-mail investigation he could. He protected his friend Eric Holder.

                      How has the E-mails of Lois Lerner performed a disappearing act and, stayed gone but, Hilary Clinton's E-mails are front and, center?

                      The way I feel, President Obama is protecting the person that did his dirty work, in the IRS but, because of his ill feelings towards the Clinton's, he is going after her.

                      Advice to Hilary; leave the country while you can! Don't get me wrong I think all crooks including Hilary should pay for breaking the law but, if she plans on staying out of prison she needs to act.

                      In my life in the military and, my mingling with the higher ups, I have had plenty of my share of private one on one talks with the good old boys.
                     Warning me to play ball and, lie or, I will suffer the consequences. When the government wants you there is nothing you can do to stop them.

                     Conspiracy theory Nut right?

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"Article V of The U. S. Constitution" (You can't just leave it up to them)


                     We can elect the right stuff all we want but, unless we want the same results we need to do more then just hire someone to do the job.

                     There are loopholes in our constitution! This is how the socialist have done to this country what they have done.

                     The Constitution was designed for Honorable men and, women. This government is designed with the honor system.  So when you take away the morals of the people in our government, you must re-evaluate the rules.

                    The rules being the Constitution of the United States. 

                     It takes at least 39 states to petition the federal government for a constitutional convention.

                     So what can you as a single individual do to cure our government of  crooks. 

                     You can contact your State and, Federal Representatives and, Senators and, request they petition the Federal government to conduct a Constitutional Convention, to include the Governors of all 50 states.

                     The convention should be conducted after the 2016 election. I would also include in the request, to assure the public of it's legality, be broadcast on CSPAN. And CSPAN you can not list it as "Book Club" or, "This Week In Washington".

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"Anything Worth Saying Is Worth Saying Again!"


              (Someone once told me this and, I agree)

                   The reason I'm using the larger then normal fonts is so that the Republican party can understand my meaning.

                   We the people of "The United States" of the majority (Conservative party) elected a Republican House of Representatives.

                   To stop the socialist onslaught in changing our country. The Republicans didn't get the message.

                  We then elected a Republican majority Senate. The Republicans didn't get the message.

                  To quote a line in the movie "Patton"  "Do the job we hired you to do or, we will fire you and, get someone who will!

We the Christian Conservatives are tired of watching our Moral values disappear!

                  We have a government that uses it's authority and, government departments to harass and, intimidate all who do not agree with it.

(IRS harassment of churches and, non-profit organizations)

                 Recently the liberal appointed Supreme court judges has promoted the practice of Sodomy.

                 There is a law against Adultery yet there are TV shows promoting this. The federal and, local governments turn a blind eye to this.

                 The government rewards law breakers while it punishes law abiding citizens.

                 It avoids honoring it's oath of office in the protection of this country.

                The proof is in the ISSI threat to this country yet our southern border is still open. 

                Our President has lowered our armed forces the lowest it's been since World War Two.

                Attention: Republicans, you candidates that think we are going to elect you because we think Washington is broken.

           So you think we want you to go along with the Socialist to get along with them.

          We do not want you to go along to get along.

          I say vote all Republicans and, Democrats out! Fire them all!

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Big Decision!"


                       Of course you know the decision I'm talking about. It's such a big question. Whether to get a Xbox-1, Play Station 4 or, a WII. This is the type of question that some people out there are puzzled about.

                      A twelve year old little girl in Iraq has a different kind of questions running around in her mind, if her mind is still running at all.

                     One question is probably which one of the adult men will hurt her next? It might be,  that wish of death so that she will not have to be raped anymore.

                     She might be thinking, the great power in the west will come and, stop this!  Oh foolish girl have you forgot who is in charge of that great power in the west?

                    The Coward and, Chief is in charge. With him and, many in his party are contributing to your abuse. How are they contributing you say? 

                    Every time the left/socialist, justify your treatment through the non-reporting of this in the news and, the comparison of the Muslim Extremist to the Christian wrongful acts of the past, they contribute.

                   Every time they turn a blind eye to the mistreatment of women in the middle east. Women in the middle east do not have rights for they are pieces of property, owned by the superior man.

                  These men and, their arrogance have the cave man mentality. Women will obey me and, men you better fear me because I'm better then you.

                  Reference; Code Pink's presence on the floating armada set out to break the blockade of Israeli government.

                  Saudi Arabia one of many women's rights violators, donated to the lead Democratic candidates campaign (Hilary Clinton). But, she campaigns that she is women's last hope.

                  Oh, by the way if I did spend time and, thought of which gaming console to buy, I would choose none! 

                 As long as these companies require you to go on line to play these games, I will not. Money, Money, Money! That's what it's about. 

                  My message to you who wish to escape into the game world, maybe just maybe if you take your head out of the game and, played the real game of life.

                 You just might become a real live hero.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Friday, August 14, 2015

"Skin Talkers?"


                  I bet,  you did not know by you not liking President Barack Obama's socialist changes to the United States, that you are actually prejudice did you?

                 That's right you are prejudice! Fine example is the following.

                  A black man walks up to a white man and, hits the white man in the head with a rock.

                 I bet, you think the reason why the white gets mad at the black man is because of him hitting him in the head, right?

                That's not true it's because he's black, if he was a white man he wouldn't get mad at him at all.

                 Now days if you disagree with a person it's because of the color of their skin.  Just like Hitler blamed it on the Jews for all the German's problems.

                 You must agree to socialism or, your prejudice against blacks!

                  I'm sorry, I won't sit with a Democrat liberal anymore due to the fact that they support the cutting up of infants and, selling off the parts.

                  If that makes me prejudice then so be it!

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Mark Levin and, Constitutional Convention"


                 I have mentioned many things that, I think should change in our federal government but, those changes can not happen unless the crooks in Washington allow it to.

                 Most of the crooks depend on a slanted view of the Constitution to slip their crooked deals through the cracks of the rules. So unless we fix the Constitution,  so they can not try this again, all will be in vain.

                 The only way to fix the Constitution is through a Constitutional convention. A Constitutional convention of all fifty state Governors, Senators and, Representatives.

                 This will include the President. This is the only way to stop Washington's power grab and, return power back to the states.

                  So if you think this is a good idea you should contact both your state and federal Senators and, Representatives. Ask them for a Constitutional convention to be conducted after the election of 2016.

                 I have done this already.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, August 12, 2015



                    Isn't it funny how being politically correct has changed.

                   In the movie "His Girl Friday" when Cary Grant lied to Jane Russel and, told her the best reporter's wife just had twins.

                  How Jane Russel saw through it was that, she pointed out that the reporter was just married three months before, so she could not have had twins.

                  Can you imagine a dialogue like that in today's movies? No in today's movies its an acceptable practice to have children out of wedlock.

                 In the movie "Action In The North Atlantic" the star of this film, Humphrey Bogart, turns to God for hope and, courage. In the movie "Lucy" Morgan Freeman turns to science.

                How many times does Tom Cruise look to science and, not God for the answers in his movies?

                One of the reasons that people like old time rock & roll is that its all up beat. It reminds them of better times, when life was simple and, not so complicated.

                 Hollywood thinks its acceptable to show same sex partners, to our children, on TV but, not acceptable to mention God in school.

                 It's OK to crush unborn children's skulls to harvest their baby parts but, mistreat veterans and, call them baby killers.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Two Good Movies to Watch"


                    Two good movies to watch for my money are;

               "God's Not Dead" and, "Heaven is for Real"

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"




                          Ever since the beginning of mankind, man has sot to explain away the existence of a supreme being such as God!

                          This is, I believe, an effort of God's children to rebel against their father's wishes. After all if there is no God, there are no consequences for not following his rules.

                          The liberal left has combined forces with many different factions including socialists and, Marxists to name a few. Atheist are part of this group.

                         To be a greater threat and, beat the conservative majority. (Power In Numbers) To force those who believe in God away from their beliefs.

                        After all if there are no followers of God, the existence of him, disappears and, so does his condemnation of their sins. They are, they think, free to do as they wish.

(Part of the Bible's prophetic prediction of justification of their sins)

                       I like science fiction movies. Science fiction is the greatest celebration of mans achievements to express his desires and, fears. However it's also, in the wrong hands,  a tool to be used to teach.

                      The latest edition in Hollywood's endeavors to teach the theory of Darwin, is the movie "Lucy"

                      Isn't it amazing, the abilities of Lucy because of a chemical compound made by man. Thus man replaces God. Great science fiction effects right? 

                     With Hollywood's best old grandfather(Morgan Freeman of Lean On Me) and, Scarlett Johansson the attractive woman of the movie "Avengers" delivering the message.

                     Those of us who know, know that the best graphics are in the possession of God. You want the abilities you see in the movies,  find God and, follow his word!

    (Notice in the song at the end of the movie, the words of "I am the Saviour")

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted (The Cruz Missile) Cruz for President"


Monday, August 10, 2015

"Christian Country"


                    Even though the radical left wishes it weren't so and, have tried to change the history books to wipe it out of any mention of it. The Catholic church of Europe was the cause of America.

                   Back then if you refused to submit your beliefs to the Catholic church you were a heretic and, was punished.

                  The main reason most wanted to come to America was the promise of religious freedom.  99% of the ships crew and, passengers were Christian who refused the Catholics rule.

                  The Catholic church was glad to be rid of the trouble makers. Besides, they were just gonna fall off the edge of the earth anyway.

                  The pilgrims were made up mainly of Christians. So if I were the newly elected President, I would put forth a law, through Congress, to proclaim this to be a Christian nation.

                 Though the government does not promote the religious belief of Christianity it still recognizes that it is at the roots of its birth.

                 If you don't like that fact, you should leave and,  find a country more to your liking.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted (The Cruz Missile) Cruz for President"


"A Change That Counts"


               Know this, nothing will change in Washington unless the way business is conducted is changed.

Attorney Generals

                      I propose that a constitutional change be introduced to wit; the Federal Attorney Generals are no longer appointed by the President but, elected by the people.

                    This would create a true separate three branches of government instead of the Judicial Branch which is controlled by the Executive branch and, the legislative.

                   The Attorney General can not be party affiliated either. This would make them free to go after any politician of either party to include the President.

Separation of Church and State

                   The reason why the politicians find themselves facing a problem with same sex marriage is because they haven't figured it out as long as they support marriage, which is a religious ritual, they will have a problem.

                   If you have laws that treat married people better then the UN-married (IRS Laws) you'll have a problem.

                  As long as you have Representatives of the local, state and, federal governments performing religious rituals you will have this problem.

                 Do away with the separate treatment with the IRS and, return the religious ritual of marriage back to the religions from which they came.

                Until then, there is no true separation of church and state!

Lobby Control

                 Unless you get the buying of influence out of Congress you can not hope to be free of the crooked deals.

Term Limits for Supreme Court Judges

                Have supreme court judges be elected like all the other judges. Set term limits. If you set term limits they will find it a hard to legislate from the bench.

Planned Parenthood and, Tax funded Abortion.

              Stop the money going into the infant body parts stores. Change the abortion laws to were, if the mothers in jeopardy leave the death of the child up to the mother. 

              The protection of life, in the Constitution, also protects the mother. Any and, all other abortions must go through a judge.  

             Though motherhood is in no way to be considered to be equal to a criminal offense the taking of a life must be given the greatest consideration.

              A criminal case judge must decide on life and, death cases every day. Allow the newly elected judges to serve as these judges for a certain period of time then progress to criminal.

              If a abortion is denied then the child will be put up for adoption, after the birth.

"No one but, God decides if a woman concieves a child and, no one but him should decide to end its life"

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted (The Cruz Missile) Cruz for President"


"A Politician vs A Non-Politician"


                   I have a brother that just recently pointed out to me that he is right and, I am wrong.  You see after the Republican politicians betrayed the conservative majority, he is against all politicians.

                  So because my brother is in fact a know it all and, is never wrong on anything. He says Doc. Ben Carson is the one to vote for.

                 Now my brother would be right if it weren't for one small problem. Its probably because he has never been to a foreign country.  I have and, I know that there are customs and, belief systems that a dignitary has to understand.

              He says its politicians that has got us into this mess and, he's tired of being lied too. However he can't explain away CEO Carly Fiorina he says I can say I've met foreign leaders to.

             Lets face it,  he just finds it hard to believe in anything anymore. If you are going to vote and, not want to get what we got the last time, we need to try something different.

              After all didn't then Sen. Barack Obama promise hope and, change and, a transparent presidency?

              Having been to foreign countries I know in some countries you can break the law just by a hand gesture.

             What I want is a fighter and, not someone that will go along just to get along with the crowd. I'm tired of politicians compromising my moral values in Congress.

               That's why I am voting for Sen. Ted Cruz someone not only fights the socialist but, also those cowardly politicians in his own party. That my friend is courage.

                     The dream ticket either it is; Sen. Ted Cruz & CEO Carly Fiorina or, CEO Carly Fiorina & Sen. Ted Cruz

                    I would like to see the Vice President be active and, be used for something other then a hat rack. Can you imagine a dynamic duo as those two working together.

                     NO I say who ever is president must have street smarts and, by that I mean know their way around the world.

                     We can not afford another "On The Job Training" president. That's what we had with the coward and chief.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted (The Cruz Missile) Cruz for President"