Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Pardon Me"


                       Barack Obama just pardoned two turkeys on Thanksgiving, my question is, is these the only turkeys he will pardon?

                       Another question is, will the new Republican Party find guilty and, prosecute Lois Lerner and, other Obama people before President Obama leaves office?

                       Of course our new Congress knows that if those who are found guilty are prosecuted before the president leaves office he will pardon them right.

                      The question is, is our Congressmen smart enough to understand this? Will they proceed even with that possibility?

                       Yes surely they know he has presidential pardoning power.

"Ted Cruz For President"


Monday, November 17, 2014

"The Fox Guarding The Hen House"


                        Until we the People have a Constitutional Convention, we are not going to have a government for or, by the people.  We will not have a more perfect union either.

                       I am an independent. The reason why, is I don't trust either party both the Republican and, Democrat party's are corrupted with greed.

                      The only true way to get rid of the corrupt politicians is to create laws to counter act those who only act in their best interests.

                      This government was founded on the principles of moral standards and, its plain to see there are no moral standing politicians anymore.

                      How can we expect our politicians to follow the honor system when they clearly have no honor. I'm sure that statement is one that causes anger in some's heart but, that doe's not make it any less true.

                     There may be some that may still attempt to be honorable but, how can you weed them out? We have to change this government to where it punishes the dis-honorable.

                     We are coming of age as a young country! We are not children anymore. Barack H. Obama has shown us that we can not trust our government to have our best interest at heart.

                      We can not afford to be naive anymore! Too much is at stake.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"A Sucker Born Everyday!"


                        Why do I say something like that? Well it's because our President and, the federal government pushed for higher MPG automobiles which, is not at all bad. 

                        The move was good except at the same time, they say, to decrease the effect of global warming, they forced Ethanol on us.

                        They did not study this fuel. If they had, they would of found out that even though it decreases carbon emissions, the process to produce this type of fuel produces more pollution in the air.

                       The fuel mileage you gain from the higher MPG vehicles you loose because the hotter burning ethanol fuel burns faster, thus less miles per gallon.

                      Who looses and who wins is this. The consumer looses because even though the ethanol fuel is cheaper they still have to make more trips to refill their vehicle.

                      Who wins, is the government. Have you seen a tax, per gallon, decrease since this fuel change? No! So you pay more in taxes at the pump then before.

                      All the time you are thinking your doing your part for the environment, you and, the environment are actually worse off then before. The federal government is better off.

                      Example: one trip from Joplin, Mo. to Texas state line using a 2012 pickup with a 29 gal tank and, a 6 cylinder engine.

                      Using non-ethanol regular gasoline equals a round trip with 1/8 of a tank left.

                      Using ethanol regular gasoline equals a refill at the Texas state line to get back with a quarter of a tank left.

                      Mean while very few, if any, sell non-ethanol fuel. So those re-fueling stations that don't sell the real gasoline can't change back because of the fuel tank mixtures.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The Un-American American"


                                Traditionally American people give of their heart to foreign countries. In the past its been because they care about the people of other nations. We realized that we have the good benefits of our nation and, how its set up.

                                But, recently a disturbing trend has come to light. The performance of good deeds, because it's fashionable or, so others will think good of you.

                               The reason why I bring this up is because of the Nurse in, I believe in Connecticut. It is persons like her that give charitable people a bad name.

                               I guess I should say something nice about her volunteering in the first place but, the problem is, her reaction to the quarantine.

                              I've been asked my doctor and, any medical people I come in contact with, how would they react to the quarantine?

                             My opinion is this; When you go into a so called hot zone of a fatal disease you should expect certain characteristics to be, if not, don't go.

                            Her reaction to the governors mandate of a quarantine was symptomatic of the liberal train of thought. In other words "I place my own needs and wants above the needs and wants of others".

                           She decided that her life was more important then others. 21 days of her life was all they asked of her to keep from a possible spread of Ebola. She chose to place others at risk.

                          One thing that is ignored is the possibility of being a carrier of the disease. 

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"The Choice" What a Choice!


                              At no point in history do you find the Socialist and, Communists so open about their agenda. You have seen the results of a over bearing president that looks at himself as king or dictator.

                             (Dictator= a leader who dictates the actions of the country he or, she rules.) Sound like anyone you know? I have a phone and a pen?

                             The choice of this election day of Nov. 4,2014 is, should I vote for a Democrat so that our road to socialism is assured?  Understand this if you vote for a Democratic Senator or, Congressman you vote for socialism.

                              How can I say this? The only way the President has continued down his path of  failed policies is because of a Democratic Majority Leader  Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) as leader of the Senate.

                              What people don't hear about is the legislation that the Republicans have passed in the House of Congress and, sent to the Senate that Sen. Reid would not allow to be introduced on the floor of the Senate.

                               So before you place your vote know what choices you have.

                               Voting for a Republican is no bargain either! The Republicans want to compromise our moral values away to placate the Liberal Democrats.
They do not see the need of the average U.S. Citizen.

                              Some of the Republicans want to move the Social Security retirement age to 72. Everyone has payed into this, so most of us want what we paid for.  They want to do this to pay for the Presidents bills.

                              Many of these Democratic Senators and, Congressmen want you to (Poof!) automatically believe that they are against The Presidents policies and, have been all along.

                             If these politicians were against these policies, how did they get passed?  How did they vote in the past? Finally have you heard or seen any evidence of them voting against the President? 

                            Your vote but, me I voted for the pot that is not so black!

"Ted Cruz for President"