Monday, April 18, 2016

"The Repubican Candidates and, the General Election Debates"


                          Gov. John Kasich says the poles say that he is the only one that can get elected against Hillary Clinton. Do you think it's because of his knowledge? What is the real reason?

                         Gov. Kasich has the support of the career politicians in the Republican party.  He has the limited support of some Republicans. Due to his support of Obama Care IE. accepting the federal money in Ohio for Obama Care, he has the support of the socialist on the Democrat side.

                        After all when is the last time have you ever seen either Sen. Cruz's and, Donald Trump's town hall meetings on CNN. This happened recently with Gov. Kasich's town hall.

                       In the primary debates Donald Trump can get away with saying I'll get knowledgeable people to advise me on the subject but, in the General debate do you think he will get away with that against burning Bernie or, the little general Hillary Clinton.

                      If Donald Trump tries that crap with either Democratic candidate plus his flip flopping on principled standards they will eat him alive. He doesn't even know this countries laws.

                     This is some of the many reasons why I'm for Sen. Ted Cruz!

"Sen. Ted Cruz for President"


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