Saturday, February 27, 2016

"The Super Tursday Decision?"

                  This latest show of the Republican debates has brought to light many things that some of the candidates did not want to be out in the open!

                  First is that when Sen. Ted Cruz said Sen. Marco Rubio said one thing on Spanish speaking television and, then the opposite in English.

                 One of the moderators was a reporter from Telemundo and, quoted Sen. Rubio in the exact Spanish words that he said. She also asked him why did he call Sen. Cruz a liar when it's exactly what he said.

                 One of the biggest news breaks that came out of Iowa is that Sen. Ted Cruz's superpac spread a false rumor that Ben Carson dropped out of the race and, that's the only reason Sen. Cruz won in Iowa.

                 Sen. Cruz apologized for that!

                 Donald Trump and, Sen. Rubio has used this mistake to attack and, call Sen. Cruz a liar.

                 If you watched the debate you might have noticed that the only lies that came out is the ones that Mr. Trump and, Sen. Rubio has been telling the public.

                The fact that so many of the Republican career politicians support Sen. Rubio and, so many Democrat career politicians supported Donald Trump. This says a lot!

                To me Donald Trump is a thug. I would trust a used car salesmen before I would trust Donald Trump.

                Mr. Trump thinks we want him to go to Washington to make deals.
                Mr. Trump thinks he can make deals with people that want all Christians dead.
                Mr. Trump thinks he can make a deal with Russia.
                Mr. Trump thinks he can force our allies to pay for our protection.

                Finally Mr. Trump thinks with the legal troubles he has had in the past and, the one he is about to have in July, he thinks he can beat Hilary Clinton.

                 You can not successfully argue with a crook about them being crooked if you yourself have crooked deals in your past showing!

                 Hilary VS Trump

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"The 2016 Republican Mud Wrestling Contest"


                          As many experienced the extremely intellectual back and, forth between the Republican candidates. It brought back fond memories of my third grade out on the play ground.

                          Ah!  The back and, forth of you've got cooties, no I don't, yes you do, no I don't, Yes you do!

                          Did we learn anything from this get together? Well, I did learn that Donald Trump is not a True conservative.

                          That when he is attacked the Donald's automatic reply is Liar,  Liar pants on fire.

                          Sen. Marco Rubio's version of the truth can not stand the light of day.  His fight for amnesty is exposed.

                         I do have to say one thing for old Marco though, he sure knows how to play a convincing conservative. (To bad CSPAN2 shows the real one)

                       The establishment candidates in order of their extremes from most to least 1 to 10. 10 being the most liberal/establishment.

 Gov.Kasich 10 running for moderate Repubs. and, Dems.

 Gov.Bush      9  running for establishment Repubs.

 Sen.Rubio    8 running for establishment Repubs. and, Latinos.

Trump             4 running for his own benefit and, liberals.

 Sen.Cruz        1 running for the People of the United States.  

 Carson             1 running for the People of The United States.

                       The only reason Ben Carson is a one is because he does not show a strong enough feelings toward one way or the other.
                       I feel Mr. Carson is too naive to stay strong against the bully hard line politicians of Congress.

"Ted Cruz for President"