Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Last Nights CNBC Circus Debacle"


                       The Cable News Network (CNN) had a professional debate. I was ready for CNN to really get childish and disrespectful. They were not!

                       The measurement for intelligence is called your Intellect Quote level (IQ Level)  Your IQ is a measurement to judge of how much knowledge you have the ability to consume.

                       Many have, in the past, became angry from being called ignorant. The definition of ignorance is not having knowledge of.  Einstein was ignorant!

                      That being said unless you know whither or, not there has been or is life on Mars you are ignorant, To be with out ignorance is to be all knowing!

                      The definition of stupidity is having knowledge but, not having the ability or, wisdom to be able to use the knowledge that you have.

                       This post was named the way it is due to the fact that, I really don't know what else to call it.

                       I don't know where NBC got these commentators from but, they need a refund.

                       The degree of intellect in which the commentators displayed was astounding. I don't know whither it was ignorance or, stupidity or, maybe both that was a guiding factor in their questions.

                       Such unprofessionalism I have not witnessed!  Thank you Sen. Ted Cruz for saying what we all know to be true.

                       I know it's really not my place to do so but, I feel a need.

                       I would like to take this opportunity to apologize, to the Republican candidates for the Unprofessionalism, the stupidity, ignorance and, disrespect that was displayed by the CNBC commentators last night!

                       As far as I'm concerned if you as a candidate decide to boycott a debate or, any other political action that CNBC has to offer, you have my support.

                      No matter what party you where in, in the past, all commentators kept a certain amount respect towards the opposite party, after last night I can no longer say that.

"Ted Cruz for President"



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Security For My PC"


                          I have tried all the security programs, none seem to work. The one reason their programs don't work all of them give is your computer had the virus on it before the security was added.

                          The one that it became the most apparent was "PC Matic" I paid $150.00 to secure 5 computers. I only had 4 to secure and, all four had viruses on them.

                           The security program companies always say oh we will gladly fix it for you for a small sum of $400.00.  At $400.00 a pop "PC Matic" would have raked it in, with 4 computers.

                           One of the computers that "PC Matic" was gonna charge me to fix just got back from the repair shop from being cleaned.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"And Yet Another Thing To Worry About!"


                      In the year of Obama's open borders and, the time of ISIS in Iraq unchallenged, we have Halloween,

                       In my days as a child, I remember going Trick Or, Treating on Halloween, it wasn't till the 70's that news had on it about kids finding razor blades in their treats.

                      I know it happened because I remember watching one of my friends pull a razor blade out of the top of his gum after biting into an apple.

                      Since the 70's mothers and, fathers have taken precautions to keep their children safe.

                       This year we have the same worries but, we also have Asshole dumb asses believing in the Islamic extremists BS. So we have to think about them.

                        My recommendation to you is not only do you check for razor blades and, needle marks.

                        An adult should go with a group of no less then 5 children and, that adult should have a list of places they have visited and, what the children was given.

                        Do not go into dark places even if it advertises a fun house. Unless you know them! Watch out for suspicious people and, packages.

                        If someone is not acting normal don't go near them. Stay in well lighted places and, in large crowds. 

                        Always remember just because its wrapped does not mean its safe, still check for needle holes.

"Ted Cruz for President"



Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"What Do Politicians and, Terrorists Have In Common?"


                         Terrorists learned a long time ago they can not win against the United States in a frontal attack. 

                         They learned, if they can drag a war out and, make it costly both in lives and,  financially that the people of the United States would loose patience and, tolerance of the war.

                         Politicians have learned this to. They have learned if they are under investigation they can appear to cooperate with the investigation but, drag it out, to make it costly.

                        This was done with the investigation of "Fast & Furious" Eric Holder drug that out. It was done with the IRS scandal and, it has been done with the Benghazi investigation.

                        The guilty with holds documents to the maximum limit they can, then they claim the other party is on a witch hunt.

                        Both parties do it. Benghazi is the latest investigation. 

                       Unless something is done to create a shorter time constraint to turn over documents and, a more harsher punishment for defying  Congress, the games of cat and, mouse will continue.

                     How about this,  "You turn over these documents in a week or, we will throw your ASS in jail until such documents are turned over?"

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Real Reason for Benghazi!"


                      I'm gonna tell you the real reason Benghazi happened. It is the untold truth about the Socialist Democratic party.

                      They say they love our soldiers but, in every way they create new ways to make life worse for them.  

                      Our present Secretary of State Sec. of State John Kerry (D) once made a statement that he believes our soldiers are mercenaries hired to kill women and, children.

                       The Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Shultz voted,  in the House of Representatives, when the Hate Crimes bill was up for a vote, against an amendment to include Veterans in that bill. Why?

                       What party do you think  Jane Fonda is a member of? Who do you think was at the airports and, bus stations calling our soldiers baby killers?

                       No Benghazi happened because of the Democratic parties' lack of respect for the military. They hate the military!

                      What did the ex-Homeland security secretary call veterans of the military? "Future Domestic Terrorists"

                      Your President has reduced the funds going to the United States Military, thus making it less effective in doing its job. making us vulnerable.

                      Why did Benghazi happen? It was because Hilary Clinton did not care what happened there. You know this to be the truth in your heart.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Mother of a Fallen Soldier"


                    In the news the other day, a mother of a fallen soldier in Benghazi stated in tears that when she wanted to ask the Democrat leadership about her son who died there, she was denied.

                   The reason they gave her for not talking to her was, they only talk to the immediate family.

                   Since when is the mother not part of the immediate family? This is a fine statement of your Democratic (Socialist) party. Refusing to speak to the mother of a dead soldier.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The City of LIES!" (Washington D, C,)


                     In the news today it was said that the Republicans in Congress are trying to impeach the I.R.S. Commissioner. 

                    This is the Internal Revenue Service Commissioner that was in charge of the IRS when it illegally went after conservative non profit organizations, to keep them from helping the opponent of President Barack Obama.

                    It has since been proven that the IRS was in the wrong in it's mistreatment of conservative groups and, Democrats have admitted it.

                   Lois Lerner was not prosecuted, to keep her from spilling all of what she knew of the Presidents involvement in the actions of the IRS. Her E-mails were erased for that purpose.

                   So now they are saying they want to impeach the IRS Commissioner. Honestly do you think they will do that?

                  The Democrats were suppose to be against the harsh treatment the IRS gave the Conservatives. However, do you think they were, with the comments of Rep. Isaiah Cummings (D).

                  We all know the Democrats are against prosecuting anyone in the IRS because they know that the IRS was just doing what the President told them to do.

                  Part of the socialist strategies is to criminalize and, intimidate the opposition. The IRS was part of that strategy. They just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

                  The question is, How many of you think there is a chance the Ex Sec. of State Hilary Clinton or, any commissioner of any department is going to be punished for any lies they've told or, help spread in the City of Lies?

                  No one is going to pay for Benghazi or, the IRS debacle.

"Ted Cruz For President"



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Uncle Joe Out?"


                      In his speech it was like he was trying to sell you the Obama plan. Honestly, would you buy a used car from old Joe?

                      I wouldn't! Vice President Bidden is a nice guy. He is likable enough but, that don't mean I would trust him with my life or my country.

                     I myself do not have any confidence in his ability to be competent enough to maneuver this country through the terrible times we are about to go through.

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"



"Sanctuary Cities"


                          As I have promised myself, I will hold true to my country even though I am not still in the Military.

                          If I depended on CNN to let me know when an important vote is going on in Washington, I would miss it.

                        Fox informed me on Oct. 20th that a vote on a bill to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities. This bill was being voted on in the Senate.

                       Which is important because, unlike the House, when the Senate votes you can hear and, see how your Senators are voting on CSPAN 2.

                       I recorded the vote on who supported financing Sanctuary cities. I believe if you are in favor of financing sanctuary cities then you are in favor of breaking the laws of immigration.

                      So to help our President and, Senate out, I want to let every one know who voted in favor of having Sanctuary cities. 

                      In other words which Senator is in favor of having illegal immigrants in our country. So you can voice your opinion to your Senator as to their vote, I am including their phone numbers.

Note:  to call the numbers below you must first dial 1-202-224 then the numbers below.

                    These are the Senators that voted in favor of having illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. In favor of using your tax money to break the law.

Name                                                       Number

Baldwin, Tammy (D-WI)                 5653
Bennet, Michael F. (D-CO)              5852
Blumenthal, Richard  (D-CT)         2823
Booker, Cory A (D-NJ)                      3224
Boxer, Barbara (D-CA)                     3553
Brown, Sherrod  (D-OH)                  2315
Cantwell, Maria  (D-WA)                 3441
Cardin, Benjamin L  (D-MD)          4524
Casey, Robert P. Jr. (                         6324
Coons, Christopher A.  (D-DE)       5042
Feinstein, Diane  (D-CA)                   3841
Franken, Al (D-MN)                            5641
Gillibrand, Kirsten E. (D-NY)         4451
Durbin, Richard J. (D-IL)                 2152
Heinrich, Martin  (D-NM)                 5521
Heitcamp, Heidi  (D-ND)                   2043
Harper ?  Voted but no record
Hirono, Mazie K. ( D-HI)                   6361
Kaine, Tim  (D-VA)                               4024
King, Angus S. Jr.  (I-ME)                  5344
Kirk, Mark  (R-IL)                                2854
Leahy, Patrick J. (D-VT)                    4242
Markey, Edward J. (D-MA)              2742
McCaskill, Claire  (D-MO)                 6154
Klobuchar, Amy  (D-MN)                   3244
Menendez, Robert  (D-NJ)                  4741
Merkley, Jeff  (D-OR)                           3753
Mikulski, Barbara A  (D-MD)           4654
Murkowski, Lisa  (R-AK)                    6665
Murphy, Christopher  (D-CT)            4041
Murray, Patty  (D-WA)                        2621
Nelson, Bill  (D-FL)                                5274
Peters, Gary  (D-MI)                             6221
Reed, Jack  (D-RI)                                  4642
Reid, Harry  (D-NV)                               3542
Sanders, Bernard  (I-VT)                      5141
Schatz, Brian  (D-HI)                             3934
Schumer, Charles E.  (D-NY)              6542
Sheheen, Jeanne  (D-NH)                     2841
Tester, Jon  (D-MT)                                 2644
Udall, Tom  (D-NM)                                 6621
Warner, Mark R  (D-VA)                       2023
Warren, Elizabeth  (D-MA)                  4543
Whitehouse, Sheldon  (D-RI)               2921
Wyden, Ron  (D-OR)                                5244

                  It is up to each and everyone of us to get the word out about who is for illegal immigration. If your Senator's name is not on this post they voted against sanctuary cities.

                 Wouldn't it be nice if there was a true transparent federal government and, you could go to a government sponsored website that shows how your Congressman in the House voted?

                 I feel this is not a vote on Sanctuary cities, it's a vote on whither or not this nation is truly "The United States of America" for on this we are not united!

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"The Donald Versus The Bush"


                   I guess the Donald believes its true that all is fair in love and, politics in his attack on Gov. Bush.

                  While I'm not for Gov. Jeb Bush, I must say unless the Donald thinks the Presidency is all powerful and, a dictatorship he is forgetting several things.

                  First, President Bush had a Democratic controlled Congress. Second, his election to office was held up for at least two months because of the hanging chads of Florida and, Vice President Al "I Invented the Internet" Gore's protest.

                 The failure of then President William Jefferson Clinton to take action when the CIA had found Osama Bin Laden during his term in office.

                 So lets get off the Bush bashing Mr. Trump and, tell us how you plan on parting the waters to create a more perfect America.

                It's funny how Sen. Barack H. Obama and, Donald Trump is a like. 

                Both of them in their bid for election has said they plan on doing all manor of miraculous things if you elect them but, neither have said how!

                I'm not against Trump but, after Obama I'm leery about politician's pipe dreams.

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"A Dysfunctional Family Affair"


                       Nobody really knows what the Federal Bureau of Investigation has on Mrs. Clinton but, a lot has been said.

                       It's been reported on Fox news that the Justice Department has been applying pressure to the FBI to not prosecute.

                       This is a prime example of why we need to have a Constitutional Convention to change the Constitution to where the President no longer appoints the the Attorney Generals and, Supreme Court Judges.

                       To set term limits for supreme court judges. These judges do not have to answer for their legislating from the bench.

                       This is suppose to be a Representative government but, what has been happening is not a true representation of the people of the country of the United States.


(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"COMSEC" (Communication Security)


                       If you've ever been a COMSEC custodian you know what I'm about to say is true.  A COMSEC custodian is in control of secure communications hard copies of information.

                      If there is a confidential, secret or, Top Secret and, higher material to be had, you have to go through a COMSEC custodian to get it!

                     Another job of a COMSEC custodian is to teach the laws/rules of securing materials and, equipment.

                     The one rule they stress is that if you have a device or, material with confidential or, higher information on it then that material be it paper or machine then becomes the highest classification of the material.

                     The medium that this information is on then becomes the property of the United States government. That means this medium is now to be marked, governed and,  stored as secure material.

                     How are these rules to be enforced in the military after Secretary of State Hilary R. Clinton's E-mails?

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"



Trump Skeptics"


                   All my life I've seen movies, cartoons and, news headlines depicting the rich as greedy and, evil.

                  Many of us have been brainwashed to think that it's not possible to have a rich business man that does anything for anyone else except themselves.

                 This is the skepticism that exists when it comes the Rich multi billionaire Donald Trump!

                 Many are still asking themselves whats in it for him? Hard to believe he wants to do something for someone else.

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"



"I Got My Obama Phone" (Participation Trophy)


                        While I somewhat agree on the Obama phones because of too many hours of sitting by the phone waiting to hear if I'm gonna have a job to feed my face.

                       The Obama phone provided a way to be able to go out door to door looking for a job, at the same time be by the phone so that anyone wanting to hire you can do so.

                       But if I have a job or not at least I got my participation trophy from whatever I do right! A participation trophy is another tool those who believe in socialism use in nullifying individuality. 

                       This country was built on capitalism and, that only works when people are willing to compete against each other.

                        That means there will be winners and, losers. If you've never lost or, experienced loosing you don't know how to lose. 

                        You will not know that once you lose, you are to get right back up dust yourself off and, go at it in a different way.

                       Many successful companies would not exist if they gave up after failing the first time.

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Friday, October 16, 2015

"Mexican Oil"


                      Very little news comes out of Mexico or, South and, Central America. Ask yourselves this question.

                     Why is the Mexican people so poor and, live in such poor conditions when the Mexican government is so rich with oil profits?

                     Could it be that Mexico's El-Presidente doesn't care about his people and, wants the United States to take care of them?

                     Could it be that the country is so full of greed and, corruption that no one dare speak the truth.

                     They get millions and, millions of our dollars in subsidies every year. I don't know about you but, I'm tired of our tax payer money going to a country that expects us to take care of it's people.

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"



"Fox News and, Blaming the Republicans"


                I get a kick out of Republicans saying they get the blame for shutting down the government, when the majority of the news media are on the Democratic socialist side.

               Of course they are going to report it's the Republican's fault. How about it Fox news, how about helping the Republican side out?

              Report "That the reason why the federal government shut down is because, President Obama wants Planned Parenthood to continue cutting up babies"

              Report "The reason why the federal government is shut down is because the Republican's don't want to fund President Obama's illegal amnesty executive orders".

             Report "The federal government is shut down because the President of the United States wants Iran to have Nuclear weapons".

             Rather then let that happen the Republicans used their constitutional right of the Congressional purse strings and, shut the government down because of a Presidential Veto!

            It may not be apparent to others but, no other President has got Iran to sign a nuclear agreement. President Obama wants this agreement to be his legacy.

             By the way if it truly is a Transparent government, why doesn't the Congress use the transparency of the Internet and, create a website to list how all of our Congressmen and, Senators voted?

            Why do we have to watch CSPAN and, by word of mouth to find out how our representatives voted?

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"Black Lives Matter"


                  This is gonna be a long post. Just like many things in life it took a long time for it to get this way.

                  Bernie Sanders says the reason why there is gun violence is because the people that do the gun violence need mental health care.

                 That we should relax the laws on drugs and, other laws because, the prisons are too full. This is no surprise, it's a normal Democratic bandaid solution.

                 I don't know if they purposely over look the problem or, what but, the solution is not simple.

                Some illegal immigrants have never known any other life except drugs and, violence.

               The main problem is this "How can you soar like an Eagle if your surrounded by Turkeys?" 

               Which means if you live in a poor black neighborhood your constantly being told "You as a Black person have no other way"

               Self confidence is a problem of most people. However the self confidence in themselves of being able to succeed in this world if your a black man is normal.

              When you wake up to it and, go to sleep with it, day after day, night after night it kind of has an effect on you.

                First let me say "All lives matter" but, the reason why this matters is because it's became so common place to blame the black guy it's become ridiculous.

               The confidence in ones self has been replaced with confidence in ones ability to deceive or, lie.

                If you are considered a player (good Liar or, deceiver) this is a badge of honor on the street.  

                It's hard to understand how you can be successful coming from the projects or, the Ghetto with no way out.

               The only hope that I can see for them is for someone with enough resources to take whole families at a time out to places other then the inner city slums and, show them that they can make it.

               Removing them from the slums is not the only solution. Every family member needs to be mentally helped with a doctor. This is to reverse the problem of hopelessness. 

                Black lives do matter! It only seems that they don't because those who are in trouble seem to be mostly black.

                 How about lets change their attitudes, give them a break but, at the same time let everyone know you will not be taken advantage of.

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Thursday, October 15, 2015

"A Constitutional Convention"


                  I have posted about this before! I will continue posting about this till a candidate for office admits the facts.

                  The facts are to gain over all support and, close the gap between the state and, local governments is to meet and, get their input as to the changes in the Constitution.

                    How did the collision of the 1st amendment and, 14th amendment happen? Freedom of religion vs equal rights.

                    The fact that Democrats have been smuggling illegal immigrants under the Constitution definition of born in the United States for a long time. (So called anchor baby)

                     This government is suppose to be a fair and, an equal opportunity government. 

                       It claims to have true separation of church and, state while at the same time has its publicly funded teachers and, professors  teach against religion in our schools.

                       It claims to have true separation of church and state at the same time promotes and, performs religious rituals such as marriage. (A Christian act)

                        The socialistic regime of President Barack Obama and, his minions would not have been able to cause such a national divide in the Untied States had it not been for the loopholes in the Constitution.

                         A little note maybe if those little infants, you know the ones that planned parenthood is selling off the parts to, had Constitutional rights, they would not be able to dissect them like frogs.

                          A state and, federal government amendment to the Constitution will remove the divide between Pro-life and, abortion activists.

                         These are all highly emotional subjects and, need the whole national input.  

                          You say you want the people's trust back, do this and you are going in the right direction.

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"Lay The Blame Where It Belongs!"


                               Who is to blame for the popularity of the CEO and businessman Donald Trump?

                               First Mr. Trump likes to say it was him who brought this issue to the table. It was not! He just brought up a sore spot with the U. S. citizens.

                              I say to you Mr. Trump.  Remember the time when the Washington switchboards were jammed and, shut down because of fellow citizens calling in to stop the Collusion of President Bush and, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy amnesty deal.

                             Do you remember September 2006? It was titled "The National Fence Act of 2006" Do you remember that?

                             That was done as a deal with Sen. Kennedy and, his fellow Democratic politicians in Congress with an amnesty deal.

                              The Senator made statements to the effect that if certain elements where not included he will sign off on the 1.7 billion dollars to build the fence. 

                               The passing of this so called fence act satisfied the general public at the time. (2000 miles of double layered fence)

                              Then the Democrats won power in the Congress while President Bush was in office. People seem to forget that we had a Republican President with a Democratic Congress.

                               That's how Sen. Kennedy was able to make a threat of no funds for the fence. Remember Rep. Pelosi smiling while she gloated about Then Sen. Obama going to be the next President.

                               By the way what ever happened to the money that was approved to build the fence.  If you don't know, it was steered away by the Obama era Democrats.

                                These funds were used elsewhere! When asked,  they claimed the fence was useless and, would not stop no one.

                                 Finally the main blame goes to all the politicians both Democrat and, Republican that are in and, out of office.

                                It is your fault that Donald Trump is so popular. For trying to take advantage of the citizens of this great country. Trying take the governing power away from the people.

                                 There are those of us that have memories!

                     "We Are Tired of being Lied Too!"

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Paper Roses"


                   Growing up without a father to be with and, help with paying for the food and, rest of the bills of a large family of a wife and, five kids.

                   My sainted mother, God rest her soul, had to take on that responsibility. This was back before Food stamps and, welfare. 

                  My mother worked at least 14 hours a day. Coming home from working in the cold and, dead of winter with the wind coming off Lake Michigan.

                 She ran a catering truck coming home at night sometimes at 8pm at night. Then make her sandwiches and, get ready for the next day.

                I sometimes would catch her crying from the pain of her cracked and, dried out hands as she tried counting the money that she had made.

               The change was really hard for her to count cause of the swelling of her hands. 

               The reason I mention this is so you can realize how valuable her time was. She would go through this mainly during the weekdays unless she could get work on the weekends.

              When she didn't work as a caterer at U. S. Steel in Chicago, she would look for other ways to pay the bills.

             One way was to make paper ma shy roses using of course paper me shy and, pipe cleaners.

            She loved her kids, if it wasn't reading the Bible it would be one of our favorite stories. My favorite was "The Box Car Children"

           The reason I'm writing this is because many of you out there have children and, you have to work two jobs.  You work hard to support yourselves and, children.

           Understand this it's up to you to teach your children what love is. Right now what they are being taught in their schools and, on the street, Sex is love.

            If you look for love in your life look to your children.  Not by things you buy them. That is an empty set.

           Spend some time with them, get to know them.

           I had a chance to spend time with at first glance was a future Mr. & Mrs. Charles Manson. 

           Two children that had no respect for their mother mainly because their mother showed no respect to them.

            They spent one night with me and, they changed. Why?  Because I got to know them. I spent time with them. I actually forced them to turn off the TV, Turn off the video games.

             I held up some rare items in their house, I held up four books and let them choose. They first refused. After I told them if they don't choose, I will, so they chose.

              Oh No! yes I read a book to them.

             I made a deal with them if they listen and, respect what I say,  I will listen and respect to what they say.

             I just knew their mother but, when I left, with tears in their eyes, they begged me to be their father and, not leave. What could I do?

            It took maybe $.24 to make her paper rose but, my mother's  paper rose was worth more then a whole lives worth of the words of I love you.

           Why, is because she took the love and, time to make it for me!

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"The 2016 Socialist Debates"


                     I really don't know why they didn't call it "The 2016 Hilary Clinton Show".  The only serious actors I saw was Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ex Gov, Ex-Gov. Jim Webb and, Ex- Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

                    I call the other two candidates place holders.

                   From Sen. Bernie Sanders talking about a Revolution to Hilary Clinton side stepping her actions in Benghazi, this was full of the follies.

                  Very few realize that according to the socialist views the big corporations should be taken over by the federal government.

                  Very few realize the biggest threat to our national security is Global Warming. (Climate Change)

                  If you have a controvasial or, illegal action that you have conducted yourself in your government job.

                 All you have to do is drag out the investigation and, sooner or later they will get tired of it and, it will be to expensive to continue.

                 Sen. Bernie Sanders says that he, Hilary Clinton and, the American people are tired of hearing about Hilary Clinton's E-Mails. (As They Shake Hands)

                 He forgot to say even if she broke the law. He also forgot to say even if she broke the security oath she took and, signed when she took the job as Secretary of State.

               Sen. Hilary Clinton says she will change from the Obama lead from behind strategy to lead in the front.

              The one thing that they all have in common is they all agree that the economy is bad. 

              The one thing they just oops! forgot to mention is, the bad economy is the fault of the one they all stood behind President Barack H. Obama (D-IL).

              Ex-Secretary of State said she would take a hard line with Putin and Russia in Syria.  The one thing she did not say is how is she going to do that?

              Is she going to stand in the middle of a room tapping her feet with her arms crossed shouting "Oh Boy we're mad at you!" "Oh Boy!"

             None of the candidates made mention that none of them have the least bit of a notion of how they are going to negotiate with Russia in the middle east.

            Because President Obama has reduced the military strength to pre-World War II levels.

            Did you hear any of them say anything about increasing the military strength? You will not hear it. The Anti military side of the socialist party would not like it.

            It is not "Walk softly carry a little stick"

            After all "What Difference Does It Make?"  

            Of course she never had a position on the "Keystone Pipeline" until she had a potion on the "Keystone Pipeline" What ever that means.

            I'm sorry,  I just had to take a shot at the queen bee.

            I would like to thank the Cable News Network for conducting a fair debate. You didn't pull your punches. Thank you CNN!

(Ben Carson)
"Ted Cruz for President"