Saturday, March 12, 2016

"The Beerhall Brawl!" (And todays Politics)


                       In the news was an episode of past history. Protesters, protesting at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago.  Each side blames the other.

                       Democrat socialist blame it on the free speech rights of Donald Trump.  They say he should not speak the truth about their socialist candidates.

                      They also have been brain washed in thinking that because Donald Trump believes that this country should not be dominated a Democratic socialist rule.

                      That is what this country would turn into if the border remained open.

                      They know this country is run on majority rule and, if the population of Latino Americans increase, because of past history, the majority of them would vote Democrat/socialist.

                       Lets not forget the "God Damn America" comment by reverend Wright, either.

                       Reverend Wright didn't make these comments cause he loved "The United States"

                      He made these comments after his fellow brother Muslim extremist destroyed the World Trade Center.

                      Reverend Wright and,  his followers are Muslim extremists, who believe in a socialist type of government,  ruled by the black man to take back what they say the white man took from them.

                      They too are apart of these protests because of the Trump rhetoric about banning their fellow Islamic extremist from coming here, as a Syrian refugee.

                       Does the beer hall bombing by Adolf Hitler ring a bell, blaming it on the socialist? 

                       The question is, is it the Donald Trump followers protesting the Hilary Clinton or, Bernie Sanders rallies?

"Ted Cruz for President"


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