Friday, December 19, 2014

"Warnings In The Movies"


                       I've viewed many a movie that has warned of a Socialist Utopia.
Movies such as "Logan's Run",  "Demolition Man", "Serenity" and, just recently the movie "The Giver".

                      If you watch any movie "The Giver" is the movie to watch. I just purchased the movie and have watched it 9 times. This movie tells you what President Obama and, the United Nations have in mind for our country.

                     Agenda 21 and, Common Core is it's feature. I bought this movie for others. Find out what the Media and, this movie has in common.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Pardon Me"


                       Barack Obama just pardoned two turkeys on Thanksgiving, my question is, is these the only turkeys he will pardon?

                       Another question is, will the new Republican Party find guilty and, prosecute Lois Lerner and, other Obama people before President Obama leaves office?

                       Of course our new Congress knows that if those who are found guilty are prosecuted before the president leaves office he will pardon them right.

                      The question is, is our Congressmen smart enough to understand this? Will they proceed even with that possibility?

                       Yes surely they know he has presidential pardoning power.

"Ted Cruz For President"


Monday, November 17, 2014

"The Fox Guarding The Hen House"


                        Until we the People have a Constitutional Convention, we are not going to have a government for or, by the people.  We will not have a more perfect union either.

                       I am an independent. The reason why, is I don't trust either party both the Republican and, Democrat party's are corrupted with greed.

                      The only true way to get rid of the corrupt politicians is to create laws to counter act those who only act in their best interests.

                      This government was founded on the principles of moral standards and, its plain to see there are no moral standing politicians anymore.

                      How can we expect our politicians to follow the honor system when they clearly have no honor. I'm sure that statement is one that causes anger in some's heart but, that doe's not make it any less true.

                     There may be some that may still attempt to be honorable but, how can you weed them out? We have to change this government to where it punishes the dis-honorable.

                     We are coming of age as a young country! We are not children anymore. Barack H. Obama has shown us that we can not trust our government to have our best interest at heart.

                      We can not afford to be naive anymore! Too much is at stake.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"A Sucker Born Everyday!"


                        Why do I say something like that? Well it's because our President and, the federal government pushed for higher MPG automobiles which, is not at all bad. 

                        The move was good except at the same time, they say, to decrease the effect of global warming, they forced Ethanol on us.

                        They did not study this fuel. If they had, they would of found out that even though it decreases carbon emissions, the process to produce this type of fuel produces more pollution in the air.

                       The fuel mileage you gain from the higher MPG vehicles you loose because the hotter burning ethanol fuel burns faster, thus less miles per gallon.

                      Who looses and who wins is this. The consumer looses because even though the ethanol fuel is cheaper they still have to make more trips to refill their vehicle.

                      Who wins, is the government. Have you seen a tax, per gallon, decrease since this fuel change? No! So you pay more in taxes at the pump then before.

                      All the time you are thinking your doing your part for the environment, you and, the environment are actually worse off then before. The federal government is better off.

                      Example: one trip from Joplin, Mo. to Texas state line using a 2012 pickup with a 29 gal tank and, a 6 cylinder engine.

                      Using non-ethanol regular gasoline equals a round trip with 1/8 of a tank left.

                      Using ethanol regular gasoline equals a refill at the Texas state line to get back with a quarter of a tank left.

                      Mean while very few, if any, sell non-ethanol fuel. So those re-fueling stations that don't sell the real gasoline can't change back because of the fuel tank mixtures.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The Un-American American"


                                Traditionally American people give of their heart to foreign countries. In the past its been because they care about the people of other nations. We realized that we have the good benefits of our nation and, how its set up.

                                But, recently a disturbing trend has come to light. The performance of good deeds, because it's fashionable or, so others will think good of you.

                               The reason why I bring this up is because of the Nurse in, I believe in Connecticut. It is persons like her that give charitable people a bad name.

                               I guess I should say something nice about her volunteering in the first place but, the problem is, her reaction to the quarantine.

                              I've been asked my doctor and, any medical people I come in contact with, how would they react to the quarantine?

                             My opinion is this; When you go into a so called hot zone of a fatal disease you should expect certain characteristics to be, if not, don't go.

                            Her reaction to the governors mandate of a quarantine was symptomatic of the liberal train of thought. In other words "I place my own needs and wants above the needs and wants of others".

                           She decided that her life was more important then others. 21 days of her life was all they asked of her to keep from a possible spread of Ebola. She chose to place others at risk.

                          One thing that is ignored is the possibility of being a carrier of the disease. 

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"The Choice" What a Choice!


                              At no point in history do you find the Socialist and, Communists so open about their agenda. You have seen the results of a over bearing president that looks at himself as king or dictator.

                             (Dictator= a leader who dictates the actions of the country he or, she rules.) Sound like anyone you know? I have a phone and a pen?

                             The choice of this election day of Nov. 4,2014 is, should I vote for a Democrat so that our road to socialism is assured?  Understand this if you vote for a Democratic Senator or, Congressman you vote for socialism.

                              How can I say this? The only way the President has continued down his path of  failed policies is because of a Democratic Majority Leader  Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) as leader of the Senate.

                              What people don't hear about is the legislation that the Republicans have passed in the House of Congress and, sent to the Senate that Sen. Reid would not allow to be introduced on the floor of the Senate.

                               So before you place your vote know what choices you have.

                               Voting for a Republican is no bargain either! The Republicans want to compromise our moral values away to placate the Liberal Democrats.
They do not see the need of the average U.S. Citizen.

                              Some of the Republicans want to move the Social Security retirement age to 72. Everyone has payed into this, so most of us want what we paid for.  They want to do this to pay for the Presidents bills.

                              Many of these Democratic Senators and, Congressmen want you to (Poof!) automatically believe that they are against The Presidents policies and, have been all along.

                             If these politicians were against these policies, how did they get passed?  How did they vote in the past? Finally have you heard or seen any evidence of them voting against the President? 

                            Your vote but, me I voted for the pot that is not so black!

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"If I Were President"


                       1.  Introduce a law to make an exception to the Posse Komitadus law to exclude a 3/4 mile strip of the United States along the borders of Central America and, the United States.

                            Include the same between Canada and, the U.S..

                      2. After passing the above law activate and, relocate the 11th ACR to the southern and, northern border of the U.S. .

                      3. Institute the draft at the same time divide the military up in to the high tech military and, the other forces.  High tech is expensive.

                     4. Pass a law if the United States has to use military force be it from behind or in front or, sideways a full declaration of war is to be declared by Congress. Then and only then shall the military get involved.

                    5. If the military has to get involved, once the war is won the country in which is fought on will be occupied by the United States and, its allies for 25 years.   Just like Germany and, Korea.

                         Unless this is understood going in, our soldiers will have died in vane.  This lowers the value of life.

                   6. Initiate the United States Identification card state by state, matching Id's with birth certificates/Death certificates.

                  7.  Call for a Constitutional discussion, with Governors on federal vs state authority.  

                 8. Remove the authority of judges both federal and, state of performing religious ceremonies.  Give authority to judges to join couples in legal unions.  Equal treatment under the law (IRS).

                 8a. Dissolve the IRS! Have a straight across the board 10% income tax.

                 9. Give the approving authority local judges for abortions.  Judges make decisions every day that are life and death decisions. These judges have to live with their decisions, let them make the decision to end a young life.

                    Only if a judge proclaims that a person should have an abortion it should be done.

                10.  Pass a Constitutional law proclaiming this country to be a country of and, by God. This country was founded on this belief and, its founders fled England for religious freedom.

                        Just because a minority wants this not to be true, doe's not mean it's true. If you wish to be in a country that was not founded on this belief,  find one.

                       At the same time proclaim that this federal government will not promote or, condemn any religion providing they are not against the Constitution.

                 11. Initiate a rewards program to any corporation that will provide a string of re-fueling stations for alternative fuel such as natural gas and, propane across the nation.

                12. Create a new federally run oil refineries and, production of gasoline to be sold in the United States at no more than $2.00 a gallon.

                13. Lower prices of Diesel fuel to lower prices of the products the Trucking companies and, trains have to deliver. Also provide punishments to those companies that take advantage of the lower prices.

                      Instead of increasing prices higher and, higher how about starting to lower the prices?

                14. The illegal immigrants that are in the country be given a choice either turn yourself in and, become a legal immigrant as a legal worker in the U.S. (Non-Voter) or face deportation.

                      But, before deportation a low standard living of a 5 year prison sentence.  Take actions to re-create the manufacturing 

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Rush Limbaugh's Comments of "Quarantine Governor Christie"


                       Oh no! Mr. Limbaugh, a talk radio show host, said that maybe Gov. Christie needs to be quarantined.  That must mean the Republican party is about to implode on it self.

                       I am a person that, I don't know, sorta got hooked on the truth. So I don't listen to the socialist news channels. You know the channels that say the Democratic party doe's nothing wrong.

                       I watch and, listen to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and, Rush Limbaugh. I do not take their verbiage on its own merit, I verify it by other sources i.e.. CSPAN.

                       Little secret to you socialist/communist/Marxist news channels we that are knowledgeable, had no intention in voting for governor Christie.  Those who have been following the governors career know that he is pro Amnesty for illegal immigrants.

                      I was pro Christie myself but, after hearing his speech, before the last Presidential election, I turned anti-Christie. Sorry, I liked his kick-ass attitude but, the line is drawn.

                      You are either for the health and, welfare of this country or, you are not.  You can not expect to be able to help others if you can not help yourself.

                      The Democrats want a pro Democratic population in this country. Ref; State of Fla. voted down making Spanish the states language. Ref; the increased need for the production of green cards at INS.

                      Once you get a green card, next you get a drivers license then last but, not least a voter's registration card. Most states all you need to get a voters registration card is a drivers license.

                      This is the reason why there are no Democrats helping people to get a picture Id card. Instead they block states who wish to enforce a voter Id card policy.

                      Vote for Gov. Christie and, you vote for a one party rule government. (Democratic)

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Bet"


                     The Bet is with the Democratic party. The Democratic party is betting you don't remember their Senators and, Congressmen supporting President Obama's failed policies.

                     While the President is on the campaign trail saying when you vote for a Democrat, you are voting for his policies, while the democrat politicians are hoping you won't remember they supported him.

                      The Democrats are betting on your ignorance of their past.  So I would say before you vote this time research the person your voting for.

"Ted Cruz for President"

"Ignorance and, Stupidity"


                      If a stranger walked up to you and said "Your ignorant!" would you get mad?  Well, first if they are in fact a stranger you shouldn't get mad because he doesn't know you.

                      Second, if they are not known to you then what matter, to you, doe's their opinion mean?  They do not pay your bills and, do not effect your life in any way, so why get mad. Me I just laugh!

                      Understand this most people misinterpret what the meaning of Ignorance really is.  They take the phrase of ignorance as an insult to their character.

                      Know and, understand this that the true meaning of ignorance is lacking in certain knowledge. 

                      If none of you are ignorant then you should be able to tell all of us is there is life on Mars? You should be able to tell us what planets do have life on them.  Because you know everything.

                    Albert Einstein was supposedly a genius and, of higher then normal intelligence, if there is a more intelligent person I am ignorant of that fact. However Einstein with his intellect was ignorant.

                    If someone calls you stupid, they are actually saying you may have the knowledge or, intellect to perform a function but, lack the ability or motivation to do so.

                   A person can be intelligent and, stupid at the same time.  I've known people who could explain how to tie their shoes but, could not perform the function themselves.

                  There are many that play at being intelligent. (Ref; The Three levels of intellect in the play "Hamlet")

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Ebola Prediction" (Nov. 1st)


                  Since Ebola has showed up in a seventh victim (2nd Nurse) in Dallas that flew on Frontier flight 1143. 121 passengers were potentially exposed to this highly infectious disease.

                 Supposedly on a flight from Cleveland, Ohio to Dallas, Texas, my question is if she was infected in Dallas by the first nurse or, the Liberians that died, how did she get from Dallas to Ohio , to fly back to Dallas.

                What do they think we are stupid?  I must point out that, from what the CDC tells us, Ebola can only be spread by bodily fluids. It's not airborne.

                 Is it me or is it weird how, last television season a series called "The Last Ship" premiered, that showed exactly what is happening right now with Ebola.

                I recorded the first (10) ten episodes. It does not end well.  Will, TNT air the continuance of the series after the apparent out break.

                 I am asking people that read this and, can spread the word to on October 31st, a Friday,  to keep their children home from school and, on the 1st of November, just days before the November 4th, midterm elections.

                I'm asking people to get those paper masks with the elastic straps and, wear them on November 1st wherever they go. This is to show those who are in power to protect us, will know our feelings.

                I know, it may sound silly but, I wonder if is it silly to those over 5,000 people that have died so far from this disease.

                Let's peacefully protest the lack of protection that our federal government is providing, while we still have the ability to do so.

                Do not panic! You can do something PROTEST!

                My prediction is that the President will restrict traveling by air these aid and, hospital workers that have been in contact with Ebola patients but, still will not restrict flights from Africa.

                Show your feelings about this lack of protection by our government from this disease on Saturday November 1st through November 4th.

               Close our borders and, restrict air flights from Africa. That's when we will know they are serious about protecting us!

                Look around you do you know the stranger sitting next to you, doesn't have it?

"Ted Cruz for President"



Friday, October 10, 2014

"Presidents Press Secretary, Jay Carney" (Nov. 1st)


                       I tell you, I don't know the back ground of Jay Carney but, he must have been a Lawyer before.  To the President's press secretary you must be able to tell some tall tails.

                      He stretches the truth a lot.  When Mr. Carney was asked why all these Democrat politicians, running for office, were distancing themselves from President Obama, he said this will happen when you have a UN-popular President.

                      Now that was not the bending of the truth I'm speaking of. First the statement UN-popular President is an understatement. I think everybody but, the dog catcher has thrown the President under the bus.

                     Liberals are saying that's what you get for voting for him, then they say what you talking about? I didn't vote for him. No one wants to admit they voted for him.

                    Let, me say this these Democrats that are looking for your vote this November, if they get re-elected,  watch how fast they will pucker up to kiss Obama's hind quarters, after the election.

                   Yeah sure, I'm not with Obama, that was that other guy.  Mr. Carney also said, the President's base has not abandoned him.

                    I can see it now two little old guys sitting, on stools, in the back of Democratic strategy room, with Obama pins on, looking at each other saying is he talking about us?

                   Oh that's right MSNBC is still blocking the news and, is actively promoting him. Or as my man Mark Levin says LSMSNBC

"Ted Cruz for President"


"How about All You Little Purple Penguins?" (Nov. 1st)


                    Don't you just love it when all these little UN-important liberals try to make big changes in yours and, your children's lives and, we catch them at it?

                   It seems this liberal school administrator felt that calling children by their sex as in boys and, girls was not politically correct and, too sexist so they decided to change it.

                  How about this?  Lets call them "Purple Penguins" now normally I would let something so small and, menial as this go by but, I mention this because these things are so small and, UN-important but, that's the left wing socialist party.

                 They come at you in small parts and, you put a lot of these small little parts together and, it makes one great big change. 

                Just like they are doing with our history books. I hope someone is collecting the previously written history books so after The United States comes back to its senses, we can place them back in the proper place.

               So stay alert all you little Purple Penguins out there!

"Ted Cruz for President"


"You Can Lead A Horse To Water But, You Can't Make Him Drink" (Nov.1st)


                      In other words as long as we have the freedom to do so, we the free God fearing people of the country of "The United States" will reject your so called social justice laws and, rules.

                      I'm speaking of course about the same sex marriages your trying to force down our throats.  What will piss you off the most is no matter what you do or, say we will never accept your ideas in our hearts.

                     You should realize this, that this country was built on religious freedom.  The English King "King George" tried to force everyone to belong to the Roman Catholic church, so we came to a new country.

                     Understand this that the same spirit that existed back then still exists, its just dormant.  but, you can only push it so far.  I can see a fight coming, I don't want it and, I can honestly say no one wants it.

                    But, evidently you want this fight or, else you would recognize that you can't force your beliefs on others.

                    You have forced my state to accept your same sex marriage but, that does not mean we accept you.

                   Those of us who have read the bible and, believe, Love our Lord God, and, know the following to be true.

                    At the end of times their will be those, who sin,  will look for justification for their sinful acts.

                    This is the reason you will not settle for same sex unions instead of marriage.  If your sinful union is joined by a church then it must be accepted by God and, the people that belong to him.

                    I tell you the truth your union was not accepted  in the past, is not accepted now nor, will it be accepted in the here after.  There will not be any justification for you.

                    The Preacher, Pastor or, priest that performs the act of your union will not in his heart join you together. It will be like your life has been, hollow. You will always know he was forced by the judges to marry you.


                    There is a higher court then the supreme court!

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Them Mean Old Swing Sets" (Nov. 1st)


                       You know when a child dies in a tragic accident such as falling from a swing set, it leaves a empty hollowness in our hearts.  It is no more less a tragedy then what happened to this child in Washington State.

                       So instead of normally grieving the loss of this young life, Washington, State, being the socialist state that it is, (Hello To Sen.Patty Murray). they decide to attempt to ban swing sets from schools.

                      I have an idea why don't we do this, instead of banning swing sets from all children, only ban them from being used by Liberal/Socialist children.

                     Recognizing the fact that to use certain exercise equipment, a person needs to have a certain amount of intellect to use them, to keep them from getting hurt.

                     We must realize that Liberals and socialist are limited to the amount of brain matter they are able to utilize.

                      You know, in my past when I would get in a hurry to do something, I would attempt to operate a piece of machinery you don't operate in hurry. I couldn't figure out why it would not work.

                     Then a friend would say "You know a person has to be smarter then the piece equipment he is trying to operate."

                     Well, this woke me up to what I was doing. Liberals/socialist are not as smart as the swing set they are trying to ban/operate.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Monday, October 6, 2014

"October 30th and, November 1st Protest"


                               It may not reach the ears of Obama, although they are so big I can't imagine anything missing them. I know that was beneath me!

                              I picked  October 30th for the children sick out, to protest the viruses coming into our country.

                             I picked November 1st to wear those little white paper masks that you see at Wal-Mart and, hospitals in protest for the adults.

                            I picked these days to coincide with the November 4th Election. I feel  if these politicians see how many want them to act they might start thinking.

                           I feel like most of you,  hopeless, while I stand by and,watch my country die!  So this is my effort plus I will be wearing my mask ,come November 1st.

                         So are you going to stand by and, watch this or, are you going to do something.  If everybody around the country is seen wearing a protective mask on the same day,     DO YOU THINK THEY WILL BE WORRIED?

"Ted Cruz for President"

{The Number is 6,  this is the number of cases and, possible cases of Ebola in America}  2 Doctors in Atlanta,   1 in Dallas that was turned away by the hospital,  1 other Aid worker in Nebraska, then you have the 2 in Washington DC.


"The Answer To Same Sex Marriage"


                       Now the United States prides itself in its ability to keep its government separate from its peoples religious beliefs. However it is blinded by its own laws.

                      It is true, that rights are being violated by not allowing same sex marriage.  If you treat a citizen no matter the sex differently then the other, it is wrong.

                      However were the clouds get merkie is when you give government officials the authority to perform religious ceromonies. The reason you do this is first you want them to receive the same treatment no matter their beliefs.

                     People who believe in God should not be treated better then those who don't!  You the government give financial breaks to families and, those who are married then those who are not.

                    The answer is take religion out of the government.  You the government have placed religion in the path of equal rights. 

                    The federal government needs to take away the authority of judges and, any other kind of state or, local government to perform these acts.

                    Allow churches to perform marriages and, Judges to address the needs of others. Legal unions who have the same rights and privileges as those who are religious.

                   If you do this, I will walk side by side with those who want same sex Unions, in a march for their rights. I am for equality!

"Ted Cruz for President"

"Dr. Speaks For Obama"


                     First let me apologize for my previous post! It was reported on FOX news, last week, that four children had died from the D68 Entro virus. Yesterday Fox news reported the first child has died from this virus.

                    Either way, it has been said that this D68 virus came up through the southern border, with the Obama illegals.

                    This doctor that spoke last night on the Megen Kelly show said it would do no good to close the border because of Ebola. Well, of course not but, he didn't mention the D68 virus.

                    The need to Quarantine the people coming from Africa is apparent but, our beloved leader refuses to obey the oath he swore to, to protect the good people of this country, from this threat.

                   European countries have already restricted flights out of Africa to their countries.  The latest is the left thinks Ebola is America's fault. Cause the countries in Africa would not exist if it weren't for the slave industry back when.

                  So the American people should suffer because of what happened back in the slavery  days.

                  The Democratic Senators and, Congressmen that are running for election on November 4th, is saying they are not for Obama's plans or his agenda. They know standing with him is like standing for the plaque.  

                  President Obama says although he is not running his agenda is. You can bet on that! If you vote for a Democrat this election you are voting to keep exposing your brother and, sisters to these diseases. 

                  You are voting to continue the high prices in health care, the increase in unemployment and, the decrease of companies that could hire you if they didn't have to go overseas to stay in business.

                  The President has an insurance policy. He knows that if the country gets rid of him, his incompetent Vice-President will be in charge. That's why Ben Laden placed a bounty on Obama's head.

                   If this country dies it will be because of the worse President in the history of  "The United States"

"Ted Cruz for President"



Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Too the New York Congressman"


                          The three branches of the federal government are as follows:

                        The Executive Branch.

                The Judicial Branch

                The Legislative Branch

The Executive Branch: President Barack Houdini Obama.

The Judicial Branch: The Attorney General Eric "Who Me" Holder.
                                            Supreme Court

The Legislative Branch:  

The U.S. Senate; Senator (D-NV) Harry "Dingy" Reid.

The U.S. House; Speaker of the House Rep. (R-OH) John "Rhino"  Boehner

Just so the next time your asked you'll know.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Spirit of the United States and, The NFL"


                          What do these things have in common? In World War One it was not the weapons or, Ideology that won the war. The same in World War Two.

                          It was the United States citizen's spirit that won these wars. There are many things that effect the spirit of this country.

                         The left knows this and that's the reason why they attacked Baseball with the steroids. 

                        They first tried to take down the NFL by the full contact attacks. How dangerous it was. 

                         That's when schools outlawed children playing dodge ball and, certain contacts in professional football was outlawed.

                         Now I grew up with a psychotic father that would beat on my mother. I hated what he did. 

                        So I am against the acts of these NFL players. However, why is it the NFL's business to police their employees?

                       Do you see Wal-Mart firing their employees because of spousal abuse?  Look its all a part of bringing down American sports.

                       There should be a place between the wife and, calling the police.

                       They must be vilified!  If you bring down the spirit of the country you bring down the country.   (NASCAR is next)

"Ted Cruz for President"


"A Constitution With a Bite"


                           When the Constitution was written and, signed the gentlemen that signed and, wrote it relied on the honor of those who govern. 

                           However you now know you can not count on the honor of the Democratic party. 

                          If it was just the President, I would recognize this but, the President has violated so many articles of the Constitution, he would have been impeached by now, if we had an honorable Senate.

                         Because the Senate of the Congress is controlled by Harry Reid and, the Democrats, this will not happen.

                         So why not have a Constitution convention of the states to amend our Constitution to put some teeth in it.

                        Lets face it honor in our country's federal government no longer exists. So lets place mandatory penalties if they do not obey the Constitution.

                        This would mandate the free election of a non-party affiliated  Attorney General and, in addition would mandate that this attorney general press charges against the President no matter the party.

                        This would also mandate, if found guilty, a certain amount of prison time for the President, Senators or, Congressmen.

                        If they know they have no control of the Sheriff then they just might not commit the crime.

"Ted  Cruz for President"


"The CDC and, The Ebola virus" (Russian Roulette)


                       When is the last time or, any time in history that the United States had a big threat of a deadly virus.

                       We have the Enterovirus D68 that threatens the children. Now we have the Ebola virus showing up in Dallas.  514 case of the D68 virus, 4 children have died from the D68 virus. 

                       A family and, 13 school children have been quarantined for Ebola in Dallas.  Lets see we are asked, to trust, the same CDC that allowed the Anthrax virus to walk out of a controlled laboratory environment.

                      The man that went to a hospital, Dallas Ebola Patient Zero, was given antibiotics  and, told to go home.  He then returned to the hospital when he got worse.

                      As to the Enterovirus D68, it has been said this virus came up from Mexico.  The Ebola virus came into the United States by Commercial air flight, from Liberia, Africa.

                     With all this The Obama regime still refuses to close the southern border and, stop all flights out of the Ebola infested area.

                     This is the President of the United States, that is sworn to protect this country.

                     I'm going to ask everyone that can on Thursday, October 30th to keep your children out of school and, on Saturday, November 1st, those who can and, are willing, to wear breathing protection masks.

                    This is to protest the actions of this President of placing this country at risk from these viruses. I ask you to do this before its to late. If you have not been effected by these, if something is not done soon,  you will.

                    How much confidence do you have,  in the appointed people of the federal government, to protect you and your family?

                     (Is this the, TNT Channel, series "The Last Ship" coming true?")

"Ted Cruz for President"