Saturday, June 27, 2015

"The Supreme Court Decision"


               What does the Supreme Court decision mean to those who have not lost their minds?

               What it means is the legalization of the act of Sodomy. To us Christians, Sodomy is a sin! Thus this is a direct violation between Church and, State.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Dare"


                         I dare you to find the phrase marriage before it is mentioned in the bible, when God gave it to Moses!

                        So why do you think the same sex people, other then tax purposes, want to have the religious act of marriage? Could it be that they want to be accepted into the churches? 

                       Thus, if they are accepted into churches, they could have a feeling that they are not committing a sin.

                       As it is written in, the bible that Christians believe in, in the last days, before the son of God , Jesus,  comes to pass judgement on man, people will try to justify their sins.

                       They believe their justification will come with them being accepted into churches. What they really don't understand is, it doesn't really matter whither they get married or,  not, they will never be accepted into the hearts of true Christians.

                      Is it hatred that causes my attitude? No, I read my bible and, find in the book of Genesis, the story of Sodom & Gomorrah. The angels of the Lord God destroyed these cities , because they found them to be unworthy to exist.

                     Because of the sinful act of sodomy.

                     I do not know what God will do to this country.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Birth Place Of Democracy"


                             Are you paying attention to the flag changes, are you? Well, good you won't be paying attention to the birth place of Democracy going bankrupt.

                            Yes, the country that boasts to be the home place of Democracy is finally going bankrupt. But, you won't see it because your paying attention to the States changing their flags.

                           Now you might not know this but, I do, Greece is a beautiful country. You can still visit the Acropolis which is still standing.  The money denomination there is the Drachma.

                          When I was there in the 80's, it was 30 Drachma's per dollar. Everything you do or, buy on the Greek economy you pay for, and, the Greek government has a hand in it.

                         Imagine a wooden wall standing up on your favorite beach. All along the California beaches. The Florida beaches Cocoa Beach, Palm Beach and, all the rest. Well, that's the beaches of Greece. It costs 30 Drachmas to get on the beach through several doors in the wall.

                        Crazy, ridiculous you say? You think I'm making this up go there and, find out for yourself. I was stationed there. Those who have been on the beaches of Athens, know this to be true.

                       The Greek government killed Greece! They gave the Greek people benefits that they could not sustain. Then they taxed away the tourists.

                       In the 80's if you bought anything on the Greek economy that had a value of $50.00 or, more, if you wanted to take it out of the country, you had to pay the the Greek government 108% sales tax.

                      That was in the 80's! Know this that all purely Democratic governments say they are for the people but, they are really about gaining more and, more power. Power equals money.

                     The problem with power is total power corrupts. When they get money they want more money. Money is power. The Democrats of this country want to do that to us.

                     Socialism has failed, in the Soviet Union, the liberals won't admit it. Now that Democracy has failed in Greece they don't want to admit that either. Ask your favorite Democratic politician about what happened in Greece.

                    If after we witness the country of Greece going under due to their liberal practices, in government, and, still allow the Democratic party to do that to us, then we deserve what we get.

                  Yes,  allow them to over tax so we can get our government checks. Understand this, there is never enough. More taxes, less freedom.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, June 23, 2015



                WOW! You see that he said the "N Word" I said it to get the response that President Obama got after saying it. He said it to get your attention.

               That word is a terrible word. It's a word used to inflict pain and, cause death of so many innocent beautiful people. I said it here to make a point, to bring out the biggest problem.

               This is what African Americans have been saying for years.  The song "The Back Stabbers" is true. 

               There are, not only white but, Native American, Latino Americans and, even African Americans that secretly have hate in their hearts toward the African American Race.

               Some are taught this by their bigoted parents. Some have been done wrong by one or, more African Americans and, stereo type that all African Americans are the same.

              I am Native American, if you must know.  I sometimes look Caucasian.(white) I've lived in the projects in Kentucky, in the 60's and, in Gary, Indiana in the 70's.

             Some think Gary is so close to Chicago, it could be considered part of Chicago. Anyway the reason I mention this is because I have seen suffering, so many tears and, so much pain.

              These tears and, pain was caused by so many that said they were not prejudice. The tears and, pain belonged to African American young children. Children, yes, because I was a child while watching it.

              The "N word" was always there.

                 If you are a bigot do not attempt to know me, unless you agree to change your ways. Why, the following is the reason.

                       The military use to have classes called "Race Relations". I had the opportunity to attend one of these classes and, was not asked to attend again.

                       The first day, the part before we broke for lunch the room was purposely divided up where whites sat on one side and, blacks on the other.

                       As the instructor spoke all the people both black and, white spoke and, said bigotry is bad. Being prejudice is bad.

                      Oh all was glorious in the sunshine, until we went to lunch.  We all went to the snack bar. The whites sat together and, well even though I considered myself as Indian, I passed as white.

                     As we sat there almost all the whites that just minutes ago said how bad bigotry was, started in with all the bigoted  slurs. I said nothing for a while but, finally I sat somewhere else.

                    When we went back to class all these guys that where saying these slurs where back speaking against bigotry.

                     I raised my hand, he recognized me. I said "Wait a minute guys you guys where just saying how everybody should own one and, how they should all be sent back to Africa, what are you saying now?"

                    It was quite no one said a word. The tension in the air between the races was big. The instructor looked at me like,  who are you and, why did you do this to me.

                     This is a fine example of the bigots deception. This was in the 80's but, it still exists today. I sing Karaoke and, enjoy the old Doo Wop music. So I sing them and, people say I'm good at it.

                     I realized this hatred still existed when I had an old guy come out of the bathroom as I was going in. He said your the one that sings that Nigger music aren't you. I was shocked.

                     I give a shout out to my brothers Raju, Rodriguez and, "Tread Head"  Fred. hope you guys are alright. Raju love ya brother!

                      Please stop the hate! Don't say the word it has hurt to many of those who deserve love!

"Ted Cruz for President"


Monday, June 22, 2015

"2016 Democratic Election" or "Who Can Be a Bigger Socialist?"


                     The 2016 Democratic election is turning in to be a contest of who can be a bigger socialist then the other.  Hilary Clinton or, Bernie Sanders.

                    Oh Bernie Sanders has got one up on Mrs. Clinton Though, Sen. Sanders is a registered Socialist and, is proud of it. Mrs. Clinton has an advantage over Sen. Sanders the one thing Sen. Sanders can't do a thing about is She's a woman.

                   Yes, just like many who voted for then, Sen. Obama, because he was an African American and, they did not want to seem prejudice, for many the only reason they can give for voting for Mrs. Clinton is that she is a woman.

                 Now lets see, you voted for Sen. Barack Obama cause you believed his lies and, he is an African American. Some view their choice as a mistake.

                Are you going to repeat that mistake in voting for someone that has been proven to be a liar. Your going to vote for her merely because she's a woman.

               So you want this country to be ruled by a socialist dictator. President Obama has set this country up to be pushed over the edge to that extent. Once a country goes to a socialist dictatorship, they can not come back.

               The country will remain in socialism because the crooks will not let go of it. Look at Russia, the ex- Soviet Union or,  "Union of The Soviet Socialist Republic"  U.S.S.R. Even though the wall fell and, the Soviets are out of office are they free?

               They are not free of corruption! Lets keep our freedoms and, make changes in a Constitutional Convention.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Sunday, June 21, 2015

"The Islamic Extremist/Hitler Connection"


                     The Netgeo Channel is having a day that is showing the evil of Adolf Hitler. Now I know many of you left wing nuts deny the Holocaust ever happened but, it did. I know you can not defend the Islamic Extremist if it did.

                      Mainly because, a good majority of the middle east hate the Jewish people. 

                     There can not be two victims. 

                     The only reason I am blogging about this is because many of you out there have never heard of the Islamic extremist connection. Which is when Hitler Allied  Germany, in WWII, with the middle east.

                    You probably will not see the documentary that the History Channel showed over a year ago because we have a Islamic Extremist President. The liberals are in charge of the news and,  programing of what you see on TV.

                   With their attempt to re-write history, so goes the truth about the middle east. During WWII the Middle east had what they call the Grand Mafti.  The Grand Mafti met up with high ranking Nazi officials.

                   Hitler would not meet up with any Muslim because they were not Arien (pure) so, he sent his generals. A secret alliance between Germany and, the middle east was formed.

                  A peace agreement was never signed by the middle east. Japan and, Germany had signed one but, not the middle eastern countries. This is the main reason why many of the Arab countries deny the existence of the Holocaust.

                   Just as Hitler thought of the Jews so does the Muslim Extremist think of those who do not believe in Allah. You are valued at less then dirt.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Friday, June 19, 2015

"X. Legalization of Marijuana"


                   Let's think about it really! The left has been trying to dummy down the American public for years. If we don't know what they are doing in the federal government then we can not raise Cain about it.

                 While in the military I smoked dope. You feel so relaxed and, good you don't care whats going on around you. So your whole life can pass by you.

                 So lets all get high and allow the socialist dictatorial Clinton's do it to us, while we watch.

                If there is a legalization of Marijuana in a Constitutional convention it can be decided that three states be chosen to have legalized Marijuana. Just like prostitution is legal in Nevada.

                These three states must produce laws that safeguard the other states from the people that smoke or, sale of this substance. Heavy security at the state lines. No state employees can partake.

                All legalized state citizens can not be expedited from another state for a drug connected crime. Any other state citizen that purchases the drug in the legalized state will give up the right of their own state, due to purchasing of the drug.

               Legalized states must protect the other states citizens from the effect of this drug. the states legal status will be reconsidered every 5 years, to insure proper enforcement of their drug laws.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"It's Nice To Be Represented In Congress"


                     Yes, it's nice when your represented in Congress but, that's not what happened on the 18th of June 2015.

                     It seems that Oklahoma federal Congressmen Cole, Mullins and, Lucas do not think the power and, authority of trade belongs in the hands of the people of the United States.

                    We must not forget the votes of Senators James Inhofe and, Langford, they both voted for it also.

                     By that I mean, the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, which is suppose to Represent us in Congress and, when they give away their power and, authority, they give away the people's decision making authority.

                   As I understand it,  now that Obama's fast track bill has been passed by the Obama Representatives, in the U.S. House and, Senate, the decisions of United States trade are now going to be decided by an outside multi country council. (Maybe The U.N.)

                 Of course a fast track for immigrants are in this bill also and, our cowardly Republican Congress approved it.

                I will go out of my way to insure people think twice,  before they vote for these politicians.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Kill Thy Neighbor?"


                   June 17th 2015 nine (9) brothers and, sisters in Christ are murdered by a sick bigot.

                   This gives President Obama and, his anti second amendment minions to present an argument against guns. The bodies weren't even cold before they came out with their venom towards guns.

                 One of the persons of the nine was the pastor of the church where he was killed. He was also a South Carolina state Representative. There has been many news personnel to come out and say "If Only one of the people in the church had a gun"

                 Those who understand God and, Christianity know,  if you are a devote christian your faith is tested most in the time of need.  It is written the most powerful weapon God gives us is love. If preachers carry guns in church does that make God a liar?

                It's not kill thy neighbor, it's love thy neighbor! If a preacher or, priest brings a weapon of self defense in the house of the Lord then that is saying to the Lord thy God that I do not believe my God will protect me.

                 Do not loose your faith! If you must to help you church members put in a metal detecting door. Do not introduce violence into you house of worship.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Should The City of Tulsa Change It's Name To the City of Construction?"


                      Two years ago the city of Tulsa had it's bypass I-244 torn up and rebuilt from the ground up. Down to the dirt. Now they are rebuilding it again from the ground up.

                      Now I don't know that much about highway construction but, I'm thinking the road should last longer then 2 years. I'm thinking the taxpayers are getting ripped off.

                     It's either poor workmanship or, cheap materials. Something causes the highway to wear out so fast.

                    It's not only I-244, almost every street or, road in and, out of Tulsa has orange cones in them. These cones are not there for just a day or, two, they are there for weeks.

                   So, should Tulsa change it's name to Construction, Oklahoma? Should there be an investigation as to where the money is going for the rebuilding of these roads?

                  Should the people of Tulsa have to pay more then they should?  Another good question is, is the state of Oklahoma using road construction to solve it's unemployment problems?

                 Somethings wrong somewhere.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"VIII & IX Three Separate Branches of Government/ Attorney Generals"


                      From my understanding of job functions of a United States Federal Attorney General is, he brings charges and, investigations on federal cases such as Senators and, Congressmen. Yes and, even the President.

                     Now if that is the case, doe's it make sense to have the President of The United States appoint the Attorney General's?

                     How can there be truly three separate branches of government if the head of the Executive Branch appoints the head of the Judicial branch. Of course the appointee has to go through Congress.

                    Congress can not filter out the obedience he or, she has to the one who appoints them.

                    I propose, in the Constitutional convention, a plan/law be placed into effect that every state and, federal  Attorney Generals be elected by the people and these Attorney Generals can not be party affiliated.

                  In other words he has no alledgence to no one. This will leave him or, her free to go after crooked politicians to include the President. What happened to the U.S. Marshals service?

                 The U.S. Marshals office to be used in serving warrants of the Attorney Generals.

                  Do you remember when, the Democrats raised so much hell when, President George W. Bush fired all those state Attorney Generals. If a President can fire them, then, a President must be in charge of appointing them.

                   In our federal elections the one person that says there were no illegal immigrants voting in our election's is the one that could benefit from it being crooked.

                   For an election to be excepted as legal it must be verified by each state Attorney General and, if the party that appointed him or, her wins  guess what election, be it legal or not, is going to be verified.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Liberal Left Wing Nut"


                          Back in the 60's and, 70's there were many African Americans (Blacks) wanting to be Caucasian Americans (White). Why because to be black meant that you are to be treated less then human.

                          Now, it's been reversed, to be white means that you are to be treated less then human. Many people call this reverse racism. When you look at it there is no such thing as reverse racism, there is just racism.

                         Whites I have seen your Miss-treatment of blacks, in the 60's, in the projects of Kentucky and, in the streets of Chicago. In the shops and, bars of Germany.

                         Blacks I've seen your Miss-treatment of whites in the 90's all up to today's date.

                        In the 60's and, 70's there were WWB's (White Wanna Be's) and, in the 2000's there are BWB's (Black Wanna Be's).

                       Whither they are ashamed of their race or not they want to be a member of another race. Recently a obviously  white woman has stated she is black. She just happens to have been a top member of the NAACP.

                       I say what difference does it make what color her skin is. The wrong that was perpetrated by this woman was the lie of her heritage to get a job. She lied to her future boss! After that,  how could you believe a word she said.

                     I say this woman is a sensationalist. This is her way of getting attention and, her protest is the fact that people identify her as white because of the color of her skin.

                   The liberal media is so caught up in the mistreatment of blacks by the police, they have to pay attention to a wacko job of a white woman wanting to be black.

                   I say she no more thinks she's black then then any other white American this is her way of getting attention.  

                    Americans stop paying attention to this, it's a media stunt to get you to pay attention to something else other then the fast track trade deal. The fast track trade deal gives the power of the United States trade deals to the United Nations.

                    You ask why Barack Obama acts like he's running for office all the time,  he is,  he's running for the head of the U.N. Which he then will be in control of many assets of the United States.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Where On Earth Did Common Core Come From?"


                        Do you remember that conspiracy theorist nut, Glenn Beck? Well, at least I thought he was a crazy nut. He came out with some really outrageous ideas.

                       One of the ideas was the one about "Agenda 21"  He said some pretty outrageous things. He stated that "Agenda 21" is part of the United Nations plan of share the wealth, thus dividing up the land and, money of the United States and, many other countries.

                      He also said that Common Core Educational program is part of the United Nations "Agenda 21" plan. The plan gets each of the schools to except federal funding for the implementation of the Common Core plan.

                     Then to keep the funding the schools must set their educational standards to what the government wants. 

                     Part of the program is to dummy down the education of children so as to not allow them educational properties to understand what their government is doing.

                    The second part is to standardize the education as to vocational standards. For example if a child has a less then average intellect then they would bend his or, her education to that of a janitor or, a waiter.

                   Also all students must give their families family history, medical and, financial holdings.

                  Now Mr. Beck challenged his audience to do their own investigation. go to So I did.  In the top right hand corner of the U.N. site it had a search block. I then typed in Agenda 21.

                That took me to a page describing a world meeting they had in South America. Sure as anything there was "Agenda 21" part of agenda 21 was "Common Core"

               Find out for yourself but, I must warn you after my first blog about this, I went back to the site and, they had reduced the font size. I don't know if they still have it there but, try it.

               This is what Gov. Jeb Bush is for as your President. This is the same of what President Obama is for.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Rhino Republican Plan"


                        Many are wondering why is there so many Republican candidates running for President? 

                       I have wondered that to. So I asked my brother, he pointed out that the Drive by night liberal media has a limit to 10 candidates for the debates. 

                     So he says the Establishment Republicans, not wanting strict conservative in the President's office, they are flooding the field.  He believes that the Republican thinking is the conservatives won't make the cut.

                    Thus the good old boy rich cats will keep the power.  So it would be the,  I know whats good for you, whither you like it or, not, arrogant Democrats, wanting a dictatorship or, the lets get richer by making deals behind the doors with lobbyist Republicans.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Answer To The ISSI Threat"


                             If the President is willing, the answer to the I.S.S.I. threat is simple! Re-build the military that he has torn down. Then, if it is true that the Muslim nations consider Iraq as sacred ground and, are fighting the forces of I.S.S.I. 

                            After you rebuild our military, consult the Congress to get there approval.  Then go on live TV and, in an address to the Muslim nations, tell them we the United States will fight off the forces of I.S.S.I however its gonna cost.

                          The cost is this, if the United States is willing to pay for a war with our lives and, money against this evil, then they (the Muslim nations) need to agree to allow the United States and, it's Allie's to occupy the country of Iraq for at least 20 years.

                         The Muslim nations must agree publicly that they or, their military will not take any kind of  actions violent or, other wise against the U.S. military or, it's civilian counterparts within the country of Iraq.

                         The Muslim countries must agree to this on both live TV and, at the United Nations. Unless this happens the Middle East can fight it out amongst themselves. Iran is a different subject!

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"VII. Conduct of a Politician"


                       This to should be discussed at a Constitutional convention. with the re-defining of the Constitution some politicians will have to stifle their activities.

                       You see if the Attorney Generals Office, being an elected one and, not appointed by Congress or, the President this will free them up to go after the politicians that violate their oath of office.

                       Also what should be discussed should be the obligation of all politicians to truly represent their states. The 10th amendment, the rights of the states.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Difference"


                       Recently, I had a discussion with a liberal friend about the Clinton's. When I brought up the the fact about President Clinton having sex in the Oval office she got very offensive about it. She said that's just people trying to mind his business in the bedroom.

                       I guess something doe's not click in the liberal mind of the location.

                      In all actuality its this, the liberal minds do not hold the White House and, or, Oval office in the same reverence that conservatives do. The respect of the buildings do not exist with them.

                     They don't understand that the same place that Washington, Lincoln and, Kennedy sat and, conducted business for the people of the United States is, will for ever more, be known and, marked as the place where President William Jefferson Clinton received oral sexual favors from a White House Aid.

                     This is a disgrace, just as it's a disgrace that the only plaque on the moon that shows that man was there, is signed by a crooked President Richard M. Nixon.

                     The difference is the respect for the Office of the presidency. When you disrespect the White House you disrespect the President.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"VI Conduct of a President"


                 In a continuation of my 14 part post in what I look for in my choice of a President is as follows.

VI.         Conduct of The President

               If the Presidency of Barack Obama has taught us anything it has taught us this, one a candidate will tell you anything to get in the office of President. Once they get in they don't have to worry about keeping any promise.

                A Constitutional Convention can create an on line promise bank that publicly states if a candidate places a  promise on this site then that candidate can be legally charged with campaign fraud. 

              With possible penalties of impeachment strict I know but, something has to be done.

              Also President Obama and, the liberals have stretched the definition of what the Constitution means to the furthest levels ever reached.

             So since we found out we can not count on the honor of the person holding the office of President, we need to narrow the meaning of the constitution.

            If the Constitution is defined, then their can be laws created to charge politicians who violate their oath of office. Thus re-enforcing of the Constitution.

              The authorization of the President to appoint any Attorney Generals be revoked. Thus, truly creating three separate branches of federal government, not controlled by the President.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Reason For Voting For Hilary"


                    I have some liberal friends that say they are voting for Ex-Secretary of State(Who wasn't home at 3am for Benghazi) Hilary Clinton. These friends happen to be women. 

                   When asked, why, the only reason they gave is because she is a woman. No other reason!  Well, I then brought up Carly Fiorna and, they shut up. 

                  I also asked them if they felt comfortable voting for someone who has taken financial donations from countries that are against women having equal rights. (Sharia Law)

                  After her flopping around in first couple of months,  Mrs. Clinton's minions are working over time to repair her sun glasses times. Her recent episode of throwing a pool reporter off the bus, is a look on how she plans to run the White House.

                Lets see the positives she's a woman, she was Secretary of State, she was first lady, she stood by her man while he was president and, had the non-sex, sex thing with Monica in the Oval office.

                The Negatives; in her commercial, running against Barack Obama, it said will he be home at 3am if trouble happens? Well, question is was she there to answer the call  from Benghazi.

                She hide her conversations from the public and, the office she worked for and, wiped her server to keep people from finding out what was said in the Benghazi episode.

                She had to re-adjust her tax filing to show donations from foreign countries after a book came out about her. 

               This book, which the author has no evidence of, stated that her and, her husband worked together in a sale to the Russians of the American Plutonium reserves.

               It is reported that, she has also taken financial donations from countries that enforce Sharia law, which denies equal rights to women and, condemns kills Gay's 

               Rumor has it that when you donate to the Clinton foundation charities, it is funneled through to the Clinton's pocket. But, like many of the negatives of the Clinton's, they hide things well.

               Was her letter to the United Nations a real belief of hers. I'm speaking, of course the letter that she gave to the U.N. telling them that the United States will stifle free speech on the Internet.

             Well, I guess it depends on what your definition of what is, is.  Mrs. Clinton has own saying. "What difference does it make?"

"I don't know about you but, my folks taught me "Where there's Smoke there has to be a little bit of fire"  Can we afford to take the chance?

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Trump For President?"


                 Well, I like his out look on the countries financial situation. However like most people that are good at finance, they do not make great diplomats with foreign countries.

                 He speaks about leveling the field of trade but, he doesn't speak of the reaction of the other countries that it will effect.  China owns a majority of our debt, thanks to the Clintons and, President Obama.

                 So lets be smart and, re-build our military that President  Obama has all but dismantled. If you have been on government vehicle you would have seen practically brand new military vehicles being sold off.

                Active duty military being given notice (Pink Slips) of their termination of service. This is all apart of President Obama's lowering our military defenses.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Monday, June 15, 2015

"The Anti U.S. Military Soldier Spokeswoman"


                     I still can't believe she is still in office. Congresswomen Debbie Wassermann Schultz (The Democratic National Committee Chairwoman) spoke against Gov. Jeb Bush.

                    Floridians,  ask this woman how she voted when it came to include veterans into the Hate crimes bill. Remember the Democratic party is the one that has stated "U.S. Military veterans are future domestic terrorists"

                   This woman has the same ideology that is ramped throughout the Democrat party. (Anti War)

"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Little General"


                  I just heard, on the news, that the would be Queen Sen, Hilary Clinton is talking about the Republicans taking away the ladder to success for the poor person.

                 One of the things, you and, I know about the liberals is, they will always point out what others are doing with their money but, will not mention anything about their own millions. 

                Yes Senator Clinton what is your money doing besides holding the poor people back?  She is referencing the Republican drive to insure the Presidential elections are legal.

                So far in many states, to vote, you don't have to show as much ID. as you would to buy a drink. 

               Why? It's because they need the illegal immigrant vote.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Jeb Bush, Really?"


                    Jeb Bush is, to my mind just another Rhino. In other words he is a Liberal Republican that wishes to have a Republican Dictatorship. You see both the Republican and, Democrat party has been rushing toward a dictatorial government.

                   The difference between the two is the Democrats want to speed up the path. The Democrats have had to join up with the other groups such as the "TCA" "The Communists of America".  The Marxist, the Muslim support group "Code Pink".

                  The Anarchist, The socialist, Gay Rights groups and, American Atheist. Jeb Bush is just another candidate that's flooding the field of candidates on the Republican side.

                  The purpose of so many candidates is to so dilute the Republican party Convention that the Republican will have to go to the popular vote. They know that a true conservative candidate is a real threat.

                  They feel,  that if a conservative candidate gets the Republican nomination then, they feel , a Democrat will win the Presidency. They also don't agree with conservative values.

                  So, sorry Gov. Bush no vote for you!

"Ted Cruz (A Fighter) for President"


"I'm Back" Liberals Take Note


                    Yes, my main computer is in the shop right now but, I have a back up. Evidently they don't like what I'm saying.

                    The truth will set you free, little liberals. So I will continue pointing out your agenda to make this country a socialist Dictatorial one.

                    My other computer is hurt right now. I've had to get it repaired four times and, it was expensive but, you still will not shut me up. The technicians said infested with viruses.

                   Well, since the only three places I go on the Internet is my email and, one other place that supposedly, by the Techs, I could not pick up a virus, I have to think it's here.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Sunday, June 7, 2015

"V. Abortion"


                         One of the divisions of America is what is considered to be a life. Christians and, conservatives consider life to begin at conception, others believe life starts at birth.

                        There are those who wish to dictate sometime between conception and, birth is when life begins. There are those who really don't care when life begins.

                        I agree,  no one person has a right to tell a woman what she can and, can not do with her body,as long as it does not effect anyone else. It is your body and, only you will answer for any wrong you do to it.

                       However you must realize others consider it murder for you to end a life like this. When you use their tax money to do this you include them in your actions. So in effect they are helping you murder a little being.

                      I am a firm believer that human beings have a right to do what ever they choose to do, as long as it does not effect anyone else. Once it does you include them in your actions.

                     So I propose the following; remove the decisions of the  ending of a pregnancy  from the mother and, the doctors.

                      Create a system that states from the time of conception to 4.5 months, if the mother wishes to end her pregnancy for mental or, physical reasons she must, at government expense, seek out legal authority to do so.

                     In other words set aside certain judges to pass judgement as to whither or, not the pregnancy should be ended or, the child should be adopted.

                   Criminal judges pass judgement on murderers almost everyday. Let them and, only them have the wisdom of life and, death of a pregnancy.

                    This will allow the woman the burden of showing why this life should end. These women have a right to express their feelings too. Only exception would be, if the mothers life is in jeopardy between the 4.5 months to birth.

                    Then the mother should have the decision to end the pregnancy. This will not end the back street abortions but, it will end the ill feelings toward those mothers and, doctors who have abortions.

                    This will also stop the guilt of people paying tax money for abortions.

"Ted Cruz for President"