Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Let Me See a Show of Hands!"


                       Lets see the only female in the political show against the leading Democratic front runner, which just happens to be female is criticized and, called a liar.

                      Do you remember in the elementary school yard when you where going to school two little girls going back and forth,  your a liar, no your a liar, no your liar.

                      The trustworthiness  of Ex-Secretary of State Hilary R. Clinton can be measured in a shot glass.

                      So let me see a show of hands of the people that did not see this coming.

                     I'm talking about the liberal left propaganda media attacking Carly Fiorina saying that she lied about the contents of the Planned Parenthood videos.

                     To tell you the truth, I have not seen a whole lot of the footage. But, from what I have seen, it would not be too great of a stretch to go to where Carly Fiorina's description.

                    I tell you the truth "There is a special place in the depths of Hell for those who harm baby's"

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Sen. Rand Paul"


                    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been hot on the trail of Speaker of the House John Beohner to get rid of him. 

                   He has also been in a fight against the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) that is in deep with the ex-Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV).

                   Sen. Harry Reid  (D-NV) and, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-NV) have an agreement to insure the passage of the Federal Budget that includes funding baby parts dealers Planned Parenthood.

                  President Barack Obama says unless the Budget includes funds to sell baby parts, that he will veto the budget thus closing down government.

                 Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have a deal to insure the passage of the agreement of Iranian Nuke Deal.

                What doe's this have to do with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)? Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has been out front in his criticism of Donald Trump in his buying influence. 

                Now, because of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) fighting the passage of these two legislation's, it seems he now is under attack by Sen. Rand Paul. I wonder who is buying Sen. Paul's influence. 

               Sen. Paul must have deal with the Majority Leader.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Sen.Ted Cruz Stands Alone"


                       Mark Levin (I hope I spelled that right) reported today that Sen. Ted Cruz is being closed out by the rest of the Republican Congress cause he has the nerve to stand up against them.

                      Sen. Ted Cruz is standing up alone against the funding of Planned Parenthood.  

                     He stands alone against Sen. McConnell (R-KY) and, the rest of the Senate Republicans in the Iranian Nuke Deal.

                    Before there was a Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina or, Ben Carson came in to fight for this country, there was Sen. Ted Cruz going against his own party.

                    This is a courageous Senator fighting from the inside of Congress. Can you recognize that we have asked for someone in Congress to fight against the corrupt Washington crooks for some time?

                    When we finally get someone and, you don't believe him.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Carly Fiorina"


                     For the Republican (Conservative) party side to win against the socialist Democrat side, we must have a strong candidate. This means, no skeletons in the closet. 

                    In short our candidate can not have anything that the other side can use against them.  Now, while I like both candidates I'm about to mention until the following gets answered I can not support them for President.

                   You might have noticed that I have, had in the past,  the name of Carly Fiorina typed in red above my "Ted Cruz for President" statement.

                  Since I have heard about the possibility of Mrs. Fiorina, while she was a CEO, pushing her companies to increase the use of migrant workers. It is also rumored that Marco Rubio did this also.

                 When I heard about this I ceased promoting Mrs. Fiorina. I also heard that Sen. Marco Rubio did the same.

                I can not promote the nomination of either candidates while this question is unanswered.  If the migrant workers were the legal type I have no problem with it.

               How can you trust them with border security and, the illegal immigration problem,  with this in their past?

"Ted Cruz for President"


Monday, September 28, 2015

"Constitutional Convention"


                       Many of the different subjects that the candidates are saying they will change,  can only be changed through having a Constitutional Convention.

                       I must have missed it when anyone of them mentioned anything about requesting or having a Constitutional Convention.  

                      The states and, federal government would have to sit down with each other and, come to a televised agreement as to what would be the actions that would be needed to the laws.

                      This would be to close the loopholes that the socialist, Marxist and, Communist have found in our constitution to allow them to do what they have done to our country.

                      This would also be to undo the damages they have done to this country.  They have re-written the history books. Infiltrated our schools with socialist professors that push anti-American beliefs.

                      They have tried to change our religions and, our population of races and, religious structure.

                     Last but, not least they bring in the left wing leaning Pope and, miraculously a little Latino girl made it all the way through all the Secret Service people protecting him.

                     Of course to hand him a note asking him to allow illegal immigration. Now I wonder who could have allowed the little girl so close to the Pope without being accosted by the Secret Service.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Glenn Beck Reports"


                         Way back when, when Glenn Beck was on CNN. Before both Mr. Beck and,  CNN decided that they should part company. Glenn Beck aired a story about Al Gore's Global Warming.

                         Today a story breaks about the discovery of water on the planet Mars. What do these stories have in common.

                         Glenn Beck's story was how scientist had discovered that the temperature of the surface of Mars is heating up. That must mean there is Global Warming on Mars.

                        He asked did humans cause Global Warming on Mars.

                        Now, today on Rush Limbaugh, he reports that scientist have discovered water on Mars and, they say there would be more but, they feel that due to the heating up of the sun, it caused Global Warming.

                       Notice no one has said the sun could be causing the extreme weather we are experiencing on this planet.

                        I wonder why it was not reported on more, back then?

"Ted Cruz for President"


Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Beohner's Resignation"


                     This is a message to the ruling socialist party, both Republican and, Democrats. 

                     The people of the United States are about to nominate  for president the biggest asshole in the world and, you think you can slip a Beohner clone in as speaker of the House.

                    But, it seems that to get the Obama agenda accomplished,  Speaker Beohner is gonna stick around to make sure the Iranians get their Nukes and, Planned Parenthood continues selling baby parts.

                  Yes, it seems that the institution that the Speaker has been talking about preserving, is more important then the people of The United States.

                  He wants to stick around to insure Congress votes to ratify the Obama deal with Iran. He also believes the same way Sen. Lindsey Graham does. 

                 If we shut down the federal government for the unborn babies sake the Republican party will get the blame. It will do ill repairable damage to the Republican party.

                The baby killing left wing media will be sure to make it out in the news that it's the Republican Party that has shut down the government.

                Yes, says the cowardly lion of the land of Beohner's land of Oz.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Who Let The Dogs Out?"


                          For years, at least as long as it's been on TV, I wondered what was the fascination people had in watching the series "The Walking Dead"

                         So with a whole world of Zombies. I didn't really understand it till I bought the movie "Zombie Land" and, Yes I'm gonna mix politics in this.

                        Every day you watch the news how this person and, that person was killed. You hear about baby's being killed for their body parts.

                        You hear about Christians being be-headed in the middle east. Is there anything anyone can do about it. Well, the liberal left wing agenda is against the killing of people and, animals.

                        They have made too many man kills man movies, in the past so how doe's the public vent it's anger without blaming it on the Islamic Extremist?

                        Hey, why not create an atmosphere of, man killing what use to be a man.  Hey if a zombie dies who's hurt.

                        Series like these allows the venting of anger but, not against those who have caused the anger.  They will not make a movie against the people who are killing baby's for parts.

                        They will not make a movie with Islamic extremists as the bad guys. They agree with them that the United States needs to be controlled and, all the power and, wealth that the People of the United States was not earned but, stolen.

                       Stolen from third world countries such as the Islamic Extremist that are be-heading the Christians in the middle east. Yes, the same Islamic extremists that President Obama justified them killing of, by bringing up the christian dark ages.

                       Two wrongs make a right? So watch "The Walking Dead" so in your mind you can get your revenge on the mindless dummies cause heaven knows,  if you want to get your anger out on the mindless dummies that are actually making you angry.

                      You can't count on the Muslim Left! Of Hollywood.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Ring Around The Pope"


                            Hmmmm! the Pope makes a visit to The United States and, it just happens to be during an election year.

                           He conducts his first Mass ever done here. He also is sounding off in support of the Liberal agenda. Climate change and, illegal immigration.

                          He visits the White House and, speaks to the masses. The Democrats all gather around him as if they believe in what the Catholic Church believes.

                         However have you noticed there is no mention of the selling of baby body parts by the Pope?

                         No mention of how the President defended the Islamic extremists beheading christians and, Obama defending them by saying the christians did a lot worse in the past.

                        The past meaning the Catholic church. I noticed a lot of Democrats in the audience, of the mass, while they stand for killing baby's with Planned Parenthood.

                       I don't know maybe its just me but, I couldn't sit in front of the leader of the Catholic religion with the blood of infants on my head.

                      They need the Catholic vote. The question is that you as a Catholic are you going to vote for them?

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"If It Looks Like a Duck, Sounds Like a Duck and, Acts Like a Duck, It Must Be a Duck!"


                           Dr. Ben Carson went through both debates without saying anything without irritating anyone. I had no hope of him ever showing he had a pulse.

                          Finally he does say something and, everybody wants to jump on him. The liberal left wants us to think of this country as more secular then Christian.

                         This is so we don't believe in ourselves anymore.

                         This country was founded on christian beliefs. We, are suppose to have separation of church and state. 

                         Our federal government promotes a christian ritual of marriage at the same time uses the separation of church and, state of the Constitution to justify its forcing the removal of religious monuments such as "The Ten Commandments"  from our government buildings.

                        Dr. Ben Carson says he would not support a Muslim for the office of President of the United States. Well first of all the Koran is against our Constitution.

                        In the Koran, it has no leniency for any other religion. A Muslim President would use the countries resources to help the Muslim religion more then the Christians.

                       A Muslim President would defend and, hide any wrong doings done by the countries of the Muslim belief, at the same time point out the wrong doing by the Christians.

                      A Muslim President might even use the federal government agencies to bring down and, intimidate christian groups.

                      A veteran points out that Our President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Yet The President has never claimed any religious preference.

                     I say Dr. Carson we already have a Muslim President and, you see what he has done to this country.

                      For centuries it has been known by Christians and, Jews alike the Crucifixion story of Jesus The Christ but, yet when Mel Gibson makes a movie about it, oh the outrage.

                      Everyone knows Obama is a Muslim but, when someone finally says it oh no.  Ben Caron says he wouldn't support a Muslim, I wouldn't either.

                      Donald Trump doesn't defend Obama when a Veteran calls him a Muslim so right away that's what Mr. Trump thinks. Are you on the left so Islam a phobic that you can't admit he is one?

                      He is not hiding it very well. Thank You fellow veteran for speaking the truth.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Friday, September 18, 2015

"The RNC Debate Part 3 & 4"


                   From the start the plan that was conducted by a pro Democrat/Liberal network as CNN.  Notice the commentators are more interested in pitting candidates against each other then the substance of their views.

                  To be honest there could be many reasons. First, it could be they do not want their viewing audience to know their views. For ratings lets face it people are mad and, people want to see a good fight.

                 If you notice the whole debate was focused on Donald Trump. Though I don't care for Sen. Rand Paul and, his ideas the commentators stayed away from Ted Cruz and, Rand Paul.

                It has been said the reason why the debate was conducted in such a way is because the Liberals want to pick our candidate. Liberals do not want either two to be in the White House.

               My choice of who won the debate is Carly Fiorina. Second choice is Mike Huckabee and, Ted Cruz.

              My choice for President has not been shaken it is still, Ted Cruz.

              Carly Fiorina presented herself in a great stately manner and, was not pulled into the stupid attempt to by the CNN commentators, to get them to loose their temper.

             My favorite comment was "All the Women in America know what Mr. Trump said" this was in reply to his face comment.

            1. Almost all of them have disagreed with the supreme court ruling on same sex marriage and, the jailing of the clerk who refused to issue a marriage license to gay couples.

               None of them has said what they would do to fix the problem. 

              (As long as you have the Federal government promoting religion through marriage and, denying the religious  freedoms of others you will have this problem)  

              Remove the authority of government, both state and federal, officials to perform marriages.

            2. Sen. Lindsey Graham has shown that he is part of the problem of the cowardly Republicans in Congress. He will, like other Republicans in Congress, give up without a fight. Immigration/Obamcare/Planned Parenthood.

            3.  Does the President and, Congress bare some responsibility of the Syrian refugees. Yes but, President Obama started it by drawing a line for chemical weapons.

                He said if they used them he would commit troops but, only limited. These should be called "The Obama Syrian Refugees" Unless you commit the troops to win, don't commit!

            4.  Both Carly Fiorina and, Ted Cruz said if you have to shut the government down to defund Planned Parenthood then it should be shut down. This country should not stand if it stands for selling baby parts.

               My opinion is this,  the leaders of Iran calls us the great Satan. If we stand for the selling of baby parts,  then we are the great Satan.

            5.  It comes out that Sen. Graham has said that Sec. of State Hilary Clinton was a great Secretary of State.

            6.  Minimum wage some say raise the minimum wage others don't agree. No one has said lets do something to lower the cost of living so they won't need a higher wage.

            7.  We have occupied West Germany and, Korea since the end of the wars. It should be that if we have to use our American lives in a foreign country to fight for their country. So that those lives, that are lost,  are not waisted.

            The country that requests our help go before the world on a worldwide television broadcast to ask for our help and, state that they understand that when the majority of the fighting is over that to insure security, the country of The United States will occupy their country for 20 years.

             8. The Iranian agreement. If you watched the debate you saw the ones that said lets not tear up the agreement lets see if Iran obeys the agreement. 

              Now we can possibly excuse the governors that don't know what was in the agreement but the Senators is inexcusable.

             Sen. Rand Paul says lets not tear up the agreement lets see if they follow it.

            Sen. Ted Cruz among others have read the agreement and has said it is ridiculous.

             The Agreement; The United Nations inspectors can inspect all the sites but, certain sites the inspectors have to give 48 hrs notice prior to inspecting.

              Also any soil inspections will be conducted by them. Any violations shall be checked by them (The Fox guarding the hen house)

             Sen. Paul how do you find out if they are violating the agreement if they are the ones that tell you? Aren't you being naive to think they will tell you if they violate?

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"Feeding Candy to Babys"


                   When you are in a capitalistic system/government you have a tendency to think all governments think as you do. Making deals and, your monetary value has value.

                   What the Islamic terrorists respect is a people that takes land by force. What President Barack Obama has been doing is like giving candy to baby's

                  He is hand feeding them what they want. They have no respect for any capitalistic government. They are filled with arrogant men. No one is better then they are.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Supreme Court Making Laws"


                   As I watch these debates on my TV, I'm in wonder, amazement, as to these so called politicians, who are suppose to know the U. S. Constitution, state that it's the law of the land because the supreme court says it is.

                  I thought there were three separate branches of federal government. Lets see if I got this right The Executive Branch, The Judicial Branch and, Legislative Branch.

                From my understanding the Judicial Branch is to enforce the laws of the land and, its government. The Executive Branch does not make laws and, does not enforce the laws.

                Where in the U. S. Constitution does it say that the Supreme court has the authority to make and, pass laws. Where did this so called law of the land come from.

               It couldn't be from the Supreme Court because they do not make laws!

             NOTE: To state Attorney Generals,  if it where me I would not enforce a law that does not exist. Unless it has been passed through the peoples representative U. S. Congress, it does not exist.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President)


"The Clock"


                      A young, middle school, Muslim boy gets arrested for bringing a clock to school. Would this have happened if his skin was whiter? Was he arrested because of the color of his skin?

                     In this world of evil men wanting pit brother against brother, this is one of the tools. 

                    In Vietnam,  soldiers were getting blown up because of the North Vietnamese and, lets face it the Chinese thought so little of life so much as to use little children as human bombs.

                    So the phrase (through Jane Fonda) of "Baby Killer" was born. The UN-ethical tactics of using children to kill your enemy was born. No more rules of war

                   I don't think he should have been arrested but, the device should have been examined on site. Unless the police did this to make a statement.

                  President Barack Obama is making a statement also. He is saying to the people it's OK to bring devices to your school. This is possibly to make it easier for terrorists to bring real bombs to your schools.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Hilary Clinton's Server VS Lois Lerner's Server"


                          Now why would the FBI be doing such a bang up job retrieving E-mails off of a wiped clean server belonging to Hilary Clinton and, not be able to find anything on the erased emails of Lois Lerner (formerly of the IRS).

                          What could be the reason?  Lets look at the differences between the two.

                         Lets see the discovery of information on the Lerner server could be embarrassing oh wait, information on the Clinton server could be embarrassing also.

                        How about lets look at the differences! 

                        The discovery of secret or, top secret information on the Clinton server could lead to prison time. I'm sure before prison happened to her she would seek refuge in another country.

                       The discovery of information on the Lois Lerner server could lead to prison time also but,  Mrs. Lerner is not as rich and, doesn't have the friends that Mrs. Clinton has.

                      The main differences are the Clinton server could be bad to her and does not lead to the President.

                      The Lois Lerner server information could lead to Barack Obama. This is the reason why the FBI is not finding any E-mails on Mrs. Lerner's server.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"The First Amendment, Not Politically Correct II"


                       In my blog I mostly read and, listen to the news and then I express my opinions of it. My blog posts are taken from verifiable true life events. however I do not allow myself the space to report details.

                       This way of posting probably looses me a lot of readers but, my blog is just used by me to vent my frustrations about the current situations of my country.

                       In the military, while working in my position, there were many things I could do about conditions of actionable intelligence but, now that I'm out this is my way of taking actions.

                       I do have some followers of my blog that do post good verifiable information which includes details.

                       Wanting my readers to be better informed, while I my or, may not agree with him on everything, this mans blog is by far the best source of detailed information I have seen around.

                        I know him as Dirk. His blog is called "The First Amendment, Not Politically Correct II"  take a look you might find its interesting and, useful.

                       Thanks Dirk for your Blog!

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"A House Divided Can Not Stand!"


                      President Abraham Lincoln once said "The United States can not be defeated from an outside force!" "The only way the United States can be defeated is from within"

                     With this, it gave Barack Obama the way to tear apart the country.

                     He has weakened our military, while strengthening our enemies. He has caused division between our friends overseas, to weaken our foreign resolve.

                    He has used his power and, position to break down the control of who is allowed into this country and, who is not. No southern U.S. border and, no Congressional control of immigration.

                  He has spent us into debt to weaken our financial stance. He has promoted racial division. He has caused a division in the religions of the country.

                  He has used the federal departments to create mistrust in our government officials i.e.. the IRS scandal and, the NSA bugging.

                  He has reduced the size of our military by both man power and, equipment. 

                  He has refused admittance of christian immigrants into the United States while paying for Muslim or Islamic (Possible Terrorists) immigrants air fair into this country.

                 He is in violation of his oath of office to protect this country from invasion both foreign and, domestic.

                He is, in fact,  importing the division of this country! 

                The question we should all ask ourselves is; "When the time comes, will I be able to defend myself and, my loved ones against the evil that our president has brought into our country?

               The threat from within is President Barack Obama! 

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


Sunday, September 6, 2015

"Support Your Local County Clerk!"


                           As I have said in the past, this gay marriage problem would not be happening if the United States had a true separation of church and state.

                          The line between the two was blurred a long time ago when the government gave authority to federal and, local government officials to perform religious rituals.

                         The religious ritual that I speak of, is of course,  the ritual of marriage.  If the government didn't perform the rituals they would not be forced by the U. S. Constitution to support gay marriage.

                        This is where the Constitution runs against itself. The U. S. Constitution guaranties U. S. Citizens the right to their religious beliefs. It also guaranties all U. S, citizens equal rights under the law.

                        So if the government enforces the Kentucky clerk's rights, to freedom of religion,  it would not force her to issue the license.  

                       If the government wants to enforce the equal rights, of the Constitution, to it's citizens, then it will force her.

                      Change the marriage license policies, IRS policies and, give marriage back to religion. Allow the same treatment of homosexual partners as heterosexuals and, you will get rid of the problem.

                     The gay community that is anti christian will still raise hell but, they won't be able to use the Constitution as an excuse.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"Donald Trump"


                On a local radio station's morning news KRMG it was reported that at the same time he announced his signing the agreement to support whom ever gets elected as the Republican candidate.

                It was announced that he supports the President's Iranian deal and, doe's not support the Kentucky county clerk's,  decision to not issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

               I would like to know if this is true! I know at least two others that will not vote for him if this is true.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"


"The Iran Nuke Deal"


                          People say what difference does it make, it's not a treaty agreement and, when a new President is elected he will just reverse it anyways. It is also noted that any agreement with Iran is like having no agreement at all.

                         If Barack Obama thinks he can go down in the history books as the only President to broker a deal with Iran on Nukes, he is wrong. He will go down as the cowardly President.

                        As in the "Wizard of Oz"  with the cowardly lion, if he only had the courage to stand up for this country like he doe's for the Islamic countries.

                       Like the scare crow if he only had a brain he would see he is not fooling the thinking U. S. citizen. 

                       As the "Tin Man President" we know where his heart lies. It lies with the the Islamic countries in the middle east.

                      People have said in the past,  why doe's Obama act like he's running for office, even after he's been elected President?  It's simple, it seems as though the other middle eastern countries are against Iran having a Nuke.

                     Really? 60% of the United Nations is made up of Islamic nations, do you honestly think that if the other middle eastern countries did not want them to have a Nuke, the United Nations would vote for lifting the sanctions against Iran.

                    President Barack Obama is playing all the Democratic party for fools. He is in support of the Muslim world. He is at present filling the United States with Islamic Extremist.

                   When it's time it will be bloody! President Barack Obama is running for, what he feels is,  a higher office then President. The "One World" leader of the United Nations.

                    I know, crazy right!  You think I'm one of those people sitting in his basement, with tin foil  on his head, right?  I have been in the higher Archy, I know how they think.

                   Electricity follows the easiest path! The same path politicians follow.

                   The difference is, Iran has more Terrorist money and, the United States gets divided by displaced Islamic Extremists.

(Carly Fiorina)
"Ted Cruz for President"