Monday, April 18, 2016

"Candidates Tax Plans"


                          It's simple the Democrats wants you to pay more taxes to pay for all the free government giveaways.  Secretary of state Hillary Clinton wants you to pay 20-30% more in taxes.

                         Sen. Bernie Sanders wants you to pay 30-40% more and, businesses to pay 40-50% above the amounts.

                         In the military we had a saying "Sh#t roles down hill" So when you tax the businesses, what do you think they are going to do? Increase the prices of their products.

                         All of these tax plans will all but destroy the economy of the country.

                         The Republicans want to lower the amount of taxes and, cut costly useless programs. Sen. Cruz wants you to pay a 10% flat taxes and, get rid of the IRS.

                         Lets face it, if you don't like how crooked the federal government is now, wait till you give them control over more government free stuff, that they can take away from you.

                         If they don't like what you say or, do! Remember Mrs. Clinton was the one, while addressing the United Nations, promised to limit your freedom of speech rights, on the Internet.

                        This happened after the Benghazi episode. Bernie Sanders made a statement, after someone said something, from California, he didn't like, he said they should not be allowed to say that.

                        In the final analysis, if you want to see more of your pay check to disappear, vote for a Democrat.

"Sen. Ted Cruz for President"



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