Saturday, March 12, 2016

"The Beerhall Brawl!" (And todays Politics)


                       In the news was an episode of past history. Protesters, protesting at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago.  Each side blames the other.

                       Democrat socialist blame it on the free speech rights of Donald Trump.  They say he should not speak the truth about their socialist candidates.

                      They also have been brain washed in thinking that because Donald Trump believes that this country should not be dominated a Democratic socialist rule.

                      That is what this country would turn into if the border remained open.

                      They know this country is run on majority rule and, if the population of Latino Americans increase, because of past history, the majority of them would vote Democrat/socialist.

                       Lets not forget the "God Damn America" comment by reverend Wright, either.

                       Reverend Wright didn't make these comments cause he loved "The United States"

                      He made these comments after his fellow brother Muslim extremist destroyed the World Trade Center.

                      Reverend Wright and,  his followers are Muslim extremists, who believe in a socialist type of government,  ruled by the black man to take back what they say the white man took from them.

                      They too are apart of these protests because of the Trump rhetoric about banning their fellow Islamic extremist from coming here, as a Syrian refugee.

                       Does the beer hall bombing by Adolf Hitler ring a bell, blaming it on the socialist? 

                       The question is, is it the Donald Trump followers protesting the Hilary Clinton or, Bernie Sanders rallies?

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Extra! Extra! Get Your Own Picture Of The First Lady!"


                       I know its not considered to be in good taste to be critical of candidate's wives but, the other night I see a woman on Fox News who is a supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz which states, if Donald Trump is elected President we will have a First Lady that has posed in the nude.

                       Now of course, I don't believe this so I Google it. England does not want Trump to be president so, who do you think posts the pictures?

                       It was on an English website. Now she doe's have something on that Does Not Cover Her!  Several very clad pictures of her nude body on Donald Trump's Jet Plane.

                      The only thing covering her private parts is 1/4" metal plates in a  metal mesh.

                       So I don't know about you but, we've had a President that has had non-sex Oral Sex in the Oval office of the White House and, now we have a candidate that will have a centerfold for a First Lady.

                      Can we think of anymore ways to bring the respectability of the Office of The President down further? 

                      Or is it true what other countries, such as Great Briton,  say about us, "We are nothing but a Mongrel Nation and, do not deserve the respect of Statehood"

                      I've got my pictures of our so called future First Lady, Do you?

"Ted Cruz for President"


Sunday, March 6, 2016

"How To Defeat Donald Trump?"


                          Oh no how do we stop the UN-stoppable?  It seams that everybody thinks nothing can stand in the way of this thug by the name of Donald Trump from being elected.

                         There is a way the establishment politicians can defeat him if they really wanted to.

                         If they would endorse him they would ruin him being considered an outsider. But, that's thinking outside the box. To strange to be considered.

                        Sorry Congress people are too mad at you, to have any other solution.

"Ted Cruz for President"


"Those Who Don't Remember History, Is Doomed to Repeat It!"


                                In 2008 we didn't know that much about the future President Barack Obama. So we didn't know the evil in his heart.

                                After his first four years we kind of had a feeling he was up to no good! So we set out to warn people if you vote for him again you deserve the government you get.

                                No one listened so, they voted him back in office. Most of the ones that voted for him were sorry they did.

                               He ran under the promise of "Hope and, Change" he didn't say what kind of change he had in mind. But, yes, we saw it and,  he almost brought this country down.

                              Now we have a new candidate by the name of Donald Trump. He says "Lets Make This Country Great Again"  He too lacks the ability to describe how he's going to perform his miracles.

                             This recent debate has opened some eyes. His stand on amnesty, he says, is flexible. His economic plans, for the country, were even shown to be flawed.

                            His plans to make other countries pay for our military's protection, his plan to start a trade war with everyone of our trading partners.

                           His plans of trade, has been U. S.  corporation's wishes for years so he is still looking at it from a corporate CEO's prospective.

                          My feelings about Donald Trump is the same way I feel about Hilary Clinton.  Donald Trump is less then a used car salesman. I call him the male Hilary Clinton.

                        So I'm going to give you the same warning we gave you with Barack Obama.  You vote for Mr. Trump you deserve the government you get.

"Ted Cruz for President"