Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"The Governor's Power and, ISIS Refugees"


                     It is said that even though the Governors of the states, don't want the refugees in their states has no power to stop the federal government from placing them there.

                     I say this is not true! Each states government  has the authority to deny commercial aircraft to land in their states. They also can use the same D.O.T. scales to pull over buses to inspect them.

                    Require each airline that has landing rights to have all passengers have their place of origin on their tickets. Every refugee must have a special ticket with a built in picture.

                   I say we can take them in but, using the picture ticket send every refugee to a guarded refugee camp.

                Congress can reroute the funds going to other Islamic states that support terrorism, to fund the care of these refugees.

               The only negative part of this plan is if you deny the landing of these airlines you also turn away tourist money. But, which is more important the safety of your people or, tourist money?

              This may seem radical but, what do you do,  when the President does not respect the rights of states.

"Ted Cruz for President"




"The Picture Of A President"


                            ISIS was previously called Al Quida. I know this because, the President, instead of going back to Congress for re-authorization to use military force against ISIS, he is using the authorization that was given to President Bush.

                           The authorization was for Al-Quida and, its splinter factions. ISIS is a splinter faction.

                            The President of the United States has so far demonstrated and, thought it proper, for a President to do the following:

                            1. Interfer with the border guards and, I.C.E. agents from insuring our border is secure and, insure our immigration laws are enforced.

                           2. Has reduced our military by both equipment and, man power, to pre-World War II levels.

                          3. Has attempted to take away the guns of U.S. citizens, thus taking away the 2nd amendment rights of those citizens to defend themselves.

                          4. Has sided against local law enforcement (Police), so as to under mind their authority. These are the forces that we are going to call for help in an ISIS attack.

                          5. Has signed an agreement, without going through Congress, with Iran to allow them to build nuclear missiles.

                         Note; Iran's government wants the same thing as ISIS. To bring about the end of the world. The reason they are at war with each other is because, they want to be the one that brings about this end.

                         They want their profit Mohammad to return and, believe that he will not return as long as there are non-believers alive. (Those who don't believe in Islam)

                       (You've already seen what happens to those who refuse to convert to Islam) (Beheaded and, burnt alive)

                      Last but, not least, the President of the United States wants to bring 30,000 unknown and, un-vented Syrian refugees into the U.S.A. with the possibility that the same thing that happened in Paris, will happen here.

                     No matter what President Obama says it's not just women and, children. They include young men to. The same age of those who attacked Paris.

                    If anyone should think that the President is on the side of ISIS, they would not have to argue their point very hard. He is taking all the steps to allow ISIS to succeed.

                    In my opinion since the President refuses to bend to the will of the people and, honor his oath of office, we should call our Senators and, Representative and tell them it's either the President or, the people of the United States.

                  In other words impeach the President or, we will conduct a recall vote to replace them in each state.

                 If V.P. Bidden wants to continue down the same path, impeach him.

"Ted Cruz for President"


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Sen. Marco Rubio And Gov.Jeb Bush"


                      It is surprising to me that none of the Republican candidates have brought up certain facts about these two candidates that, so far, has been swept under the rug.

                     Gov. Jeb Bush is pro-Common Core. Common core is a federal government educational plan to supervise the area in which your children are taught. It gets it's origin from the United Nations.

                    One of the questions that is asked of your child is what religion is your parents. Another do you believe in God.

                    If your state excepts Common Core it excepts Federal money, which is the control factor. If your state does not teach what the federal government says you loose the funds.

                   The fact about Sen. Marco Rubio is not to long ago, it was on Fox news that Sen. Marco Rubio gave a speech to a crowd of Latino Americans in Spanish.

                   He told the press that he told the crowd he was anti-illegal immigrant Amnesty but, an English speaking woman, that was in the audience, at the time, said he told them he was for amnesty.

                  I, like so many, am tired of politicians lying to me. Both are supported by the cowardly Republican Congress.

                 I was for Sen. Rubio but, with the seriousness of what's in the future for this country, this fact can not be over looked!

"Ted Cruz for President"



"To Be Or Not To Be, That Is The Question"


                      It seems as though Barack Obama is not satisfied with leaving office in the year 2016. It seems he is dangling the fact that he doe's not want to honor his Presidential oath.

                     The part that states I swear to protect the Union of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic. Instead he is doing the opposite.

                     He is taking action to place the citizens of these United States in jeopardy. There isn't any information gathered about the Syrian refugees that the people assigned to vent them can use.

                     Anyone that has spent anytime over in Europe and, the middle east knows there are no better forces to fight or, defend it's people then Germany, France and, Israel.

                    They have the experience, Mental coldness and, abilities to fight terrorism. If they could not detect and, stop the attack on Paris, what chance do you think the states National Guard or, SWAT teams have in stopping them on American soil?

                     Thirty states Governors have voiced their opposition to allowing these basically UN-vented refugees into their states, yet Obama evidently views himself as king, has decided to import terrorist,  no matter what the people of the United States.

                      I think, no matter how UN-popular it is, to consider impeachment of this President. Start your impeachment petitions NOW!

                      If this attack on Paris has not woken you up, I guess you are waiting for the first body to fall when ISIS is inside the country killing your brother and, sister Americans.

                        We are the country with a heart! But, this ISIS threat is aiming for that heart. The Democrats first had a problem excepting the fact that there was a terrorist threat remember.

                         Later, the President calls ISIS the Junior Varsity Team, so now they except there is terrorist in the world.

                         Now the President wants us to trust him in his efforts to bring these possible terrorists onto our doorsteps.

                         What will it take to get people to believe this President, no matter the possible good intentions, is naive in the ways of the world.

                          I'm calling for the Impeachment of President Barack Obama now before it's to late. Before American blood is spilled on the streets of America!

"Ted Cruz for President"



"Paris,Obama, The Refugees and ISIS"


                        First let me express my sorrow and, heartache of what took place at the hands of Obama and, his Islamic brothers. Yes that's right I blame Obama it's because of him the situation exists in Syria.

                       The people of the United State's prayers go out to the people of France. I believe this is a direct result of the cowardly policies of the president of the United States.

                       While the bodies of the French people were still lying in the streets of Paris, he was calling what happened in Paris an unfortunate set back in his war policies.

                       I wonder when the bodies start dropping in the streets of America, as I know they will and, it's American bodies not French, after he imports enough terrorists disguised as Syrian refugees.

                      Will he call the death of U.S. citizen's an unfortunate set back?

"Ted Cruz for President"


Monday, November 16, 2015

"Radical Islamist"


                        Why hasn't anyone said anything about the fact that the Democrats wants a war against Islam. They are playing politics with our lives.

                        When Hilary Clinton was asked by the moderators about Radical Islamist she,  right away switched to calling it Islam.

                        This is the desire of the socialist party to color the Republican party as dark and, evil as possible.

                         Lets make this perfectly clear we do not,  nor do we the people of the United States ever want to war against peaceful Muslims or Islamists.

                        The war we will fight is those who try to force their beliefs on us! We are not at war with Islam It is Radical Islam that we are at war with.

"Ted Cruz for President"



Monday, November 9, 2015

"Latino Commercial"


                      This commercial is important to the point as to show the difference between the Liberal socialist party and, the Conservative Right.

                      The evidence of this country growing more and, more without morals has been there but, never so apparent. It has been in the past that the lowering of our morals is slow and, gradual.

                      Sometimes its very apparent. The releasing of 6,000 drug prisoners from prison is one of the lefts agreement with the two segments of the left. The Anarchists and, the Legalize Marijuana segments.

                     The liberal Supreme court's decision to legalize same sex marriage satisfies the Gay community's segment of the agreement with the left.

                     Those who are anti-American and, pro Islamic extremists the closing of GITMO and, eventual freeing of those prisoners satisfies there part of the combining of forces of the left.

                    The recent commercial of Preteen Latino children cursing at Donald Trump and, giving him the finger shows the difference between conservatives and, those who wish this country to have lower moral standards.

                    This is the satisfying of the Illegal Immigrants support segment of the left.

                    Question to you is: Are the parents of these children the type of people you want in this country?

                    I'm not a bigot but, if you want the country you live in to over look it's laws to allow you to remain in it, is this the way you act?

"Ted Cruz for President"



"Obama and The CNBC Debates"


                          As an intellectual to keep yourself from seeing the obvious differences in the questions asked by the left wing, in the tank media, in both the Democrat debates and, the Republican you must turn a blind eye.

                         As the President of the United States you are suppose to be neutral when you became President. But, you couldn't miss an opportunity to strike out at those who oppose you.

                        So as republicans we have a choice, to not fight the obvious efforts of the left wing media to steal the election with your efforts to dummy down the debates that effect Republicans.

                       The American people now know that the republicans will not get a fair shake when it comes to questions about issues that matter.

                       President Obama made a statement saying that how can Republicans handle Putin of Russia if they can't handle the moderators of the CNBC debate?

                       Ted Cruz spoke the heart of everyone of us out here,  that love our freedoms.  The one thing that the President hasn't admitted is the Republicans fight for a fair debate. Not one in favor of the Democrats.

                       The President and, his fellow Democrat politicians think they can steal this election through the media. Much the same way Hitler did when he blamed the explosion of a beer hall on the Communist.

                       President Barack Obama has his agenda started but, because he couldn't complete it he needs a second socialist to come to office to finish it.

                       Lets see a show of hands that honestly believe that there is a fight between The President and, Hilary Clinton. They are doing what we called in Chicago  "A Shuck and, Jive".

                      The way it worked in Chicago is two guys meet up and act like they are fighting so when a honest citizen sees this he will try to stop it. The shuck is they are not really fighting.

                      Once the citizen gets involved they both turn on them and, rob them.  The "Shuck and, Jive" is what The President and, Mrs. Clinton is doing on the American Democrats.

                     If you Democrats believe she is against Obama's policies it's up to you to become what a lot of us that grew up on the streets call a "Jive Turkey" ready to roast.

                    With all the evidence that the FBI has pulled off of Mrs. Clinton"s server, why hasn't she been charged with something?

                    In answer to your comments Obama "We the people will not dummy down so your socialist party can steal our rights away! No matter how many lies your party starts.

"Ted Cruz for President"



"The ABC CMA Awards"


                          I enjoyed the show! I have to say I like the way the show was produced. Country girls if you missed it you missed Brad Paisley (I think the new King of Country) taking his pants off.

                        I was not interested in that aspect of the show though. I enjoyed the Justin Temberlake and, Chris Stapleton duet. The Fallout Boys and, Thomas Rhett duet was great to.

                      The one part of the show I really enjoyed was the appearance of Kacie Musgrave. Probably because I'm a big fan of the old style of country. Before rock invaded it.

                      She reminded me of two famous singers Loretta Lynn and, Patsy Cline. The innocence of Loretta Lynn and, the voice of Patsy Cline. It was refreshing to see a part of country that most people don't remember.

                      Thank you Mrs. Musgrave for keeping it country. Keep it fresh sweetheart. Don't let the world corrupt your songs.

"Ted Cruz for President"



"The King Of America?"


                        The President of The United States evidently thinks he is a king who does not have to answer to anyone. Not the citizens of the country that put him in the White House.

                        Not the Congressional body that he is constitutionally required to get approval from,  for major changes in our country's policies.

                        First, Congress has cut the funds that it would take to close down GITMO. So he's bypassing Congress for his own agenda.

                        His agenda is, because he blames our previous wars on, what he believes as colonialism, he passes an executive order to close GITMO.

                       In one of his speeches he claims that those Islamic extremist have constitutional rights to. The reason he wants to close GITMO is because he wants to enforce that belief.

                      In the constitution it is written that those on United States soil you have certain Constitutional rights. This is why President Obama wants the prisoners held in the states.

                     This is the same reason why he has tried to have one or two of them be put on trial in New York.

                      The fact that the prisoners were on the battle fields killing our soldiers does not matter. The President knows that getting evidence that would stand up in court would not be possible.

                    So basically he wants to put them on trial knowing before hand that they will be acquitted for lack of evidence. Thus setting them free not in the country they were in, in the war but, in this country.

                   That is his end game. Setting his Islamic brothers free and, in the country that captured them.

                    The President thinks he does not have to answer to anyone when issuing his executive orders.

                     Finally, his cowardly dealing with Iran has given them permission to become a Nuclear power. Iran is a country that believes its their destiny to bring about the end of the world.

                    They believe that only then will it bring back their God Allah.

                     He has bypassed Congress on immigration, energy policies and, refuses to prosecute those Democrats who have broken the law.(IRS, Benghazi and, Fast and Furious)

                     Finally will the world feel they can trust the policies of the United States in the future after we turn back from Obama's Iran deal?

"Ted Cruz for President"



Monday, November 2, 2015

"Theres Crooks in Both Parties"


                        Every time we get a new President, they all say I want to run a honest campaign and, a transparent administration.

                       However, when they finally get elected they hide everything they do.

                       How do you the people find out how your Senator and, Congressman/woman vote? Do you as a Christian know whither or not they voted for a bill that was bad for your religious church?

                       In the Senate most of the time have a roll call vote on the bills and, amendments but, the House of Representatives with over 419 members vote in silence.

                        You really don't know how your Congressmen voted.  Watching them on CSPAN one and, two doesn't show how the House voted.

                       Now with all the technical advances that has been made "Why haven't the federal government created a website that displays the voting actions of Congress.

                       Why?  They don't want the people to know how they voted!

                       How about being able to go on the Internet to to see how your Senator and, Congressman/woman voted.

Ted Cruz for President"



"The View"


                  It seems the socialist cat claws was out on the  "American Broadcast Corporation" (ABC) talk show "The View".

                 They, like Donald Trump,  seem to be dis-satisfied with Carly Fiorina's appearance. 

                 According to fox news (With Videos) shown that several members on the view made some disparaging remarks about Mrs. Fiorina's face.

                 The "Fighting Fiorina" is going to go back on the show this Friday. It will be interesting! 

                Mrs. Fiorina said "Lets see if they make those remarks to my face!"

"Ted Cruz for President"



"A Letter To NBC:


                    After the debate on CNBC I, like many conservatives, was angry at the disrespect shown to my candidates by the moderators.

                    As I think back on it, I think we owe a word of thanks to CNBC because, the left (Democrats) have been saying the conservatives are the party of hate.

                   After the display of hatred and, ignorance shown by this socialist network, it shows who is actually the party of hate.

                   If you haven't noticed,  NO ONE has been fired for the lack of knowledge displayed by this so called news organization.

                   That to me has me convinced that the leadership at the top agrees with the commentators.  

                   The leaders of the "National Broadcast Corporation" (NBC) agrees and, or, was instrumental in the attempted degradation of the Republican political debate process.

                   This also makes me feel that these head executives are using capitalism to support socialist backed views.

                   President Barack Obama (D) in his second bid for President refused to give an interview to a radio station, in Florida,  that was critical of him. Remember?

                   Well, to me it does not make since to support an organization who is set to take away my freedoms with socialism.

                   I have called a certain retirement commercial company and, told them I will not post how much of a socialist organization they are if they stop sending me their propaganda pamphlets in the mail.

                   It worked!   I have not watched MSNBC,  CNN, HLN, CNBC. 

                   Now I add NBC and, one  channel I didn't know was owned by NBC the "American Movie Classics" (AMC)  to the no watch list.

                   It is a shame because that channel had a lot of good movies on it.

                   I'm not a fly by night conservative!! I believe in my country and, will fight till I die for the freedoms others have fought and, died for.

"Boycott MSNBC, CNBC, NBC and, AMC!"

 "Ted Cruz for President"