Monday, April 18, 2016

"Your State's Right to Hold a Constitutional Convention"


                    Why should we want a Constitutional convention? First no matter who we vote into the office of President or, into Congress. Both sides will continue to use the loopholes of the Constitution to their advantage.

                    The Democrats use the vagueness to promote the killing of unborn babies, the importation of illegal immigrants, the bringing in of terrorists(Syria) and, the giving of Constitutional rights to non-United States citizens such as terrorists in Cuba.

                     Giving so called anchor babies United States citizenship is another. I am for making the Pledge of Allegiance mean something. Such as you do something, like join an enemy organization that's against your country "The United States of America"

                    You loose your citizenship!  No President or, Congress can by themselves get this accomplished.

                    If you want a Constitutional Convention here is what you do.

                    Go to Google and, in the search block enter the name of your state and, state Constitutional Convention.

                    Example:   Missouri State Constitutional Convention
                                          Kansas State Constitutional Convention

                   That website will ask you to sign a petition asking for it. If your state doesn't have a website such as this call your state representative and, ask them why not.

                   This is the only true way we can stop the crooks in Washington and, get our original states rights back!

"Ted Cruz for President"


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