Monday, April 18, 2016

"Russian Planes Buzzing Our Military Ships"


                        In the movie "Top Gun" the distance that a Russian jet could come within the distance was 5 miles. In all actuality the distance is a radius of 2 miles.

                       The Fox news video report shows the jet to be approximately 300 yards over the deck of the ship!  Now why do you think they did this?

                       I'll tell you why! They knew that they could get away with it. They knew our cowardly President would not take action!

                       Our Radar can pick up a jet further then 10 miles giving the commander of the ship and, the commander of his task force to call Washington, D.C. for instructions.

                       From who? The United States President. With this President's representation of this country he has shown, The whole world,  our country to be cowardly.

                       This is the back bone of the Democratic candidates! Soldiers that have seen action know what it means to go to war. None wants war but, they know what disrespect is.

                       That is what happened from the Russians when they buzzed the ship. That is also what happened from our President Obama. He disrespected our country.

"Sen. Ted Cruz for President"


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